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    Bought a pair of JBL LSR305s - Constant hiss

    TL;DR - help me find new speakers. I can't stand the idle noise from these JBLs. So I've determined that it isn't my power or my equipment. From three different power sources and three different devices, and with no devices connected. No matter what volume and settings the speakers are...
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    Looking for 2.1 system

    I've been looking at: Edifier 2.1 S330D Corsair SP2500 2 bookshelf + powered sub + amp I like the Edifier's multiple inputs, two digital (toslink and spdif), + L/R analog input (RCA?) After searching around many people seem to say the 2 bookshelfs speakers with amp and powered sub are...
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    Is coil whine present on the 980 reference cards?

    I have a high range of hearing and cannot stand coil whine. Do any of you have a reference 980 GTX that are familiar with coil whine - does it have it?
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    Mouse with good macro support - request

    I'm trying to find a replacement mouse, my current mouse left click is going bad. I would like a mouse with macros that let me use all the buttons on the mouse and also move the cursor position, like AC Tools. I tried a Roccat mouse, that had nice features but the laser wouldn't work on my...
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    Need software tool for stress testing ISP.

    Having issues with ISP, need to stress test (lots 500-5000 of connections and bandwidth) while the company is inactive. Tried several different modems It only goes down during the day Cannot replicate issue on demand Might be fine for 4 hours then be trash for several hours Had ISP do...
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    Starhawk Beta Key - only one first come... PS3 Please post if you redeem this to prevent others from wasting time
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    Odd issue, not sure what to google...

    I have a shared folder on PC1. PC1 has a camera with pictures and videos that export into said shared folder. PC2 has read/write access to the shared folder. On PC1 I export pictures into the shared folder, i go to PC2 they aren't there. After a while they show up, I haven't figured out a...
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    1 Spotify invite

    First 5year+ member to post will have it PM'd to them.
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    Looking for low wattage, high quality PSU

    I dont know what the requirements are per rail but the total power consumption i can get this SNB 2300, p95, furmark, 5x fans, 1x ssd 2xHDDs is 188W I'm after a powersupply that is rated for 200/250W, goal being cheaper than the 430W corsairs i'm using now. [edit: added] Few tidbits, p95 by...
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    Wish to make a case out of soundproofing material

    I can hear very high frequency noises and its terribly annoying if I just want to use my computer for some surfing and I have to play music (fairly loud) to drown it out. My current stance is to make a shell to sit over the top of the computer, I dont have a case atm. I'm thinking...
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    POE switches why/why?

    Edit: Looking for unmanaged switch with POE on all ports 4/8/12/16. I'm looking for some POE switches to power voip phones, the company providing the phones and voip has no suggestions for me. I need at leasts 8 POE ports for location 1, 12 POE ports for location 2, 16 POE ports for...
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    Noctua anecdote

    I got a Noctua U12P 3 years ago for my LGA775 Asus P5Q. When SNB came out I got a Asus P8P67 and lacking the 1155/1156 bracket I contacted them to purchase one, they promptly got back to me and at no charge shipped me a mounting bracket for 1155/1156. +1 for Noctua
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    HTPC at last (got a sandy) looking for XBMC gizmo

    The machine is primarily for my family and XBMC seems to be pretty f'n amazing at playing every file type and a great layout, but the mouse and keyboard on the couch (even if they were wireless) are pretty underwhelming. I saw a rosewill remote on newegg with XBMC compatibility, but is there...
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    Wish to run an 8800GTX, please advise

    I tried to do the FAH GPUv2 but it doesn't work properly. I'm going to try downloading the GPU2 client from for the meantime, what should I do in the long run?
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    Anyone else with with above average hearing annoyed with...

    I've asked as many normies as I can stand and only a couple of them (90/10 split) can hear the electronic noises I can coming from motherboards (read: almost any 1156/1366/1155). GPUs can also be quite unpleasant with electronic noises. Anyone else had to deal with the annoyance? I'm about...
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    Asus P8P67 Superbiiz back in stock (deluxe version too) $136.99 AC coupon: hello2011
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    Seeking means of capturing video output via hardware

    I'm looking to capture gameplay from my PS3 and PC. The ability to transcode and upload to a streaming site on the fly would be a nice bonus. Being able to capture lossless or near lossless and store on a storage medium without ever touching my main rig/computer's performance would be awesome...
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    Seeking efficient and effective website filtering software/hardware

    I looked into it a bit myself, most routers seems to have something. I toyed with DD-WRT on an Asus RT-N16 and it has 10 policies that can be run on timers (or all day) blocking specific IP ranges and macs and this and that. But the restrictions you put in place were easily bypassed through a...
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    Cannot get nic to work in windows

    Motherboard: GA-M61PM-S2 Nvidia 430/6100 chipset, tried drivers from gigabyte and nvidia. Using the nvidia downloaded drivers it flags the nic in the device manager. Using gigabyte's download it shows as working but cannot obtain ip via dhcp, static applied but did not allow for any network...
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    Poll/petition for Customer Service review

    Anyone else wish hardocp did an article on customer support reviews for video card companies? Both AMD and Nvidia of course. Go over things such as: Hours of availability Hours of north american support Fees associated with customer service or RMAs Warranty lengths and restrictions...
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    Ceiling ventilation, halp

