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    Ryzen 1700 OC to 3.88

    I got my 1700 together with a Asus B350 motherboard and let it run it's auto OC. It stopped at 3.88Ghz and it has been stable all day. I just loaded up the Ryzen Master software and it says my voltage is 1.1875 which I think is stock voltage. Does this seem right? Maybe I can get 4.0 out of...
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    Logitech Harmony Home Hub $50 (50% off) at Best Buy

    If your looking for a hub to control your entertainment system BB has the Harmony Hub on sale for $50. It works with the Amazon Echo, seems to be a good deal.
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    4TB Seagate Portable drive $99

    4TB Seagate Portable Drive (2.5" 15MM, has a ST4000LM016 drive inside if you want to shuck them and have some high density storage :) ). Seagate Backup Plus 4TB Portable External Hard Drive with 200GB of Cloud Storage USB 3.0 (Black) STDR4000100: Computers & Accessories
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    Newegg Shell Shocker I7 6700K combo $529

    Pretty hot deal on newegg today for a Skylake combo. Dead 1x Intel Core i7-6700K 8M Skylake Quad-Core 4.0 GHz LGA 1151 91W BX80662I76700K Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 530 (Model:BX80662I76700K) 1x ASUS Z170-E LGA 1151 Intel Z170 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard...
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    HOT - Ebay BIN E5-2670 V1 2011 Xeon CPU $90

    8 Core E5-2570 V1 2011 processors are down below $90 now! These are still powerful processors. These are currently the best bang for the buck if you have a home lab...
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    Unraid 6 now rolls in docker and QEMU? Easy VGA passthrough?

    This may be old news but it is new to me. I was browsing around today I found this: I didn't know unRaid was ever updated let alone they added some neat stuff. All of which you can do on a linux server for free, but it is in a neat package. I am...
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    VM's in the "cloud"

    I have been tasked with taking a look at our companies infrastructure to decide what we are going to do going forward. We shrunk from 200+ people down to 12. We no longer have a support contract with VMWare but have a 6CPU license. We also are in question of our licenses for our windows...
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    Enterprise SSD for ZFS ZIL/L2ARC

    I'm looking to implement a ZIL and L2ARC on a ZFS storage server. It is going to be a back end for a couple ESXi server (using NFS most likely) and a pool that will be storage of files (PDF's mostly) What side SSDs should I get? Would the S3500 do or should I go with the S3700? The S3700...
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    ESXI to SAN

    In our datacenter we have the following hardware: 1x Supermicro 1u for PFSense (i3-3220T, 4GB ram) 2x HP DL160 G6 servers for ESXi (Dual 56xx, 72GB ram each, Intel 2port NIC) 1x Enhance Technology ES3160P4 iSCSI SAN (Dual controller, Dual 4x 1GB NIC ports, 10x600GB 15K SAS drives in a raid...
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    CATERR on a L5639 CPU

    I have a HP DL160G6 that had dual L5639 CPU's in it and I started getting errors in the logs of CATERR on CPU1 causing the system to reboot. I have since swapped CPU2 in to CPU1's socket and the system has had no issues, except the fact I lost access to half my ram. Is this the CPU...
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    Two PFSense on same network.

    Here is a pic of the setup We have our production servers in a data center and a backup server in another data center with a cross connect between the two. This second location is for disaster recovery. We have our ipsec vpn and about half a dozen external facing web sites now going through...
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    Dell Precision T7500 Lab?

    I have a cheap Precision T7500 on the way along with the 2nd processor board, 2x L5640 (6 core) chips, 48GB of ram and an intel dual port NIC. Has anyone used one of these workstations as a ESXi or Hyper-V host? Any gotchas? They appear to be a 5520 chipset. I am going to use it to set up...
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    Fiber Chanel cards?

