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    Toshiba To Launch OLED TVs Later This Year

    Sony isn't a Walmart brand... They might have one or two cheap low-end models being sold in-store to try and get some of the sub $500 TV market share, sure. But you're not going to be able to walk into a Wal-Mart and buy their $5K flagship Z9D or their upcoming OLED A1E.
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    Current Japanese case makers ?

    WiNDy (Soldam / Hoshino ING ) went out of business in June 2012. A couple of WiNDy's key staff members left the company to start their own companies: Abee in 2004, and JIGEN in 2010. Abee is the only one of the three still making cases. But their inventory and colors are more limited than...
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    Google Project Fi Details

    Staying with the $30 T-Mo plan. Fi may have been worth it I didn't use a lot of data most months and could benefit from the added Sprint coverage *shrug*
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    “HBO Now” Coming This Spring For $15 Per Month

    Assuming that's the time frame for GoT Season 5 (April 12 - June 21), you could perhaps start your sub maybe ~10 days after Ep 1 launches (April 22) to have to only pay for two months (to get your second month's ~30 day sub to last you till Ep10's premiere on June 21).
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    PS4 version 2.0 seems worthy of the number scheme

    They honestly shouldn't have bothered with the USB stick feature. For a while, I was waiting on DLNA/copy to hard drive playback support. But I've stopped waiting and moved onto Chromecast and casting from my phone, which works pretty well. My PS4 is strictly now for gaming -- and that makes sense.
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    New Chrome "Material Design" Update

    Liking the new Chrome browser update/facelift? I must have installed it automatically without noticing, but it should be up on the Play Store.
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    Moto X+1

    Motorola press conference happening tomorrow, might be a good idea to keep an eye on the news feed for the new X: OK, this actually seems to be a press-private conference with an embargo for tomorrow, so we may not get any details until the 5th. YouTube Link...
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    Sentimentally ... WiNDy

    I was going through old posts about the WiNDy case I imported from Japan about four years ago. I don't know if many of you can relate with a case that has a nostalgic or even sentimental value to you. I enjoyed reading stories about people still hanging onto the older aluminum CoolerMaster and...
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    White PS4 comming out

    Smoke-free household. I'm pretty sure it's a combination of what you implied: oils from hands and oxidation. I sometimes put my electronics back in their boxes, and I think that the combination of the hand oils being left on them from last use and being 'closed/suffocated' or touching the inner...
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    White PS4 comming out

    White's nice to look at when it's new and shiny but not practical for long-term for me. I stopped buying white electronics because of yellowing issues that keep cropping up long-term (most recently with my white Japanese DualShock PS3 controller after a few years of owning it).
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    Official Motorola Blog Announced Android 4.4.3 Rolls Out to Moto Devices This Week

    There appears to be something new with bluetooth volume control in 4.4.3 with the moto x. When I try to increase/decrease volume using my headphones controls (Jaybird Blue Buds X), the phone volume isn't being changed. Rather, it seems there is a second volume layer that is being modified just...
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    Moto X+1 (2014 Moto X Successor)

    Wishful thinking, but I'm hoping Google/Motorola has taken to heart the abysmal feedback it received last year with the X launch and they'll not do that BS Moto Maker carrier exclusivity deal again. I can't imagine that worked out well for them even financially. (Any numbers from AT&T out...
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    What Happened To All the Lian Li Cases At Newegg ?

    That is interesting. It doesn't look like a case of just clearing out old stock. The LiLi homepage says they'll be at Computex in June. I remember reading that their main US distributor was located in Washington state, but not sure if that's where NE got their cases. No idea if we have any NE...
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    Moto X+1 (2014 Moto X Successor) Motorola can't quite keep the X+1 a secret any longer. X could use a good spec bump. The size is really nice as is (especially one handed), but I wouldn't mind them also bump that up so long as they keep the same...
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    20% of Hulu and Netflix Subscribers Have Cut the Cord

    HBO and local channels are the two biggies I really need. I subscribe to Cox (internet only) for $60. They have a new option called Cox Flex Watch that allows you to add HBO and your local HD channels for only $20 extra a month (new subs can get internet & hbo for $60!). This a la carte...
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    need some advice

    Lol @ the "fat hairy.jpg." Do people not even bother doing a wipe before selling their personal devices anymore? In a perfect world, buyers should be able to assume it's stock phone unless seller says otherwise, but people can be asshats these days and feign ignorance, *especially* in the used...
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    Console owners what TVs do you own?

    If I *had* to buy a TV now, I'd probably look at the 55" Sony 4K XBR TVs or go with something cheap for a short-term solution. Unfortunately, this year's CES lineup hasn't really impressed me, so I'm holding off until at least next year before upgrading. I'm still using a Sony XBR3 I bought in...
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    looking for new buds for running

    Really like the Blue Buds X for exercise/gym. Awesome SQ, multiple bud sizes (even aftermarket ones work), comfortable, and bluetooth. Mine survived a wash and dryer and still work (albeit I lost the phone/mic functionality sadly). But I won't "bother recommending" them to you since they're...
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    Yeah, that's got to be one of my biggest pet peeves with the PS4. I can't believe someone thought that would be a good idea. Really need an option to disable it. If I want to switch users, it's not going to be that often and so I wouldn't mind having to long press the PS Button or go through the...
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    What's the best thing about a Moto X

