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    GFX 1050ti not taking newest drivers?

    So I bought a 1050ti for my livingroom tv computer. (yes ebay cheapo so i can play fortnite on a big tv) I dont have a cd player on it so out of laziness I go to and download the newest driver listed for the graphics card. After install I get an error in device manager that it has a...
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    AD security groups not updating

    I added a user to a security group for accessing moves in AD. I did a gpupdate /force /boot to force and reboot but its not picking up the addition to the group. if you look in ad it shows but not applying to the gp upon login. any ideas?
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    Band Logo ideas?

    I am starting a new country band and we have the name but Im kinda blocked on ideas for the logo. Band name is South Dixie Highway. Singer is a female of Hispanic heritage so I cant do the confederate flag, think it would kinda be inappropriate. Any ideas?
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    smallest psu i can use?

    lets say im building an i5 system, i5 2500 or 2400 motherboard with onboard vid (hdmi), onboard wifi 8GB ddr3 1 60gb ssd (os drive windows 7 pro probably) 1 2.5" 250GB laptop HD (movie\music storage) 1 blueray/dvd-r drive whats the smallest psu i can get away with? Im asking because im...
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    optiplex 790 keeps disconnecting from the network, help

    ok I am working on a dell optiplex 790, windows 7 pro 64bit. The computer was fine on saturday and monday it started random disconnecting from the network. I need help on what to do next. what ive done moved computer to a new network drop replaced network cable scanned for viruses and...
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    remote users authenticating into a 2008 r2 domain?

    I got about 20 users on laptops across the country that will need to be able to VPN into our network and access server applications on our R2 domain(network shares, payroll database shares, etc). The users are currently using Cisco anyconnect vpn client to get on our network and get an ip...
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    2008 r2 sharing issues

    I am setting up network shares for users on a new location we are adding with the company i work for. I cant get it to deny access to anyone it seems. D: is the master drive they sit on, this is set to not share, local security is set to let authenticated users view this folder only not to...
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    css3 div alignment question

    ok got a header with the first div as #header_content{ color: #fff; width:980px; height:45px; text-align: left; font-size:20px; margin: 0 auto; } within that div is other divs with content(basically logo and menu text) i left it centered page with margin 0 auto I want to add a...
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    css3 can you gradient and put a colored line on the bottom?

    Im making a header 45px high with a gradient of #272727 down to #1b1b1b but i want the last pixel at the bottom to #313131 what would be the best way to do this that is not background image. my current code #gradientbg { background-color: #272727; background: url(images/bg.png)...
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    2008 R2 normal warning message for dual nics?

    I have an R2 server with dual nics, Im activating both nics on the same subnet, using 1 with hyper-v and 1 for the box itself. when I configure them I get a warning message about using 2 gateways on different subnets but they are both on the same subnet and same gateway. If this a normal message...
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    weird patch panel punchdown question

    As some of you know i started working with a new company. I am wiring some new ports up to the patch panel for a couple new servers we are bringing into the company. I open the 48 port patch panel to punch down the new lines and it baffled me. the punch downs in the back have 2 sets of 8 punch...
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    need help figuring out what is changed

    check out these 2 pages and tell me why the index page is shifted over. I have been trying to figure it out and cant. only the header and nav seemed to be moving what looks to be about 15px over but they run off the same css coding as the other page so not sure why. page in process so forgive...
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    what is this background style called?

    whats the style of this background? where you have the color kinda blended in and out of the bg color? I want to do something similar but in a different color scheme and am not sure what to look up in how to make it in photoshop
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    abit AW8D keyboard stops working on a cd boot attempt?

    I have a computer here with an abit AW8D and it has XP on it, im trying to install windows 7 and keyboard works for bios, but as soon as it goes to boot from cd and gives the to boot from cd click any key, the usb keyboard cuts off and doesnt turn back on till windows xp loads. Anyone know how...
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    adding a doctype kills my layout?

    I made a page that the layout checks out 100% on w3c's validator except for the fact I got a warning i didnt add a doctype. it still validated as XHTML 1.0 Transitional. So i figure i might as well add the doctype to the page to get rid of the warning. When i add the doctype it totally fuxors my...
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    html5 css3 question

    ok trying my hand at a html5/css3 website. I got a question about laying an <img> on the bottom of a <header> that has a fixed height. I basically have a header with a set height of 200px and width of 900px and an image of 60px in height and 300px in width. I want it to appear at the bottom left...
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    help on photoshop making a worn book end

    I got an image that im making. It is suppose to be an older material covered book sitting horizontal. I want to wear the book ends like and old worn book. my book and the edges i want to try and make can anyone give me a tutorial or heads up on how i can do this?
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    need help on my image to make it printable.

    ok long story but my harddrive died and i pretty much lost everything from my band logo. All i have is the image from facebook. Any chance someone can help me make an image that can be blown up good pixels for print? I use to know a youtube that showed how to vector it in photshop and stuff to...
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    there a trick to formatting a 1tb drive?

