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    Evolutionary RPG Game This is just a whole barrel of awesome.
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    Sony Android 3.0 Tablet (plays PSP games) Waiting for this to come out. Hopefully, the price isn't high. Sony comes out with some cool products, but the price is just too high sometimes. End up waiting a year or so, before getting it. Like when the PSP first came out.
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    Maybe it's just me, but does anyone ever have issues with their cards? Mine seem to start dying after a year. I'm running a BFG 9800 GTX+. The memory on it seems to be going back. It locks up on Red Alert 3 and Uprising. It didn't do this before, but started. I decided to watercool it and...
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    RROD 360

    Well, I'm modding my 360. As for right now, I have gotten some of the parts I will be using. The 360 is going to get transferred to a Lian Li PC-V800b case. It'll get some new heatsinks, tied to a PC PSU, and that's all I've got for now. 2 pics of what the heatsinks will look like...
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    Bioshock/Steam (International Users)

    Well, fair warning to those out there, I just purchased a Bioshock that I can't understand. I'm in the US Airforce, so I move around a lot. I bought Bioshock via Steam. When purchasing with my debit card, I have to enter the country that I'm living in or it won't go through. Needless to say...
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    Motherboards (Supporting Crossfire)

    I don't really care about the Crossfire support, but I just had one general question, if anyone can help out. It is possible to have just one video card on the bottom 16x PCIe slot? I'm using a Lian Li V2000B case. I'm planning on upgrading to the Asus i975 board, that supports Crossfire. I...
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    LCD Modding

    Been thinking of stripping my monitor, painting it, and adding a plexi window somewhere. Anyone here do it or have problems doing it?
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    Power for Pelt

    I'm wondering if an Enermax 600w Noisetaker would be able to power a 226w pelt and my computer. It's cool if it won't, it just means I have to order another PSU and new to fit two PSUs. Stupid 3.4E ghz P4 is just way to hot.
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    [Front] [Side] These are some old pics of my comp. Roughly 2 weeks old. The specs are 3.06 ghz P4 Asus P4T533 mobo 2 x 256 Samsung PC1066 Radeon...
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    Modding Dream

    What mods have you thought in your head that you figured would be cool? It has to be something realistic, not "I wanted to put a skirt on the bottom of my case, use a 1.5 hp engine, and a big fan, turning it into a hovercraft."
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    Well was reading about the 6800LE like a week or two back and now I'm reading that a 6600GT is coming out. Exactly where are these card suppose to be positioned on the card spectrum or whatever. Supposedly the 6800LE will roll for about $200 and now the 6600GT is going to roll for about...
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    Abit IC7-Max 3

    Anyone know how to get rid of those stupid green leds? I was going to throw some electrical tape on top of them, but I'd prefer it if they simply weren't there.
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    6800 GT/Ultra

    Looking into the market of one of these cards. I only have 2 requirements for the card. Blue/black pcb and not Gainward. Anyone out there know of one? I've been looking around for one and I think Asus make one, but I can't seem to find a decent picture to tell. I don't care about hsf colors...