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    help with itunes organisiation please

    I have an iPhone 4s 64gb that I have decided to fill with music. Normal artist CDs have ripped just fine (ie "master of puppets is there under metallica for artists, so is and justice for all... etc etc) However!!!! I have a few compilations that I want to get onto my phone under ALBUM...
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    issue with batman arkham city

    Purchased a physical copy of the game today (for PC), went home and installed it. game crashed 4 times within 10mins of loading, so i decided to reinstall. When I clicked uninstall it shat the bed, the uninstaller locked up (not responding). retried that 4 or 5 times with the same result. Tried...
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    new card on an older system

    sup dudes. My current rig is an older 775 system. e6850 @ 3.6ghz on an acfp7 heatsink, 2gb ddr2 800, sapphire 4850 and a 620w enermax psu. I will NOT be upgrading anything but the gpu at the current time, the only reason i am doing this is because the 4850 is about to die. RE MY BUDGET: i...
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    help with 5.1 setup

    My flatmate just bought an LG 5.1 setup and he has no clue how to set it up, so its been left to me, great. Basically he wants the sky TV (NZ's "cable", if you will), ps3 and the DVD player/receiver to run through the speakers. So far I have connected the ps3 up via the optical cable...
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    going from red to green

    is this the correct way to do this? uninstall red drivers driver sweeper / cleaner install new card install green drivers
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    help with outlook express

    I use outlook to view/send emails. Are the emails stored on my computer at all? I have a slight issue now not being able to access them (not getting into why) and Im just wondering if they are stored locally anywhere? ive had a look but cant see anything. I dont have them in the ISP email...
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    upgrade which component?

    So I have told the wife (been given permission) that I am going to upgrade something in my system. Unfortunately I am not 100% sure on what would benefit me the most. I like to game, and I like eye candy when I game my current rig is: e6850@3.6ghz on an arctic cooling freezer pro 7 gigabyte...
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    lord of the rings online

    What are peoples opinions on this game? I was thinking about giving this or WAR a go, but i cant really decide which. I like to PvE as I wont have a lot of time to play in a guild or clan or whatever as the hours i get to play vary a lot. Lotro is a lot cheaper than WaR for me as well (i can buy...
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    Partition Magic worries

    After reading this thread I am now a bit worried about what I had intended to do with partition magic. I made a 50gb partition on my seagate 320gb drive so I could play around with windows 7, and then delete the partition when I was finished playing. Now, however I am tanning my jocks as I...
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    Overclocking e6850: ram anf fsb question

    ive had an itch i need to scratch for a while, i want to crank my e6850 to 4ghz. I am cooling with an arctic cooling freezer pro 7, using a gigabyte P35-DS3R mobo, and 2x1gb sticks of cheap adata ddr2 (dual channel) Now, my cpus max multi is 9, so off the top of my head 445 x 9 would be the best...
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    video card totally un-overclockable?

    I have an issue with my Sapphire dual slot 4850. The issue is my card is 100% un-overclockable. Not even a little bit. These are my cards base stats. I am posting this as i am frustrated quite a bit, Ive just a hard lockup by increasing the memory to 1003MHz, which is nothing. it doesnt...
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    best way of compressing multiple media files?

    i need to compress a bunch of frag movies so i can fit them onto a dvd. Im currently just using winrar but i get the feeling the rar file will be approx the same size as all the files i need to compress anyway. i am going to try 7zip if winrar fails. Does anyone have any recommendations? the...
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    hard drive mounting issue

    I have an enermax chakra case (piece of sh*t), the only way to mount HDD's in it is their stupid tool-less rails that clip into the holes in the hdd. I cant find my case accessories as they have been packed away somewhere in my mums garage. how can i mount my hdd in the bay? the bay can hold 3...
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    need some advice on a new gpu

    a workmate of mine has managed to pick up a second hand system for cheap, its a huge upgrade from his crappy old dell celeron POS but its still a little weak compared to todays systems.He was a little useless in telling me what his hardware is but i think ive got the most of it. Specs are...
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    sound issue with dual screens

    So i have a dilemma. My girlfriend and I watch movies via s-video (out of my 4850) and 3.5mm to rca for the sound We watch the movies on a POS sanyo crt telly. sound is output through my audigy 2 zs soundcard. i want to know if its possible to be able to somehow set my computer up to output 2...
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    image resizing software

    So ive been playing around with my digital camera a little bit and i have taken a couple of nice shots that i would like to use as my desktop background. I have a 22" monitor (1680 x 1050 ) and the pics i have taken are at the max resolution the camera will do ( 2595 x 1944 ) and i wish to...
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    gigabyte P35-DS3R help

    I have a gigabyte p35-ds3r and im trying to figure out how to control my yate loon 120mm exhaust fan and my arctic cooling freezer 7 pro heatsink by using PWM i currently have my arctic cooling freezer 7 pro plugged into the green circled fan header (4...
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    oblivion + mods

    So i reinstalled oblivion and man, i forgot how awesome a game it is. I am running a few basic mods such as vegetation/water mods and saddlebags but its pretty much vanilla. I have shivering isles and knights of the 9. What mods do people recommend? im after anything that is awesome! whether...
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    popped my aftermarket heatsink cherry

    So i finally decided to buy an aftermarket heatsink for my e6850. I decided on the arctic freezer pro 7 because its cheap, and VERY good perfomance for money (that and the fact that a TRUE wont fit in my case) I couldnt get the stock cooler off the cpu as it seemed to be stuck underneath the...
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    is an enermax chakra big enough for a 9800gtx?

    Does anyone have or know anyone that has a 9800gtx in an enermax chakra? I have a chakra and want to upgrade to this card (from an 8800gts 320mb) but i am limited by my case. i would REALLY appreciate some pictures of a 9800gtx in a chakra. i have attempted to measure to see if it will...
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    buying a new card - need advice. cant decide on one

    i am currently running the rig in my sig e6850 8800gts 320mb 2gb ddr2 800mhz GA P35-DS3R enermax liberty 620w psu samsung 226bw right heres my dilemma :) I caved in and let the missus get a new kitten so she has agreed that I can buy a new graphics card. I play a few games here and...
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    enermax liberty 620 enough for a 9800gtx?

    im looking a little upgrade from my 8800gts 320mb to a 9800gtx, however i cant for the life of me find out if my psu will be sufficient to power one. im not sure if it even has the correct connectors to power one.
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    will a thermalright ultra 120 fit in an enermax chakra?

    does anyone know if the thermalright ultra 120 heatsink will fit in the enermax chakra case? if anyone actually has one installed in a chakra i would really appreciate some pics of the install and the clearance left after the install. ive had a look at the measurements and there should be about...
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    accuracy of temp programs

    basically, i am concerned with the huge difference in core temps from these programs. HW monitor has my core temps at 51°c, while coretemp has them at 36°c. core temp is also saying that I have a 600mhz overclock on my e6850 when i have just a 200mhz overclock (thats why i have the cpuz screenie...
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    formatting old drives. help

    So my boss' old security camera recording computer decided to break, and what did he do with it? chucked it in the skip out the back of work. I raided it and managed to score 3 90mm fans and 2 maxtor IDE hard-drives. rest of it was crap (single stick of 233mhz ram and a 200w psu) How do i go...
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    help with enermax chakra's fan

    i am having a problem with the 25cm fan in the side panel of my chakra. (edit before someone suggests this, it is infact turned on) plain and simple, it wont spin. it just rocks back and forth. i have unplugged it and re-plugged it in approx 442343214 times (no joke). Sometimes unplugging and...