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    iPad 2 Can Interfere With Pacemakers

    "I can't believe you only won third place in the science fair!" Sorry couldn't resist :p
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    Quote of the Day

    Only problem is how they handle expansions. Instead of releasing DLC they just release an updated game with the original and expansion and make you pay full retail price for it again. Personally I'd prefer DLC to re-buying a game twice!
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    Next Xbox Will Block Used Games?

    I honestly don't see this happening for the simple reason that MS can't risk implementing this and Song not doing it. If one of the two does block used games it gives the other one a huge advantage because if you had the option of buying a console that supported used games and another that...
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    Dragonborn Add-on for Skyrim Arrives in February

    Great DLC actually. First DLC since Dragon Age Awakenings that actually feels like a proper expansion.
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    Microsoft to Shut Down Windows Live Messenger

    A friend of mine has used both for years and uses the same email and password for both and his WLM contacts have never transferred over to Skype. So as normal the change isn't going well for all involved.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer

    Well the original RPG its based on is set in 2013...
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    Navy Preps Killer Drone for First Carrier Launch

    Interesting. Wasn't one of the big selling points of the magnetic catapults on the Ford class that they wouldnt pull drones apart like the steam ones do? I'm guessing they've just beefed up the drone rather that retro fitting a carrier though?
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    Scythe USA Closes Its Doors

    Wow that sucks, they made some amazing fans and probably the best controllers around :(
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    Man Plays Black Ops 2 For 135 Hours

    There are people in Chinese net cafes that do that all the time while gold farming etc. This is just another part of Activisions PR campaign for COD nothing more.
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    Publishers Accused of Trying to Exploit Kickstarter

    Nope. I know game publishers have done some amazing stupid things over the years but expecting a studio to hand over hard work an IP for no real benefit is well beyond the stupidity of the past.
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    Bullied Bus Monitor Gets Last Laugh

    Shes not loaded and weird shes just excentric :P It's great to see things like this though, society seems to be falling apart and its good to see there are alot of people pissed off about it.
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    Aviva Mistakenly Fires Entire 1300 Employee Work Force

    I'd assume it would be to 1298 of them, the 1300 minus the guy the email was supposed to be sent to and the idiot that sent it to everyone.
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    Why Won’t Wireless Companies Help Stop Cell Phone Thefts?

    Funnily enough over here (Ireland) it's standard procedure for mobile operators to block stolen phones. Afaik they are legally required to do so. That said it doesnt do much to help with phone theft. The thieves just get the phone unlocked and it can be used on another network that isnt...
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    Special Deux Ex Announcement Tomorrow?

    DLC most likely.
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    Stupid Criminal of the Day

    Yeah exactly! If he had of kepy his mouth shut he'd probably have gotten away with it.
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    PS3s Being Traded For Xbox 360s

    Funnily enough I was chatting to a mate of mine who's a manager of one of the local branches of GAME this morning and asked him about this. He said that normally they'd get 3 or 4 PS3's in a week but in the last week they've had 15 and last week there was about 10 :eek: Sales of them are...
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    AOC 22 inch OLED?

    The target site just says its and LED
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    Houston: We Have a Problem

    Agreed. All the other destinations make more sence than California. Incidently is the Enterprise going to the Intrepid?
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    Aperture Science

    Was on Kotaku too!5792335/this-portal-case-mod-will-blow-you-into-the-next-room/gallery/1
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    Battlefield 3 "My Life" Trailer

    Meh while the game will most likely be great I cant help but feel they're setting themselves up for a huge backlash. While it may be the best looking fps around not many pc players will have anything near the specs of the machines they're demoing it on so it wont look anywhere near as good as...
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    How NOT to Launch a Video Game

    Why are people surprised the game is crap? Its Kaos the studio that did Frontlines which had a great idea for a story but was a terrible game. I knew from the start Homefront would be the same.
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    11 Year Old Racks Up $1,750 Xbox Live Bill

    Exactlt, young kids aren't responsible for such things, their parents are.:rolleyes:
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    Steam 2010 Revenue Nearly $1 Billion

    Given how long its been since its release and the fact they where giving it away free for months thats a huge ammount earned by Portal.
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    How Do You Pronounce GIF?

    Nope. Just seemed natural after using I-D-E for so long. For what its worth I pronouce Gif with a G not a J.
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    The "This Has To Be a Fake" Study of the Day

    Lol I have an old marketing lecturer who would love this. He reading non-sense, pointless marketing articles and ripping them to shreads in classes.
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    How Did Steve Jobs Get His Liver?

    It's also quite possible that someone, likely a family member, donated part of their liver to him and now both are still alive with a partial liver each.
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    Your Mom Hates This Video Game

    The funny thing is my Mam is a big horror fan, loves Clive Barker, so would probably like Dead Space. Some of the reactions are funny though.
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    Computer-Game Counterfeiter Sentenced

    While I'm not going to say I've never pirated a game (haven't done it in a long time though) I'm glad to see stories like this. Pirating the odd game for personal use but making doing it for profit when you have done nothing to earn that money is quite another.
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    Parents Start to See TV, Internet The Same

    I did that to my brother once. He locked the door so he could play his Wii instead of going to school so I cut the power. Made him come out quick enough. Was still late for school though.
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    Windows 7 Crashes After AVG Update

    Yeah AVG is a PoS these days. Switched to security essintials myself awhile back, its free, easy to use and less intrusive.
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    Browser Navigation With Gestures

    You know I gotta say I'm now very tempted to get Kinect, not for the games but for all the cool things you can do when you hook it up to a PC.
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    Take Two CEO Stepping Down

    Given the money CEO's make they can afford to quit a job and take an indefinate vaction. It's probable that the job wouldnt have allowed him enough time for an extended trip so stepping down was his only option.
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    Start Folding the Easy Way!!

    Just saw the post about reaching 4 Billion, well done guys! Thats amazing work, with any luck i'll be able to join you soon.
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    Conspiracy Theory of the Day

    Yeah thats what seems most likely to me.
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    Meet The Modern Warfare 2 Pacifist

    Yeah i read about that yesterday, its an interesting approach all right, clever and unique and a good way of keeping things interesting. That said I could never play the same long enough to Prestige once let alone for a sixth time :eek:
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    Is mounting a 32" lcd stupid?

    Sounds reasonable to me, my aunt has a 19" mounted in her kitchen and that looks fine becasue the room is tiny. It will look no bigger or smaller than it does now so all that will change is where it is.
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    Coolmaster V8 or Megahalem

    I have the V8 myself it works great but it's a dust magnet and the overlapping fins make it a real bitch to clean so only get it if your case has really good dust filters.
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    Halo: Reach Reportedly Leaked Via Xbox Live

    It didnt actually leak. It was put up on the XBL Marketplace put you needed a special code to download it, the code was only given out to reviewers. What these people did was either hacked the XBL servers (unlikely) or found a way to generate the code, given there are plenty of people on EBay...