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    Corsair Obsidian 800d $219 at MC - One Day Only

    I saw this on a board and thought I should post it. Today at Microcenter you can get a Corsair Obsidian 800D Tower Case for $219 with in store pick-up no shipping orders. As far as I know this is a one day only sale and supplies are very limited. My local store only had one and it is already...
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    What is the current king of HTPC motherboards?

    I have considered building a HTPC for quite some time but other home projects pushed it aside all summer long. Now that Fall is here I am thinking I might like to give it a go. Budget wise I would like to stay around $500 but that is not set in stone. I am of the opinion that a solid...
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    All internal water cooling setup

    Are there any good reviews out there of water cooling systems that are 100% internal? I am interested in finding a solution that is not only quiet but keeps everything out of sight. I do not want to externally mount a radiator. I am currently using a Lian-Li mid-tower and there isn't a lot of...
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    Which EVGA board to pick?

    I am putting together a parts list for my next build. The first item on my agenda is the motherboard. I was planning on using a board from EVGA. I really do not think that I need to spend the extra money for one of the Classified boards. So I am trying to decide between the EVGA X58 SLI model...
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    LCD for Gaming Question

    Currently I have an LCD from Dell it is a 19" Ultrasharp that I have had for a few years now. The screen is great and has served well for gaming. However now I am using an EVGA GTX 275 card and I would like a monitor that supports better than 1280x1024. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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    Windows 7 Displaying Wallpaper When Locked

    Hello everyone. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7100 x32. I am using two video cards and spanning my desktop across 3 screens. This all works like a charm right out of the box. However I noticed a departure from previous versions of windows. When I lock the workstation two of the three...
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    Primer on liquid cooling?

    I am just getting interested in liquid cooling a PC. After visiting several sites and looking over the array of parts listed I was overwhelmed. I understand the concepts behind liquid cooling, but what I do not understand is where to start. I would like everything to be contained within the case...
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    Looking for a sexy HTPC case

    I have went through articles over and over, and read countless case reviews and still I am left wanting. I am looking for an HTPC case that doesn't look cheap, if this is going in my entertainment center it needs to look like it belongs there. I am not interested in anything that looks like a...