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    Watercooled GPU & GPU; do I need to block the VRM's and x570 or use a fan even?

    What are my options here? My current & recently broken Rampage V Extreme setup has the CPU and 1080 Ti (Hydrocopper) water-blocked, and I also put a Heatkiller MB-X kit on it so the VRM and chipset are water cooled as well. It all sits in a Corsair Carbide 540 cube without a...
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    What's with PSU's almost all being at the bottom? Bad idea for water cooling, no?

    I've noticed that most current mainstream cases seem to mount the PSU below the motherboard. I'm guessing that this is so the PSU doesn't have to suck in warmer air and the CPU can hang out in the warmer air instead? I read that power cables might seem easier to route from below (shorter), but...
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    Current GPU fried, RTX 30X0's delayed: best "backup" video card to get by with?

    1080Ti is dead so I'm looking for something just to get by with and still be able to use the computer mostly, maybe just not as capable for gaming. If I can run some basic games, that would be great but I'm not looking for much. After I can actually get my hands on a RTX 3080, then I would...
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    My Rampage V Extreme build might be toast... looking for replacement that supports waterblocks.

    Maybe its just a virus or something I can easily fix, but even if its just a bad video card (pixels are chunking up and then things freeze and crash, started while playing Rainbow 6 Siege and now windows even takes a crap)... probably time to revamp the whole thing since it has been 5 years...
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    EVGA doesn't really support the hydro copper cards very well... *edit: they came through!

    My EVGA 980 Ti hydro copper started "flickering" the display when in-game a few months ago. I thought it might just be a driver issue since if I window a game, it was fine. When playing Call of Duty BO 3 or similar, the screen just flickers like a TV camera recording a LCD screen. When...
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    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3 for Rampage 5 Extreme? I like the built-in audio that the Asus R5E has, but since I had a X-Fi Ti card in my last build (I would use it again, but it doesn't seem to work well with Windows 10), I do miss a few key features: -upmixing of non-5.1/stereo content...
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    Dangit, my R2Gene and i7 Fried... need help with upgrading to x99

    Yeah, its been a while... what can I say. The ole i7 920 was enough to run triple screens, so I didn't upgrade, but last Friday night, I turned it on, and it shut off a few minutes later. Tried to turn it on again, and it just shut off right away. Then it just got worse and worse until...
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    nVidia 680M availability, badass gaming laptop needed!

    I can't believe I am asking this... I am a desktop guy. Laptops have always been a secondary consideration to my triple monitor SLI goodness in my office. BUT, I took an awesome job that is 90%+ international travel. The laptop that is provided is okay for basic games with its intel i7 and...
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    Websites for DIY keyboard parts and help...???

    I seem to remember a site for DIY keyboard makers (, but also, I wanted to know if there are any online places where I can purchase my own cherry switches and other keyboard parts to make my own game controllers and keyboard. Thanks for any input and help!
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    What is the best radiator right now?

    Ill split the responses into two categories... high fin count radiators that use higher speed fans, and the opposite. What is/are the best radiators out there? I see the Feser Monsta 5x140mm here: But I have doubts about its design despite its...
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    The new mouse from Rude, looks good.

    Based on the Rude Fierce I have and like, I would expect that this new mouse from them has potential: I just thought some of you looking for a good gaming mouse might want...
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    How to convert GTX580 to single slot bracket?

    ^^^waterblock pr0n. As you can see, I have a couple Koolance single slot PCI slot adapters ( doesn't carry the watercool brand ones, but watercool said the Koolance ones should work). Okay, so how does one go about attaching this adapter to the card? My two EVGA GTX580's...
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    Premium Gaming Audio Cards

    I have an X-Fi Fagtality Titanium Pro. Creative sucks with their driver updates, as many already know. I am considering an upgrade and passing this card on to the HTPC in the living room. So I was wondering what to get... needless to say, the new X-Fi Ti HD is off the list (is it even 7.1?)...
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    I have no idea what to get...

    Im a desktop guy. Recent circumstances (others who all have laptops) are dictating that It would be a good idea to buy a laptop. Where to start? I have never been into laptops, and never bothered paying attention, so the processors and their terminology is totally foreign to me. I like...
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    APB is dead?

    So according to their highly anticipated update, APB is actually toast.... Wow, so what to do? I spent another $30 on 'upgrades' besides the game itself (that I purchased on Steam). Am I...
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    5.1 headset, what to get?

    I want true 5.1 (or 7.1) headphones. I dont know what to make of the Logitech G35's... I hear they aren't worth it. The Creative seems to be the best of the bunch here, but are there more to consider? I...
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    Whats the best HDTV tuner card?

    Ive been looking around at the All-In-Wonder cards.... this one is new... ATI Theater™ HD 750 Was interested in this one, but it got some mixed reviews once released: ATI TV Wonder™ HD 650 And there is this...
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    802.11n range boost to 5 miles?

    I have older relatives that also happen to live within 2.5 miles of each other... there are some trees and a river (which would help I suppose), but the land itself is flat. I wanted to know what you guys might think I should do if I wanted to boost a 802.11n signal so that both of them could...
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    Vote for my next mouse... serious!

