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    CD Keys

    Anyone know any reputable place to buy CD keys? Looking at Sniper Elite V2 but it's $50 on Steam and my co-op buddy won't spend that much. Wondering if anyone has used one of the other key vendors out there (and imported into Steam later). Too much shady crap out there...
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    Electrolytic Capacitor Aging

    Anyone have any opinions on this? Is it really 20-30% for 1+ years? Wouldn't there be an eventual leveling out? I was doing some calculations to see if I could use my existing 2 year old 650 watt PSU to add another 5850 to crossfire. Never heard of the aging of capacitors before but it sounds...
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    HTPC Spc and Recommendation

    I tried my gaming PC on my TV with Media Browser and the wife loved it. Great quality. So I think I am building an HTPC for the living room. I mocked up the PC below. Anyone with experience with HTPCs have any comments? Questions? Think I will have any issues with VOB streaming and or...
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    Backup Plan

    My backup setup was a Buffalo Systems 1TB NAS (single drive) and a 1TB external USB drive. Yesterday my 15 month old son found the USB drive and it dropped about 1 foot to the ground. Now it has the dreaded click of doom and won't read. Next day the wife goes to access the NAS device for iTunes...
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    Ny Next Case

    So the wife has an older case that's been overheating her hardware (god that sounds funny). I'm going to be giving her my old Antec Nine Hundred, so I can get a new case with better cable management. Do you know of a case that you prefer that has cable routing? I'd really like the case to...
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    SSD Performance

    My Intel X-25M 80GB seems much slower than it did when I first got it about a year ago. Is there anyway to tune it up for increased performance that doesn't include reinstalling Windows 7? Example: Firefox opened in a second when I first got it (and the months that followed). Now it takes...
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    Top Three Most Over-Rated Games... In Your Opinion

    What are your top 3 most over-rated games you played? Friends talked about a game all damn day. You try it and you hate it. What are your reasons? 1. Bioshock - Game was awesome in the beginning but highly repetitive and got boring fast. 2. Starcraft - Online mode sucks (IMO). Too many...
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    Age of Empires III for $0.10

    Just downloaded. Great game for an outstanding price. :) Guess this coulda gone in the Hot Deals section too...
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    Alternative to Windows Task Scheduler

    I'm looking for an alternative to the Windows Task Scheduler in Windows XP. By default, Windows executes the tasks in the scheduler as a lesser priority (not high, normal or real-time) thus the process run slower. Anyone have any suggestions for a task scheduler (kicks off a PERL script) that...
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    HTC Evo 4g Errors

    I was hoping someone could help me out with this. I have (my friend actually) an HTC EVO 4g through Sprint. When running some apps (a large majority), if a connection is lost, you get an ugly error message that reads, "Error Code 67 .Registration.failure. Your PCS Vision username and/or...
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    Mouse Sensitivity and FPS games

    I recently got the Alienware TactX Mouse that has sensitivity (dpi) adjustment right on the mouse. I always played at the default sensitivity in games but recently decided to switch while played BFBC2. I switched from the highest setting to the lowest while sniping one day and found it to be...
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    [warm] 3-Pack 6ft HDMI Cables $0.00 + $5.00 shipping

    3-Pack 6ft HDMI Cables $0.00 + $5.99 shipping I've bought a couple things from them with no issues though shipping isn't fast at all. Not *HOT* but not a bad price. EDIT: Sorry I meant $5.99
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    WoW BETA: Did you get in?

    Well the BETA invites are being sent out. Did you get one? The NDA is also lifted, so if ya did, do you have any updates?
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    AS SSD - Kingston: High Performance Test Failed

    My company purchased a Kingston SSD for my PC so that we could attempt to compile code faster (yay). It has been hell trying to get our hardware team to install the drive. First the driver was wrong (no AHCI), then the builds corrupted. Now I finally have the right driver and AHCI setup...
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    Quiet Case Fans

    I have an H50 and I wanted to setup Push/Pull (right now just pushing). Anyone have any recommendations for good fans with high airflow that are quiet (maybe even low/med/hi switchable)?
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    Portable Hard Drive Opinions

    Does anyone have an opinion on the My Passport Essential SE 1 TB External Hard Drive? I've seen absolutely mixed reviews about it, either people totally happy or totally pissed. Wanted a good portable drive that I could use to transport files (preferably without an AC adapter)...
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    Backup Suggestions

    I bought a 1TB NAS device to backup my software, music, pictures, etc. I ended up using this device as my primary storage unit so that multiple PCs could access it. What's a good recommendation for a backup device/drive? Should I go with an internal drive (thinking 2TB) for my existing PC...
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    Hybrid CrossFire

    My motherboard supports Hybrid Crossfire, where the onboard graphics card will work with the PCIe card in CrossFire. Will this provide any boosts (or degradation)? Anyone tried this? Motherboard: GA-MA785GM-US2H
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    e6420 prospects

    My wife has an e6420 running stock at 2.13. Her PC is a dog and has been for a while. I bought a bunch of new parts for my PC and now the wife wants to see some improvements to hers. "Wow your PC is fast" she says with a frown. I am throwing an 8800GTX in to replace the 8600GT and I added...
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    Corsair H50 Worth It?