    I have been seeing a ton of QLogic 4Gb (QLE2462) FC cards on ebay. Is it possible to hook two computer up with these adapters without using a switch? I'm lookaing at going from a C1100 Dell 1U to a OmniOS/Napp-it file server. 4Gb would be ~400-500MB/s potential vs the 100ish I see...
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    vSphere replication

    I have a few questions about vSphere Replication. Our current environment consists of 3 sets of VM servers under 1 vSphere Instance (our license is 6CPU Standard) and is setup like this: Office: 1x E3-1230v2/32GB ram in our office -connected to the datacenter via 10Mb connection IPSEC...
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    C1100 Questions

    I know a few here have some Dell C1100 1u's. I have one on the way for my dev VM environment. 2x X5650's 72GB ram, going to use a few 480gb ssds. Does anyone know if these can be put in a E-ATX 4u case? I've seen a few posts elsewhere of people who did it and said there was just issues...
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    290x results

    I was able to actually get my hands on a 290x for $575+tax today. So far with a bit of tweaking and following what justintoxicated did with his I am getting 1.02MH/s out of it. I think things are looking okay so far. We will see how it fares for the next 24hr.
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    Mining with nvidia and amd cards and case question

    Is it possible to mix the cards in one system? What I have is 2x Nvidia 750Ti and 1x ATI 270, currently they are in 2 different systems. Could I put all of them on one system and use SMOS or BAMT or even windows? Also are any of you using a 4u case to hold your mining rigs? My other idea...
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    Yet another HDD choice question

    I have the following drives in 2 NAS setups Setup 1 (Raid6 ~10TB usable space): 5x Seagate 3TB ST3000DM001 1x WD Red 3TB WD30EFRX Setup 2 (Raidz1 ~10TB usable space): 4x WD RE 4TB WD4000FYYZ (all are "re-certified" drives sent to replace some old failed 2TB RE drives) I only really need 1 of...
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    Stupid disk shelf question

    I have a m1015 controller flashed to IT mode. Could I use this: To hook to: And...
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    "new" ZFS Server build

    I am looking to put together a new ZFS server for work on the cheap. This is where all of our work get stored. Nightly the changes are backed up to our SAN in the data center and mirrored from there to our disaster recovery site. I would love to just keep the files on the SAN but we only have...
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    FreeNAS iSCSI extents question

    Are FreeNAS iSCSI file extents compatible with other iSCSI software? Can I copy a file extent from a FreeNAS box and make it a valid target on a OmniOS box?
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    Odd ESXi passthrough issue

    I am having a bit of an issue on ESXi 5.5. Hardware is: Supermicro X9SCL (latest bios) E3-1230v2 32GB ECC Ram Perc5i w/1 256GB SSD (Datastore) m1015 w/5 3TB Drives (Passed through to OmniOS/Napp-it) Onboard Cougar Point SATA w/4 2TB drives (passed through) There is no issue with the...
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    Possible switch issue?

    I have a strange thing that happens in my setup at home. Right now the setup is as follows: TWC Cable modem/router/4port gig switch Port 1: HTPC (W7 PC, Windows Media Center) Port 2: HDHomeRun Cable Card adapter Port 3: Wife's Computer (W7 PC) Port 4: Trendnet 8 port gig switch...
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    Cisco 2970G-24T worth repairing?

    I have a Cisco 2970G-24T that died here, it powers but gets no further. It is outside of Cisco's EOL support. I popped it open and there are a few bad caps on the board (2 bulging, 2 leaking). Could this be the issue? If so, it doesn't look like it would be *that bad* to replace them...
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    Setting up a /29 network in pfSense

    I am trying to setup a pfSense vm to simulate what we have going at one of our datacenters and having no luck (I am pretty new at this networking stuff). I want to set it up this way: WAN -> pfSense ( to internal) -> pfSense WAN assigned to the /29, internal lan as dhcp...
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    Refurb server vs white box esxi

    There are a ton of refurb/off-lease servers out there on ebay right now. I picked up a 2x L5639/72GB ram server for under $600 to use for our disaster recovery hardware. Now i'm looking for another system to use for our development environment. I am debating between a 2x L5520/36gb ram dell...
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    1u server for pfSense

    I need to put together another pfSense firewall. Has anyone used a Rackable Systems 1u like this for one? It's way over powered but the price is right.
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    All in one?

