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    Upgraded to Win 7 internet is now slow

    Hi guys, I upgraded from Vista 64 bit to Win 7 64bit and one of the first things I've noticed was that youtube videos take forever to load, I use to stream on 720p videos in realtime but now even 360p can struggle to load, 480p videos you have to pause for 30 seconds. Oddly, speedtest indicate...
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    Will this work?

    A friend of mine gave me his old computer that one day stopped working, he's got a newer one now. He told me if I could fix it I could keep it. Now that the computer is fixed (replaced the bad hard drive) I'm wondering if I could install Windows 7 on the computer (I don't have a Win 7 install...
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    best video card for a 450Watt PSU?

    I need some help finding a graphics card. I have a dual core computer with no graphics card but with a decent 450watt psu and one 6-pin pcie plug. What do you guys think is the fastest graphics card that this psu can run? All the new ones require 2 6-pins or a 500 watt psu and its troubling me.
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    dvi to hdmi

    I've only had luck so far finding dvi to hdmi cables that output to from a hdmi video source to a computer monitor using dvi. I'm looking for a cable that plugs from my nvidia 8800 ultra's dvi to hdmi to output my computer's signal on an hdtv, so I can use my computer on the bigger screen...
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    Some games don't open with the projector

    I have a viewsonic pj551d projector for games and I'm trying to run the new Monkey Island special edition game, but when I click on the game instantly the app closes out. What is a fix when some games just wont open up because of a video projector? Is there an incompatibility issue or a fix...
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    Suggestions on how to recover my dead hardrive :(

    My 4 year old computer wont boot and the hard drive ticks. I messed with the jumper settings too. I tried a newer hard drive and the computer seems fine. What should I do to recover my hard drive? I have another computer where I plugged in both hard drives at the same time and it just hangs on...
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    Firefox 3 serious issue please help

    I can't load up firefox 3 it gives me an error each time I try to open it "Couldn't read application.ini" I have reinstalled firefox 3 many times and the problem always comes back and I don't know whats causing it. I'm running vista 64-bit home premium
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    Watch GTA4 being played

    Its a live broadcast of someone playing gta4 + chat
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    Abit tech support - Friendly discussion

    Who here has had to deal with these people, like using their eRMA to get a defective motherboard replacement? The other day I filed an eRMA for my motherboard and payed the crossshipping, I'm very superstitious with their RMA support.
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    I might of killed all of my pci slots R.I.P

    I've plugged in an X-FI fatality 5.25 front hub AD_EXT cable directly into the ip35 pro motherboard's IDE port thinking it was right. I did some research and they look the same but the AD_EXT has a wider plug with more pin holes. What I've should of done is looked for a manual first on "how to...
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    New issue with Counter Strike Source and 8800s? very very low fps

    Has anyone lately with an 8800 played counter strike source and after 10-15 minutes your frame rate dips to the 30s and never goes back up unless you rejoin or restart the game? This started happening to me just 3 days ago and it doesn't go away not even with various nvidia drivers. 8800 ultra...
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    Keyboard suggestions thread

    As for now I'm retiring my 4 year old HP keyboard because its been through intense abuse. I'm looking for a new replacement keyboard. What kind of keyboards are best recommended for general purpose and gaming? I'm not seeking any similar G15s or anything from logitech. I'm possibly considering...
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    Booting an USB thumbdrive

    I'm wondering if it was possible to install a dvd player software on a USB thumbdrive to use it on a school computer. They have dvd players but not the software for it and only admins have the right to install software. I want to know if anyone has been able to install software like VLC or...
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    My 8800 ultra's temperature is at a record low.

    Ever since I picked up an MSI 8800 ultra (OC) I had high idle temperatures of around (62c-65c) Yes I know it was bad, you can imagine what it was under games, I haven't cared enough to replace the stock cooling. Finally mid November temperatures down here in the south are dropping, and right...
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    Is there a way out for this?

    When I play some games for 2/3 hours my card suffers from heat because my rig is placed on a corner with poor ventilation. Sometimes in the middle of the game the display driver freezes the game and then recovers itself again. But each time I play a game afterwards it would directly feeze...
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    Call of duty 4 graphic settings

    I bought the game yesterday. I was wondering why I can't put the graphic settings higher than (normal) setting. Is it supposed to be nothing else higher than normal? I click it and theres only low or normal as a video setting for model/water detail.
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    Help with increasing my wifi range

    I have a netgear WG311v3 pci slot in my second floor and a dgl-4300 gaming router downstairs. The WG311v3 has a weak 2-3dbi antenna thus I get poor reception from my router (2/3 bars out of 5). I'm posting to wonder if anyone has a decent recommendation for a cheap solution to increase range.
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    My crysis movie - Very High Quality

    I put some time into filming/editing this movie for you all to enjoy since Crysis is whats hot these days. :(
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    Urgent help needed please -vista

    Today I booted my pc and when I got to the desktop and popped up firefox it didn't load a website instead it left a white page. I double checked my network and I also pinged google and it worked. So I close firefox and I get "firefox has stopped responding" box. This is just the beginning of the...
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    My Webcam showing strange artifacts on 64bit vista

    Hi, I own a creative live webcam vf-0050 I bought this a year ago for my older pc with xp and there wasn't any problems with that. I built my new system with vista 64 bit home premium and I got the newer 64 bit drivers for my webcam, and the webcam worked well. One day I turned on my webcam...
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    I don't think this is an excellent 3dmark score for 8800Ultra

    Last month I built up myself a new system, I get scores on the early 13ks with 3dmark06. Friends tell me that I should be getting at least 14k-up to-16k. These are my specs. ---------- q6600 2.4ghz @(3015mhz) IP35-pro 4x1gb slot corsair ram XMS2 high performance nx8800 ultra @ core:660mhz...
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    Hard drive failure and its new wd1600YS

    I built my system a week ago and my wd1600YS 160gb hard drive hasn't gone completely faulty on me, yet. When running vista's defrag it would tell me that my hard drive was failing and that I should backup everything and contact tech support. I booted up dgldiag floppy disk from WD site and ran...
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    Overclocking 8800 software for vista 64-bit

    I've done a lot searching about overclocking 8800 cards and its hard to find any that works with vista 64 for me. Any suggestions? I've tried Riva Tuner but I had problems running it on vista 64. I'm running an nx8800Ultra, I see a lot of people with the 8800 GTS 320mb what software are you...
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    My new system build + pics [56ker this warning is for you]

    Over a week ago I made a thread asking everyone to come up with a system with all information where to buy it from, later that night I'd have to purchase it and so I did. Specs: Intel Quad core Q6600 2.4 ghz (2.9ghz OC) Abit IP-35 pro mobo Corsair DDR2 2x1GB ram MSI NX8800ultra Tuniq k8 120...
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    Building computer help please

    I'll be getting all my parts together today delivered to build my computer below. Q6600 Abit IP35 pro 2x1GB Corsair (DDR2) MSI NX8800 Ultra 620w corsair PSU CASE LL|PC-65B BLK ALUMINUM RT Windows Vista 64 bit dvd home premium What I would like to know is the common mistakes or problems people...
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    Ordered a brand new x52 pro.

    After fighting with the Logitech extreme 3d pro I decided to buy the x52 pro. My friend has a regular x52 and he loves it, he recommended me the pro for the quality. The best deal is around $181.42 at amazon. - I ordered the x52...