    I was wondering if anyone is uing (or has used) the Corsair H50 in their rig. It's been out for a while now and I see the reviews are mixed at best. The thread on this forum starts out bad gets worse then gets better then worse and so on. I was going to pair it with an 965 BE and do some...
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    XFX Thoughts

    I was looking at some XFX 5870s on NewEgg and there a re a good number of reports about bad customer service and bad designs as well as ATI driver complaints. I've had my 8800gtx for a good bit so this is the first ATI I've looked at in a while and the first from XFX. Anyone have any...
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    5870 Comparision

    What's the difference between the 2 cards below other tan the price? Just curious before I buy.
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    X4 955 125w vs X4 945 95w

    So I am looking at the 2 processors below. One is a BE running at 125w while the other isn't a BE running at 95w. Which would be a better processor? This is mainly for a gaming PC. I am upgrading from a 6000+, so I am reusing my mobo. Does the added wattage of the BE addition just provide...
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    Video Card Upgrade Time

    I have an BFG 8800gtx beast. I think it might be time to upgrade but I want to make sure that I'd get a good bit of a performance increase out of upgrading. I am looking at staing in the $200 - $250 range and was hoping some comments/suggestions could be thrown around. I am not partal to ATI...
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    Intel x-25m Issue?

    Just bought an Intel X-25m SSD. Installed Windows 7 64-bit and everything seems to be running fine. I downloaded and installed the Intel SSD Toolbox and I it is reporting "error connecting to drive". The drive seems to be running fine. TRIM is enabled in the OS and defrag was automatically...
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    Driver Performance

    I have an 8800GTX and I mostly play WoW with a smattering of L4D, Crysis and such. I used to upgrade to the latest and greatest nVidia driver whenever it was released. That seemed to work well when I was using WinXP. Now that I am using Win7, I have found that upgrading to the latest driver...
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    CompUSA Closing All Stores

    Sorry not really a specific 'Hot Deal' but I am sure there will be MANY.
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    GPU Benchmarking - Crysis 1280x1024 (All High)

    Post your results, your system specs and your Nvidia/ATI driver details from the GPU benchmark in Crysis. 1. Set Resolution to 1280x1024 (yeah no widescreen so we can get more results) 2. Set all graphics to HIGH. 3. Turn off AA/AS/blah,blah,blah 4. Execute Benchmark_GPU.bat (Default...
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    GTX Temps - BFG 8800 OC

    I have an Antec Nine Hundred case and I have to say... this case is amazing. My BFG 8800GTX OC was running at 81degrees full load. I put an Antec Tricool fan on the side window and now, while running Crysis for a while, I check the temp graphs and my GPU is 67degrees full load with the stock...
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    Crysis Release Date Moved

    I just got an e-mail form EA. I believe it was originally scheduled for 11/12.
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    Screen tearing?

    I am not sure if that is the correct term. Shit... how do I explain this without a screen shot? Here goes... When I am playing some games (rig in sig), I get an issue where it looks like the screen splits, or tears. It normally only happens in the middle of the screen and stretches...
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    Best Monitoring Application

    I see a huge list of available monitors for your PC, but I don't want to install 20 new applications on my new install. What application(s) are recommended/preferred for monitoring CPU Temperature AND GPU Temperature? I prefer to have one application that does both effectively (and more if...
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    ATI 7.10 drivers: Boost over 7.9?

    Not sure if this was posted but I thought it was interesting to see. Nice boost in some games but AA seems to kill any gains.
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    LOL I Suck

    Just bored.... I ran 3dMark06 for the first time today on my old PC (which is my main PC), and I got a 1108! My system was compared to 15 other 'similar systems' and mine came out on top of those. LOL I ROCK! I like all the statistics too. "Your system compared to 2557941 system configurations...
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    Got $500 buring a hole in my pocket

    So I just bought a new mobo, cpu and ram. I am ready to grab a new vidcard but I am not sure if I should grab one now or hold off until the new Nvidia crap gets introduced before/during/after the Crysis release. I am looking at the BFG 8800GTX OC2 single board (not SLI... yet). I am leaning...