    Moto X2 will be out late summer (twitter). As we're about to get into March, I'd probably wait the five or so months for the X2 or the GS5 if I was going to use up my contract upgrade for something long-term. Motorola is offering a $0.01 contract promotion right now with VZ and X though, so...
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    Red Harbinger - Dopamine Mining/Extreme PC Case (Crowdfunded)

    This reminds me... Did anyone actually buy the $2K Cross Desk? Last I heard they were going to be delivered last November.
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    Final Fantasy 6 (US 3) now available on iOS

    I've been playing this for the past couple weeks on the moto x doing a LLG Near Perfect File. I know the price is high but I would say FF6 and FF Dimensions are the two FFs worth getting on mobile. This is based off the GBA version with some aesthetic/convenience enhancements that make it a...
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    What's the best thing about a Moto X

    That's a good deal, but I personally couldn't buy a used moto x. One of the biggest selling points to me was customizing it to your own exact liking through motomaker. That and other reasons.
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    Final Fantasy Lightning Returns

    I played the demo of LR from the Japanese PSN. The battle and job changing system seems good, but.. I understand the amount of time and money went into FF13; it's just that I'd rather they made new stories with new worlds and new a cast instead of sequels. I guess that's why, for me personally...
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    Lenovo Bought Motorola Mobility from Google

    I don't think that's accurate. Yes, Google's primary reason for buying Motorola was for their patent portfolio (which really didn't end up being worth as much as they hoped). But they also wanted to give the mobile hardware business a try -- at least initially. Some of you are quick to forget...
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    How many of you leave the your case sides off? (Open Air?)

    I do with my personal PC, but only for aesthetic reasoning. It's a WiNDy case with no window and I like to view the internal anodized red. Temps and dust aren't really an issue for me; a 10sec DataVac dusting session a couple times a month is honestly more than enough to keep things cleanly. My...
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    Lenovo Bought Motorola Mobility from Google

    +1. I was thinking Google wanted to eventually have its own in house phones ala Apple. This is such a step back from what many of us were hoping for. Did moto x and the new moto phones sell that poorly for Google to want to cut its losses? I mean after all the Google-esque colorful rebranding...
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    POLL - The "best" Android Phone

    I haven't used them all, but I've used the following: Nexus 5: Bought but returned due to screen turning defective. Solid all-around phone, camera substantially improved over N4, doesn't feel as nice to hold as moto x due to shape/size, but has a nice matte back. This is probably the "best"...
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    Moto X Replacement Anytime Soon?

    Nothing really concrete on X2 yet. X came out August last year and is still only about 5 months old (even though many of us learned about it Dec 2012). Other phones -- nexus 5 if you like stock Android.
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    What did I miss out on in the FF series?

    12 is the only one I would recommend in the PS 2/3 gen. 14 was good for an mmo.
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    PS4 RPG/MMOs

    It's depressingly dry on the JRPG front in terms of announced titles. Soul Saga, a kickstarter game looks kind of okay. I'm hoping Gust will announce a new Atelier for the PS4 in the next year or two; the Rorona remake could have been a nice fit for the PS4. FF15 and KH3, aren't really exciting...
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    Moto X will be $350 on Cyber Monday

    Maybe I did. :-) Not in gaming (I admit its GPU is pretty damn good), but I actually did notice the moto x wasn't *quite* as responsive as even my one year old N4 was in general feel (opening/closing apps, UI responsiveness). I have also noticed the camera stalling numerous times (even when not...
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    Moto X will be $350 on Cyber Monday

    I love the moto x. I came from a nexus 4 and a nexus 5 and it really is close to my nexus devices, but has that extra pizzazz and useful features that makes it unique and attractive as its own (active display, always on voice, and MotoMaker). It's what every Android phone should strive to offer...
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    What are you CURRENTLY using?

    Enjoying life with a custom matte black & red moto x on Android 4.4 KitKat.
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    Compact Splash vs. M1

    The ultimate battle! Compact Splash vs NCASE M1 SheLovedE vs Necere OCN vs [H]! In all seriousness, the M1 just looks like a more polished product. If one really needs all the WC options (and an easier WC case) then I guess Compact Splash is the better choice. I'd go with the M1. Both are fine...
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    Motorola Builds First U.S. Made Smart Phone, Hires 2,500 People In Fort Worth

    Anyhow, it looks like most US consumers don't care as much about that fact, which isn't really a surprise. I really hope Moto can sustain the plant in Texas and keep [strike=]making[/s] assembling phones there. The Cyber Monday deal should have sparked some extra business, but they'll have to...
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    wow. Xbox live free games vs free PS+ games.

    Not true -- after your PS+ subscription expires, yes you can still see the PS+ games you downloaded on your HDD, but you will get a message saying you need to activate your PS + membership again when you actually attempt to start the title whilst on the XMB. Q: What happens to the games and DLC...
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    Black Friday - what did you get?

    5 delicious lbs of chocolate flavored whey protein for $33 from vitaminshoppe... Yeah, I know :X I was at the eBay page when microsoft were selling Xbox One Day One editions, but I already have one. They sold out in like 3 minutes.
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    Nexus-Five thread

    Yes, for a week until I had to RMA it (for an unrelated reason). Last year, I left my N4 factory protector on for a month until I could decide on a screen protector. But that "nexus 5" lettering covers up part of the screen, so I...
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    Moto X will be $350 on Cyber Monday

    Awesome deal for an underrated phone...