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    Upgrading from 970: 56? 2060? 1070ti? 1660ti? 1080? 64? 1070?

    I require:-minimum 2 DP. I would like to have:-DL-DVI Budget: around $350 My thoughts: 1070- very cheap used, can still be found new, prices have not come down yet. 1660ti- new, cheap, 130w, small card Vega 56: draws a lot of power, OCs a lot. Can be found new, prices have not come down much...
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    Any reason to get a RAID card for an EVGA SR-2 in 2019?

    Rig on SYS. All my internal SATA ports are busy. Bunch of old small SSDs, a couple of old spinners. And i still have some small SSDs around from laptop upgrades. My main issue right now is that i need more space for gaming installs and i faster loading times. So i decided to get 2 x 1TB...
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    Zisworks X39 kit review.

    After a long time, i finally solved my procrastination issues and put my X39 kit to work. To those unfamiliar with it, zisworks kits are boards that replace your tv/monitor internals for state of art electronics. The supported panels are few, mostly 28" 4k TNs and 39" 4k VA's. I had an old...
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    Massdrop Vast: 35" VA 3440x1440 100Hz Freesync $549

    It is not everyday that a new low cost Ultrawide is announced wit a TH review.,35711.html
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    Radeon PRO SSG: 2TB NVMe SSD inside a Vega card. I loved the 6x mini-DP, so one can watch the p0rn stored on the 2Tb while the card renders work.
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    ASUS PG35VQ 3440x1440 200Hz Gsync no mention of LMB or a scanning/strobing backlight. IMNSHO , ASUS is showing a vaporware to hurt the sales of the Z35p, Omen 35 and Agon 35.
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    VIOTEK GN34C 34x14 100Hz VA with freesync $550

    VIOTEK GN34C I was checking Z35P availability on Amazon when i found a link to this monitor, an even cheaper version of the Microboard. Reddit thread reports that with CRU you can set Freesync range to 40-100Hz . That is a serious contender for a new red build with Vega and Thread-ripper...
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    Unlocking max turbo bins of Xeons on X99?1

    There is a new wave of Xeon overclocking, this time using haswell xeons on X99 mobos. I guess that someone [H]ere has done it, and i would like to ask what mobos are more suited for this hack and what xeons offer better pricexperformnace for this OC. Sources...
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    MicroBoard M340CLZ 34" WQHD 100HZ 3440x1440 FREESync $669 It is basically a Samsung CF791 without some of the bling. Some sites says it does not have a FALD backlight ( which i am not sure the 791 actually has), others sites says it is not a quantum dot ( which i found...
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    Cheapest notebook/tablet capable of 4k 60Hz output

    What are the keywords that i should search to locate the cheapest tablets or notebooks capable of driving a 4k TV/Monitor at 60Hz? I prefer DP , because there are DP to HDMI 2.0 adapters . Edit: since no help arrived, i digged for info. The "cheapest" CPU capable of handling 4k60hz available...
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    Dell p2416d pivoting 24" 1440p Now the upcoming Benq 2420 has a mean competitor. My observations: This one has VGA input. not sure where...
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    quad socket G34 water cooling list, need sugestions

    After completing the SR-2 based Chess server, now it is time to experiment with a quad Opteron Server for chess. luck smiled on me and a fellow [H] sold a few Extra Spicy Opterons, which are pretty much the only CPUs that can (possibly:confused:) beat my SR-2 in price vs performance for chess...
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    AMD 12 Core A-Series APU Possibly Inbound what i really, really want is a mobo with BCLK overclock out of the box for dual and quad sockets Opterons.
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    Help choosing 62xx ES chips and mobo for 2p

    The G34 OC guide here mentions that in order to OC IL ES CPUs you only need TPC, but do not mention what part Numbers are good and what PN to avoid when searching for Extra Sexy Opterons. I found somewhere that PN ending in G43 do not work in some mobos. But what are the "safe bet" PNs for...
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    18 core unlocked CPU for haswell-EP? I am delaying all build and upgrade plans until Computex in 3 weeks.
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    Need help with build for chess.

    . I have decided to come back to competitive chess after a 10y break. My plan is to play the next Continental champ. Coming 18-26 October. Usually i do not found my current rig lacking in CPU power, but for chess studying it would really help to have a (much) faster machine. Just to gave...
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    Does the 750 Ti spell doom for AMD?

    What are your thoughts on the 750 Ti reviews so far? From what i have gathered, NVIDIA has achieved major improvements in performance/power with Maxwell. Considering that heat is teh major limiting factor in vidoe card performance these days, generating half the heat allow future NVIDIA cards to...
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    [H]arders should stay away from bitmining?

    This may sound like a moral post, but i would like to hear your thoughts on the effects of bitmining on our lifes. I was never a fan of the whole concept of bitmining on the first place, because every single article on the subject says the same thing: if you have the money to invest in...
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    Sugested specs for 39" 4k panel on alibaba.

    I am tired of waiting and after discussing the problem with a friend who works at a large TV reseller in a nearby country, he agreed to post a buying request for 39" 4k TVs on alibaba, since seiki is taking too long to bring the 39" 4k to our market and the other suppliers that use innolux panel...
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    Anyone found 39in 4k TVs on alibaba?

    The title says it all: i can find 39 inches 4k tvs on ebay and taobao, but not on alibaba.
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    Which 7970 brand for CF on air?

