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    **It's DEAD, Jim!** Logitech MX518 $19.99 and more on sale at Best Buy

    Thanks ordered. I can finally retire my intellimouse 3.0. It had a good run.
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    World war z free epic

    Thanks for posting this! can console play with PC?
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    Anyone have a Demonoid invite?

    I had registered right when they came back and reg was open. seems I got pruned also interested in invite.
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    Games Industry Asks WHO to Hold Fire on "Gaming Disorder"

    addictions are considered disease. some disease grant social security benefits. Hold fire indeed. bad medicine award huge money in lawsuit. games industry next? i played games ALOT and now as an adult i barely function in any social setting. autistic child? aftermath of games addiction?
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    Iptorrent Invites

    C & D received over fallout 4 updates. quit using ipt after that. muchos gracias if someone can pm me invite.
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    Evga 1070 ti $350 atfer instant coupon

    ordered an asus 1070 ti rog strix on amazon for 397 yesterday. oops looks like its oos again.
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    FREE METRO 2033

    24 hours free play or own for free?
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    Zombie Army Trilogy Free at GameSessions

    works great. Was fun for about 5 minutes.
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    15% off EBAY on September 27th

    hoping black friday has better ti deals. still holding out on this one
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    DOOM (2016) PC version for $ 6.60 cheapest

    click, ordered. damn these deals. thanks for this. :shame:
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    Google Express: 25% off promo on almost everything. *Nintendo Switch $225+Tax

    Placed order. 8 days later item still hasnt shipped. Order cancelled. Someone can have the discount codes they gave me. Should be $15 each. EJAKGHDHBSTMC8V N9HXARY5L8F278V
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    eBay - Refurbished Hitachi Ultrastar 2 TB $30 - Free 2 Day USPS Priority

    I ordered one of these and after a few days it appears to be a healthy drive. 13k power on hours with a power cycle count of 29. The spin up time is ridiculously high however in HD tune (3 billion or so) . Has anyone else encountered this? Took 4 hours to scan, and found no bad sectors and...
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    Petitioning for 970 Refund

    I dont post on [H] much anymore. I just came to say i have been researching an upgrade from my slightly aging 8800gt from years ago (great card BTW just started showing its age recently :p) I sure am glad i didn't fire off the order button too soon for a 970 after researching cards. Just...
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    Iptorrent Invites

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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    I read that. Post count + was so like 2003 :o Thank you for the swag! :D
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    I'd be interested in solar 2
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    Iptorrent Invites

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    Porn Gets Its Own Home Set-Top Box

    i cum all over my tv for the hell of it. what are you tryin to say here
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    PR Nightmare Drawing - AMD 6400+ Black Drawing

    I always come to hardocp and the forums to check current news regarding technology and personal opinions on hardware. Its nice to just check the front page in class, see whats going on. Check some hardware reviews. The forums are an incredible resource. A wealth of information can be had...
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    AMD Athlon64 S939 Workstation Motherboard Suggestions Needed

    Where can one buy from a selection of s939 motherboards?
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    How am i doing cpuu-wize (opty 175)

    I'm running an opteron 175 (2.2g dual core). Just ordered an 8800gt a few days ago. Going to slap an aftermarket cooler on it. Just wondering how i am doing with my 939 opteron cpu? When will my cpu actually be a bottleneck? I paid a good $500 for this proc new and i know it has dropped...
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    Accelero S1 + 8800GT

    ^^ so a thermal adhesive wouldnt be a good idea unless one were completely sure their card wasnt going to need rma? My concern is because i ordered an S1 accelero and evidently the ramsinks dont have a very good installment method...A dab of superglue in the corner of a ramsink would be permanent?
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    8800GTS G92 512MB For Sale ......

    So its a $100 price gain for 4-5 fps over the 8800gt? :rolleyes:
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    XFX 8800gt 512mb 600mhz $249.99@the egg

    My 8800gt is currently scheduled to deliver on the 12th of december. Which is the same day dell was estimated to ship my XFX order. I love the egg, however these cards are still OOS. I'll try to bump this post when they are in stock. I know Hotdeals is an 8800gt frenzy :D
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    XFX 8800gt 512mb 600mhz $249.99@the egg
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    XFX 8800gt 512mb 600mhz $249.99@the egg

    :mad: I ordered one of these yesterday for 269.99 and the very next fucking day the price drops. Anyway, they are currently out of stock but the prices are dropping boys! *currently OOS :D
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    Accelero S1 + 8800GT

    I ordered an XFX 8800gt, and was wondering if XFX warranty is void if one were to swap stock coolers?
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    XFX Geforce 8800 GT 512 MB in stock @ newegg for $269.99

    Now OOS.. Does newegg have accurate stock tracking? I placed my order when it said 'in stock.' Does that mean i'm guaranteed a product if i placed the order or am i going to get screwed again like with my dell order? :rolleyes:
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    $214 8800gt 256mb at the egg

    The 256mb models are horribly crippled suffering from memory bottleneck and crippled speeds! However they are cheap and available!
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    XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog Edition in Stock

    thanks I am going to fly my ass down there and get all of them then sell on ebay for $389 lool
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    MSI 8800GT $208 @

    My 12/11 ship date was changed to a 45 before we will even ship it delay. Cancel your orders guys!
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    XFX 8800GT 512MB $187 Shipped

    6+ weeks estimated ship date on the XfX 512. I cancelled my order. I am not going to order an 8800gt at this time. Everybody wants one? JACK UP THE PRICE!!! Fuck that i can wait until february...
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    MSI 8800GT $208 @

    You could always go this route I currently waiting for newegg to ship mine. Dell currently has a 45 day wait period for the Xfx cards. Sorry guys, start cancelling your orders lol!
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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    1. If i won an X2 5000+ cpu i would jump with joy as i could actually get to upgrade my computer this year. Currently a student with no job money is tight and i cannot input as much money into my hobby as i would like. 2. The new amd quad core cpu is dubbed phenom
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    more dead ballistix

    Old thread i know. However, i just received my fourth replacement for the Ballistix memory i purchased a bit more than one year ago. Recent dead modules: BL6464Z505.16TG Replacement Modules: BL 6464Z505.16TG2Y I noticed they changed the heatspreader to a flat, thiner piece of...