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    New Monitor Suggestions 1440p 144hz

    I currently have a 290x and am looking for a new monitor to replace my Dell u2711. I have seen quite a few 1080p 27" screens but it doesn't make much sense to go down in resolution just to get a higher response rate. So with that said I'm looking at the BenQ XL2730Z. Price is a bit much for...
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    Wired Router

    Do they even exist anymore? realistically I just need something to handle DHCP, ideally just a single WAN and a single LAN to connect to my 8 port gigbit switch anyone point me in the right direction?
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    FTP question

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    Intel Retail Edge [H]oliday Deal 2011

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    SC2 practice partner

    Looking for a practice buddy, preferably gold league or above. I'd like to jump on skype but it isn't necessary. PM me for info.
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    Control Fan Speed Xfire

    I haven't been able to control the fan speed of my 6850s since they have been put in xfire mode. I get an odd issue in where after I play a game, the fans ramp up upon exit and stay that way until i launch a game again or go into sleep mode. Not sure if it's just me or what. Using...
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    AMD 6850 2D clocks stuck?

    When switching out of 2D mode to 3D mode, it often stays in 2D clock settings (300/300mhz) Any idea of a fix? I have had this issue with every driver since 11.2 (first installed driver) Currently on 11.5a I am in CrossfireX configuration atm (does it with a single GPU too)
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    starcraft II group

    anyone interested?
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    2011 Intel Summer Deal

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    2011 Intel Summer Deal

    On the afternoon (CST) of May 25, 2011, you can get yourself some amazing deals if you meet the requirements. Read on! 2600k: Rock Legends $89 USD Rockstars $99 USD Members $114 USD i7 970: —LIMITED QUANTITIES! SOLD OUT Rock Legends $165 USD Rockstars $175...
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    Adding Aftermarket Cooler Killed Card?

    Bought two VF3000A coolers Installed onto an HIS 6850 and an XFX 6850XXX edition The HIS card no issues and is working working fine. The XFX dead. Bios doesn't even read there is a card in the PCI-E slot. any idea what could have caused this? The exact same procedure was done to...
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    New to Mac, Buying MBP need help

    As the title suggests, I am looking at spending around 2k on a macbook pro for the girlfriend, I'm looking at the different configurations and wondering what the performance will be like. I am also curious on what peoples thoughts are on the different screens that are available, MacBook...
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    Getting DB errors

    every once in awhile a DB error is popping up when viewing the different forums, can't seem to always replicate it.
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    COD: Black Ops Zombies Confirmed

    We've all known it for awhile, but it's finally confirmed!
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    Farcry 2 Problem w/ DX10

    Hey all, I know yet another thread about Farcry2, tried doing a little research before posting this but didn't come up with a solution. Farcry2 when i first got it played DX10 fine, then i got the window mode 'bug', fixed that, but if i play fullscreen DX10 it is like watching a slide show...
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    Genmay access

    I have apparently lost genmay access, my paypal receipt shows i paid for my 1 yr on Jan 26, 2008. Last 5 of the transaction ID 2672M
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    SoulCaliber IV - What Version to buy?

    I have a PS3 and a 360, which do you think will be the cooler version to own, (darth vader or yoda i guess is the only difference). this is the first time ive really been torn on which console to buy a game on.
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    Script Errors

    Webpage Script Errors User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0; WOW64; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506; InfoPath.2; Media Center PC 5.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322) Timestamp: Tue, 8 Jul 2008 16:16:21 UTC 0. Message: Could not complete the operation due to error...
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    Welcome Back ATi

    so after a few years of using nVidia products (last card was an x800pro from ATi) I went out and bought a 4850 due to hardocp's review of it and the awesome price point. I got mine locally for around 169 bucks which isn't bad at all! Anyone wondering who has like a 79xx series card, this here...
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    First real 'mod'

    Finished it up nothing special compaired to what a lot of you do, but i think it looks decent.
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    ICS over two devices

    So as the title suggests im attempting to use ICS (internet connection sharing) over two devices. My PC connects directly to campus Wi-Fi, then i have a gigabit ethernet jack feediing a Switch. (due to the fairly weak signal this is the best solution for my 360 and wii) I recently got an...
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    Jailbreak with no wifi