    I am having to put up a disaster recovery site on the cheap for work that will be located in a datacenter a few states away. This system just has to have our 10-12 production VM's on it along with about 2-3TB of storage. The VM's themselves only take under 1TB. I have a HP DL160 G6 with...
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    Firewall settings?

    I'm a semi-newb on getting firewalls setup but I wonder if this is possible. Currently we have the following Internet Connection --> [PFSense*] --> Network (10.150.1.x) * Ports 80/443 open and NATed to appropriate web servers, nothing else open. What I want to do is Internet...
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    Will an i3-2120 be a bottle neck for a 7950?

    I am putting a upgraded computer for my wife. She does light gaming, mostly WoW and SWTOR. We will probably be getting the new Final Fantasy MMO. Her current system is: i3-2120 4GB ram 5770 64gb ssd 1TB hdd, 24" 1200p monitor It plays the games ok but they need to be turned down a...
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    ZFS vDev questions

    I'm looking for some advice on the best way to set up vDevs. I did have a Synology 1812+ NAS I loved, but due to an issue at my company I have had to employ it there for now. Critical data; ~50GB of the total of 4.5TB I have right now is backed up to my google drive, the rest if I lost...
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    Help on a connection to a Cisco 2970G

    I am having some issues putting a Cisco 2970G in place of a HP Procurve that we need to return (leased hardware). I am not really a networking guy, I know just enough to get around and in to stuff. On the Procurve our internet connection (Mosaic 100MB line) comes in to one of the SFP ports...
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    Production vmware hardware

    We are finally ready to pull the trigger on getting some new vmware systems. We are migrating off leased hardware that is complete overkill for where our company is now. My budget is around $5K (USD) max. Lower cost is better. These boxes will be running ESXi 5.1 off a usb stick in the...
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    Need Servers For Production

    We are looking at getting rid of the servers we currently have leased and buying equipment to replace it. Our budget is pretty slim, but if we can get rid of the leased hardware we would save a ton of money per month. Our current set up is way over the top for where our company is now, it...
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    OpenVPN Site to site?

    I am trying to figure out how to set this up. I need to connect two offices up so our networks can see each other. Office 1 is IP range 10.100.100.x (20/10 Cable) Office 2 is IP range 10.150.0.x (100MB uplink) Currently in Office 2 I have a server with Untangle on it and using...
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    [H] opinion on Synology NAS?

    For work I am looking at getting a NAS solution too hook up to our two vSphere 5.0 hosts. This will be used as a back end for our disaster recovery server so it does not need to be the fastest thing in the world. I am looking at a Synology DS1812+ currently, and planning on loading it up...
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    Pass raw disk to VM in vSphere?

    I have a new whitebox server that I am going to need to set up as a test DR server. Hardware is: i7 3770 asrock z77 pro4-m 32GB ram 3x2TB SATA drives for the datastores I want to add a 3TB disk to one of the VM's (A file server). Other than using VT-d (VMDirectpath) and passing a controller...
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    Slow write performance with ZFS?

    I am working on rebuilding my home storage server. I was using WHS 2011 on a HP N40L Microserver upgraded with 8GB ram and 4x2TB Samsung HDD's on a gig network. Network performance with this was fine; I could sustain 80+MB/s as measured by windows 7 file copy. I recently picked up 5x3TB...
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    SSD use in HTPC

    I ordered one of the 240GB San Disk SSD's from the staples hot deal today, it will be replacing my 120GB San Disk SSD in my main machine. That is going to either go to my wife's machine (currently has a 64GB C300 SSD) or in to my HTPC, If it goes in my wife's machine, the 64GB will go to the...
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    Cisco 3750G issues

    I have a Cisco 3750G sitting here that has a strange issue. Model Number is WS-C3750G-24TS-S1U Production Date is in 2006 We had a power outage and this switch would not power back up. I had it sitting on my desk for about a month and now I apply power and it comes up 2/3rds of the time. It's...