    Im a Logitech G9 user. Had a G7 before that. Cant remember before that. I also have an OCZ NIA that I am''getting used to' (hoping that the next NIA and better sampling software are on the way). I also have a Logitech MX Revolution (I use it for desktop/office/web stuff, the G9 for games)...
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    please delete
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    Anyone here hack/DIY a keyboard from parts?

    Okay nevermind... delete.
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    My Modern Warfare 2/ Multiplayer: Meh w/ a side of ?!

    I started playing multiplayer the day MW2 was released. Currently, Im level 32. I wanted to at least play a bit before passing judgement, as well as unlock the hardcore levels. First, the game itself looks great. The graphics seem crisper, improved over WaW even. The action and gameplay...
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    Can two USB keyboards be connected at once?

    Can you buy two USB style keyboards and use them both at the same time on the same computer? Has anyone tried this/know what will happen? My goal is to use one keyboard for each hand. There are split/tented/vertical keyboards out there, but they dont seem to have a key design that I...
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    Vertical/Split Keyboards for Gaming

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    What is the current best gaming 24" LCD monitor?

    Past faves of mine... My Samsung 245BW fried when I moved, not so sure about the 2493/2494HM though. P2570 looks like a winner, but I need something I can mount. Maybe if the reviews are good I will consider making a custom mount for one... BenQ G2400WD, E2400HD... both great, but is...
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    Please suggest a flow meter & temp sensor...

    For my water cooling setup which uses 1/2" ID Tygon and an eheim 1260. I would like something that tells me the actual water flow if possible. I am also looking for a temp probe, but that could be something seperate I suppose.
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    What would [H] do?

    Okay, WWHD? I am contemplating the flow in my water cooling system. These are the blocks I have... CPU - Watercool Heatkiller 3.0 GPU - Watercool heatkiller GPU-X2 gtx285 NB - EK-NB ASUS HP SB - Koolance CHC-36-D06 I have to run the SB in parallel with something since its...
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    Heatkiller CPU Rev 3.0 - where can I buy one? is cold out for now... is sold out... xoxide, crazy, directron, frozencpu, sharkacomputers, highspeedpc, jab-tech, svc, petras dont carry them, are those two places the only two that carry Watercool products?
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    Lol, the Fudzilla morons got this one wrong... oops! Note where they mention "The day AMD went over 3GHz" Funny... I could have sworn that the AMD Athlon x2 6400+ was 3.2 GHz... Oops, they 'fudded' that one up! :p
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    Water Cooling Gurus... what can I use for a Asus R 2 Gene?

    I would prefer something from Danger Den or from the same guys that make the Heatkiller 3.0, but what blocks can I use to cool my Asus Rampage 2 Gene chipsets/caps? Primary concern is the x58 chipset (nb) because it gets hot...
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    Quick Poll on Rampage 2 GENE memory...

    The OCZ here is on the QVL list... The Corsair here isnt on it exactly... well, it looks like the 3GB version is (TR3X3G1600C8D), but not the 6GB... 'egg is...
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    Intel Xeon W3520 vs. Core i7 920 w/ D0 stepping???

    Whats the difference? If Im one of these people looking to get my hands on an i7/920/D0 stepping, is this the same thing? Can I disable ECC and make it overclock the same?
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    Where can I get i7 920/D0 with D0 stepping?

    I think that explains it... what shops can I buy from that will sort and give me a D0 i7 920?
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    ETA's/Sightings on new Phenom x4's?

    I have seen that these are supposed to come out in April... the 955, 945, and 925. Whats the latest news on these buggers?!?!
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    WIP, projekt 'Massive Passive'.

    GOAL: to eliminate fans, active air movement, and noise all together. REMEDY: Create a massive radiator that is passive to eliminate fans all together. Based on the innovatek konvekt-o-matic, but instead using finned pipe from a larger application, I can build a radiator easily capable of...
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    Asus ROG Rampage II GENE

    Now this is a cool idea... cut away the useless fat and leave a mini board that kicks butt! Im liking this board... anyone seen them reviewed yet or have a MSRP? The Rampage II Extreme seems like it has a small share of problems, and not worth the $$$, but this might be the answer to that...
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    790GX (Asus M3A78-T) chipset waterblock?

    Anyone here ( I posted in the watercooling forum, but no response...) know what chipset cooler (I would rather water, but if not... I'll make due) I could use to watercool the 790GX mobo?
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    waterblock for 790GX chipset (Asus M3A78-T)?

    I was looking around danger-den today... didnt see any waterblocks for 790GX chipsets... seems to me that with the integrated graphics, and the overclocking with phenoms, there would be some interest in this... no? Anyways... anyone know of a chipset waterblock that would work here?
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    PSU's for watercooling mod...

    I dont need 1300 watts, I dont want to pay $600, and I dont trust Koolance. I told BFG and Thermaltake in their last customer surveys that a more 'mainstream' line of watercooled PSU's would be awesome (PSU's maybe more like 700, 850, and 1000 watts)... but until they get back to me on that :D...