    I bought a couple hitachi 1tb drives from FS/FT, finally got around to installing them into a win 7 64 bit machine. nstalled the first one and off the bat the thing was reading it saying it was a 5.4TB drive???? unformatted. so i deleted it and recreated it as a 1tb drive, guessing it was part...
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    CSS what am i doing wrong?

    ok Im doing a css on linking <style type="text/css"> a:link { color: "#FFFFFF"; text-decoration:none; font-weight:bold; } a:visited { color: "#808080"; text-decoration:none; font-weight:bold; } a:active { color: "#FFFFFF"; text-decoration:none; font-weight:bold; }...
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    GIGABYTE GA-H67A-UD3H question

    probably a noob question but since it has a VGA and DVI on the board can you run dual monitors off the onboard(extended monitors in windows)? I know the h67s are locked, not looking to overclock its gonna be running an i5 2400 in a recording studio so dual monitors are needed and im hoping for...
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    2.0 speakers to suit my friends needs(need some recommendations)

    My friend has me hooking her Dell Optiplex 755 up to her 42" LG TV :p She is having comcast internet installed Wednesday and plans on using netflix and a blu-ray combo because she dont really watch "tv" just movies. well she is going to need a decent pair of speakers but her desktop only...
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    Sony Viao XP install problem

    Ok I'm stuck here so lets see if some fresh eyes can help me out. Got a Sony Viao PCG-7A2L from someone and I'm trying to install windows XP pro SP3 off a VLK disk. setup runs fine until i get to installing devices and it gets to about 50% through it and all of a sudden the computer reboots and...
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    GPO question about active desktop

    Im having a bit of a problem, for the life of me I cant figure out. I have a GPO set with user configuration/administrative templates/Desktop/Active Desktop/ Allow only bitmapped wallpaper Enabled Disable all items Enabled Enable Active Desktop Enabled Prohibit adding items Enabled...
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    looking for help image to vector

    my band decided on a logo and I'm wondering if anyone is bored and wouldn't mind helping me make this into a vector (or at least as close to this as possible as a vector) so I can use it to have a backdrop made for our lighting rack. haven't gotten vector imaging down my specialties lie elsewhere.
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    Sandisk Cruzer 8GB Flash Drive $14.99 believe it ends today, I bought one this morning. good price from what Ive been seeing em at. bought mine locally no shipping charges
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    3u/4u "Short" Rackmount case?

    Anyone know of any rack chasis that are only 16" deep preferably 3u that can use ATX boards, with full pci cards and power supplies? trying to setup a computer in a pro audio road rack, for a mobile recording setup with a Presonus Firepod, so if i can find a 3u I can put the 3u and the 1u...
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    how to disable always open folder on removeable drive?

    I have a bit of a problem that when i plug in an ipod on a particular computer that it always opens the ipod as a folder automatically. Needless to say the way itunes connects and disconnects the ipod each song this is quite annoying that the folder keeps popping up. How do i disable the auto...
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    XFX 680i LT SLI (how to change the bus?)

    ok I have a XFX 680i LT SLI with an e8400 on it with the latest bios. works fine, I cant seem to figure out how to change the bus on this board. Im running stock @ 333 x 9 I would like to experiment with a slight increase to 350 or 400, see what it can do since I have a tuniq tower on it so...
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    Ipod noob question

    OK My wife is thinking about getting an ipod, If I am understanding right you need itunes for putting music, so does itunes allow you to put music in your ipod that you already have in your harddrive? I have a vast MP3 collection already and dont see myself paying for all these songs that I...
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    Any Shaiya Players?

    I am playing shaiya now and my CS:S clan has alot of players on there but they are not really working to start a guild so Im wonder who on here is playing and might want to get a guild going? Im currently a level 18 Pagan I have a level 19 guardian but I started over because I had the...
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    tatantula print screen button

    Anyone know what I have to do to get this razer tarantula's print screen key to work? the button actually works (i press it in the control panel and it reacts) but it does not capture a screen shot.
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    Wierd variation of temps on my e8400

    ok is their a problem with my proc? I have an e8400 with a tuniq tower and when i have core temp 0.96.1 open it is reading my proc @ core #0 90C-91C and Core #1 49C-50C both are brand new.
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    thin 120mm fans?

    Anyone know if they make 120MM fans thinner than 25mm? like 20mm or even 15mm? I know they make a 140mm fan that is 15mm thick but with the adapter to 120mm it comes back to 25mm so its no good for what i need. Im trying to put a fan on the door of my case but my tuniq is a few mm too long and...
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    Dove haircare sample
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    Plantronics has Audio 90 analog stereo wired headset on clearance for $9

    Plantronics has Audio 90 analog stereo wired headset on clearance for $9. Shipping is $8 flat making it $17. Other models available (before shipping) Audio 80 Analog Headset $8 Audio 70 behind-the-head Analog Headset $8 Audio 60 Analog Headset $7 Audio 40 Analog Headset $7 found...
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    2 meter HDMI cables - $0.95 someone posted this up on my work forums, so i thought i would share.
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    XFX 680i LT Sli (e8400 compatible?)

    I bought an XFX 680i LT Sli from someone on the site, it hasnt arrived yet. He said it can run the 45nm duo procs, but I had someone else on the site say they cant. Can anyone confirm or deny that they can run the e8400? Their site requires a serial number to get into support (stupidest idea...
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    Q6600 or E8400?

    Ok im trying to find out what would be the best proc for me. I just bought a XFX 680i LT Sli from someone on the forums. It will be running a 7900GS now and eventually 2 in sli. it will have 4GB of ram, and a tuniq tower for cooling. I mostly will be using this machine for internet and...
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    wierd problem with my wife's computer

    setup P5ND2 Sli Pentium D 3.4Ghz 3 x 512MB DDR2 PC2 6400 1 x pcie abit wifi card 1 x nVidia 7300LE 1 x WD 40GB ata HD ultra 600w titanium psu well I started by using my new samsung sata DVD burner as the cd rom. I installed windows, installed all the drivers and everything but the...