    After i saw a 7950 round up on TH i saw that the best blower cooler is the HIS IceQ Boost ( no X²). But HIS does not use that blower on 7970s, opting instead for open air or reference desings. So i am ask; if i don't want to water cool my 7970, do i have a choice besides the reference...
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    How OCable is the LG 27EA83R-D?

    LG 27EA83R-D This IPS 1440p 27" cost in brazil as much as a Korean 27", but i can't find info on how OCable is the LG. Will it do 75hz? 96Hz? 120Hz?
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    4GB 770 SLI or 3GB 780 SLI?

    This article made me wonder if enthusiasts are going the wrong way with 780 SLI builds. I looked at triple-1080p numbers in high settings: Adding a second 770 increases FPS by 75,6% on average. Adding a second 780 increases FPS by 64,8% on average. Looking closer to the results, game by game...
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    760 SLI, the new value sweet spot?

    I "game" at 1600p. I mean that i have been playing LOTRO for so long after my daugther grew a bit and i had to stop playing The Witcher. Mostly i face CPU bound slowdowns during RAIDs in-game, but those were solved after i finally decided to keep my 2500K@4.3Ghz 24x7. Still i can't RAID with...
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    BenQ BL2400 vs DellU2312HM

    Ok i am giving up importing a korean 1440 to Brazil, and my wife wants a new productivity monitor for text my 4y old daugther has decided to "help me" play LOTRO, meaning she will kick me out of the apple 30" and play until she is exausted while i watch:rolleyes: so i have decided that i...
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    review of the smallest sata-zif ssd.

    anyone with a notebook using the old pata mini-zif interface knows that space and performance do not come together. 1.8" 4200 rpm HDDs are painfully slow: it is not a bug: 0.3 MB/s randowm 4k reads. booted XP in 98 seconds. the solution for my acer aspire one was a 1.3" SSD using a...
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    Llano+6670. 1600p gaming?

    Please do not joke! I am serious. I am looking to build a low power llano rig for online poker and stock marketing, which involves 3-5 1080p 22" monitors. :) So i am sold out on AMD since Intel systems can not multi-monitor as Intel's IGP is shut down when you plug a VGA.:mad: But i do have a...
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    Mobos capable of native DL-DVI ?!

    Ok, this is more of a fact check than anything else. I am sicking tired of huge power bills using my 30" for trivial tasks, so i am looking for a compreensive list of motherboards capable of driving 2560x1600 using an IGP. As i remenber the list includes: A few 790/795G mobos, A few...
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    Guide to fix Fake SD cards

    I was another victim of fake flash memory on ebay. :mad: I got a 32GB SD card that was losing files after reboot.:mad: After searching i was unable to find a guide to fix or otherwise make usable my fake 32GB DC card.:rolleyes: so i decided: 1-To hack...
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    Upgrading time for the 4870x2?

    I wonder if the time has finally come to upgrade my 4870x2:confused: Money is no object, heat and idle power are. My 48070x2 games ONLY at 2560x1600, and: It is unstable playing The Witcher at max settings ( not to mention kind of slow) Can NOT run smooth LOTRO max quality...
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    Who is more stable at 8GB+? AMD or Intel? X58 or H57?

    I am starting a new build, and after a ton of memory problems with 4 sticks of ram on the P5Q Deluxe, i have a natural fear of 8GB+ builds. At 8Gb, 12Gb and 16GB the memory controller needs more juice and it is quite easy to run into stability issues, as numerous post around here show. so...
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    Farewell P5Q. Its new build time!

    It's been a long since i post here, and i need serious advice on a new build. Once upon a time i was a happy owner of a P5W DH deluxe, a board with mediocre overcloking potential but rock solid stable and full of home PC features. I changed to a big system : top of the chart C2D, 8GB...
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    Polll: Does your 4870x2 flickers?

    Thats it: i am starting my "i am unhappy with my 4870X2 tread!):mad: This monstrous piece of hardware has been flickering like hell since day one, 8.9 drivers showed less flicker, but i lost bluray playback on extended desktop mode AND the card still flickers:( AND reverting to 8.8 no longer...
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    PLZ list P45 mobos capable of CAS 6 DDR3 1600mhz

    After reading i was wondering if DDR3 mobos could reach CAS5 DDR3 1333 or CAS6 DDR3 1600 speeds while working with a tRD of 5:confused: The single most important memory timing is the tRD, capable of improving both latency and bandwidth. DDR2...
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    Manipulating Trd on P5W DH !!!

    After reading the Anandtech article ( on Trd timings and C2D overcloking options i decide to find a way of lowering the Trd on my 975X mobo a P5WDH. The first problem is that neither cpuid nor everest showed Trd timings, but i found memset...
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    Will Nehalem boards support SLI?

    After the first X58/Nehalem previews appeared showing (possible) Crossfire support i must ask: will NVIDIA give us SLI on Nehalem at launch?:confused: The question is very important since right now i am waiting for a 1GB card that can game at 2560x1600,and i am looking forward to a...
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    HDMI with sound on a 3870?

    I need a new generation card (8800GT or 3870) capable of passing sound using an HDMI cable/DVI adapter. Any company has implemented this?
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    Best priceXperformance 1920x1200?

    I live in Brazil and i am looking to upgrade my 22"TN Acer 2216w. The prymary use is gaming and online poker, so resolution and eye confort matters. This monitor will be shipped by USPS to Brazil , so no open boxes, but a refurb with complete package could do it. I don't need any fancy...