    I know there are a lot of ways to jailbreak an itouch, ive got my firmware downgraded to 1.1.1, but i cant get it on wifi at the moment, i know there is a way to jailbreak it without, anyone have a link or more information on how to do this?
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    Take music off of iTouch to PC

    I need to get the music from my iTouch back to my PC, ive found one program that worked which was "copytrans" but they want to charge 20 dollars for it to get more than 100 songs off of it. Im sure there is a free program somewhere, i just can't find it. I remember with older ipods you can...
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    Vista Shared Video Memory

    So ive searched for a solution without any answers other than " just deal with it" Vista is taking well over 1GB of my ram and classifying it as SHARED VIDEO MEMORY. people claim that it will only use it if it has to from what ive read.. Here is the thing.. I don't ever want it to use my...
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    64vista not showing all ram?

    I just changed from 32bit Vista premium to 64bit vista premium to get all the use out of my 4GB... it only shows 3GB.. Is there something i need to do? i thought the 64bit addressing would take care of it. Specs below. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Ram not being recognized

    Im using Windows Vista 32bit, im aware that not all 4GB will be seen! I just changed out from a 680i board to a IP35pro. Im only getting 2GB of ram available in windows where on the 680i i got 3GB available CPU-Z shows 4096MB as expected... Any idea what is different between these two...
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    SLi on Intel boards

    Now i know the newest chipsets do not support SLi, but my question is a little harder than that, I have a 7950GX2, it is one card, but is technically SLi, Any ideas if this will work in the newer generation boards?
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    What are the best Speakers for under 400

    Pretty much says it, i dont care if its 2.1 or 5.1... I have a 5.1 now whatever.. I was looking at some of logitech's offerings in the higher end 5.1 series... What is the best, is there a good place to read reviews on these type of speakers? Thank in advance. Price is little concern...
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    Vista 32Bit

    Is it possible to use a Vista 32bit serial key that i own on a Vista 64bit platform or do i need a new key?
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    Transfering a digital image to the side of a case

    as the title suggests, what are the best methods for doing this and hopefully a cheap way of to accomplish this.. Thanks all for your suggestions.
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    Socket 939 Upgrade or Dump?

    On a long enough timeline i will be dumping this 939 system, With that said.. A lot of the newer games are starting to own my 3700+ (crysis annd COD4) i have still a decent video card 7950GX2. The question is with the relativly small price to get into a X24200 or even a X23800... is it...
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    My sub runs out today i believe, is it a good idea to let it run out or should i purchase the new sub now? Thanks.
  33. F - 6GB WD USB 19.95 - no rebates

    seems like a pretty decent deal.
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    E4400 or E6320

    Im looking between these two chips, Price is a concern to me but I want to get what is truley better. I will be overclocking and I know this does make a huge difference as I have heard that just going with the E4400 would be the better idea. But what about the 4MB of cache on the E6320? Any...
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    Xbox 360 too Elite?

    Anyone buy one? we had 10 at our store, not one person even asked about it. the manager was talking about handing out tickets in the morning.. laff. Please start threads in the proper subforum. Thank you. -Rich
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    PCI-E 1x work in 4x?

    Im pretty sure this is possible without issue. I want to confirm as I have just ordered the Abit Wireless G PCI-E 1x adapter. and my 1x slot is being covered by my 7950gx2. Thanks.
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    [HOT]-Microsft ExpertZone This site offers a series of free trainings that allows you to gain points. These points can be used towards the purchase of many things, including xbox360 games, xbox games, PC games, clothing, etc... Example. 360 game cost 3500 points, (took me about 20...
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    So who is picking this up tomorrow... and who is picking it up soley for the Halo 3 Beta...? I know im picking it up though... mostly for the game though.
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    Ditch my 7950GX2?

    so with tax season here im curious.... Should i ditch my 7950GX2 and sell it and put the money towards a 8800GTS/X? think its worth it or waste of money/time/effort? and what do you think id even be able to get for this antiquated peice of technology?