    I'm going to be building a new system once intel/amd/nvidia/ati put out there new line of stuff. But I want to have the option of exhausting the heat effectively from the room, if its too warm. The idea is case sits nearly flush to the ceiling, then have <halp> setup in the ceiling that...
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    Need NAS with RAID1 & take home backup drive (offsite)

    I need a NAS that supports raid1 across two drives and also allows me to have a third drive that can be taken home and updated once a week. This is to prevent theft/fire/flood/user error etc. If there isn't anything in one handy package i'll end up using an external usb drive and backing...
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    Looking for 'live' cloning software

    I like using SyncBack for data backups, but I have a need for a nightly clone of the C drive - its 520GB of data. I'd like the computer to stay on, and also be automated. Need to do an entire clone to a spare drive. I have raid mirror but the client wants to take the external drive home...
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    Anyone have FF13 campaign code

    Anyone have FF13 campaign code they won't be using? It gives you a bonus item in FF14 Online MMO(releasing on September 30th). If so, please PM
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    Considering raid0 intel ssd g1, please advise

    I'm looking to expand my OS drive for simplicity(I use an intel 80gb ssdg1, in sig), store some more games/apps and not feel the need to secure erase the drive to regain performance as often as I currently do. I've come to the conclusion that I should purchase an additional intel ssd 80gb g1...
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    Corsair 800d, customer service story

    I ordered a Corsair 800D for a friend's computer build, the case unfortunately was scuffed up really bad from the manufacturer. I was able to get a free replacement side panel with no hassle via corsair I now have this scuffed corsair 800d side window if anyone wants it for free (you pay...
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    Strange issue, thoughts?

    I've recently added 2x WD20EARS (2tb western digital green drives) They are not tied to the OS at all, simply store data. However with either of the two of them hooked up in any of my SATA ports on the ich10, my boot time goes from 15-20 seconds to 3~ minutes The boot times are being...
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    looking for large screen laptop w/ multitouch

    for me mum'. similar to the hp tm2t but with a 17~ inch screen or so. Anyone have a recommendation? Primary use: social networking, e-mail, chat, word, reading pdfs, lots of multitasking, pictures (light editing) Light gaming, maybe sim city or flash - possibly more but no sli/cf...
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    Expandable Redundant Storage, please advise.

    When the next generation of something impressive comes out I'll be retiring my q9450 machine to the wonderful life of an HTPC. It has an ich10 (onboard asus p5q) for storage presently which for now is fine but I doubt it'll last long. Ultimately i'd like a flexible raid configuration or a...
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    Expandable redundant storage, advise please

    When the next generation of something impressive comes out I'll be retiring my q9450 machine to the wonderful life of an HTPC. It has an ich10 (onboard asus p5q) for storage presently which for now is fine but I doubt it'll last long. Ultimately i'd like a flexible raid configuration or a...
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    Dell hard drive packaging, thoughts?

    Box was/is crisp sturdy, but what you see in the first picture is the entire contents, no packing peanuts/bubble wrap/packing paper. Just a box with a smaller box inside it. I feel that the smaller box was sufficient, but without some form of padding the small box would jostle...
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    Dell SB has Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB Serial ATA Hard Drive for $140 - $40 co

    DEAD Z3D?X?2RHZQG94 (made it easier to see for those who couldn't find it in the original post format.)...
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    Odd issue, looking for input

    I have a rare occurring stuttering issue. Though stuttering might be understatement, the computer halts for about 30-40 seconds in total with small 'blips' in between. For example I was playing league of legends and the video/audio/cursor (everything) halted completely, 8-10 seconds pass and...
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    firefox 4 beta appearance poll

    What do you all think, which way should firefox 4 be? Uploaded with
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    Seeking advice on acquiring software

    I'd like to become more experienced in windows server, microsoft exchange, virtual/remote computing, file serving, restricting access to specific users and im sure a lot more. To do this I need some software, I remember reading sometime ago about microsoft offering something reasonably priced...
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    ATH-AD700 & Xonar Essence ST Ordered

    I'm your typical gamer with cheap speakers/headphones with onboard sound, UNTIL NOW. Will follow up once stuff arrives. Anyone got any tidbits/caveats to mention?
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    Issue installing windows on vertex 2

    Problem: "A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl+alt+del to restart" When using AHCI mode. Here is what I did: Cleared the cmos turned on pc > Went into bios > Changed ICH SATA Control Mode from IDE to AHCI > F10. Boot to windows disc (OS: Windows Ultimate 64bit OEM) Clicked next >...
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    Newegg fail Gave me a chuckle. Previous owner must have been <insert celeb>.
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    Issue with DIRT 2 ISO

    I got the game from my friend, he didnt want it, it came with this ati 5XXX I made an ISO from the CD, mounted it with Gizmo. Installed it just fine no problem. Then I copied the ISO from my SSD to my storage drive. I can no longer install it from the ISO, it says its not compatible...
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    SC2 Beta Inv Available, PM me (must be 2year+ member)

    SC2 beta invite available, PM me (must be 2year+ member)