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    You probably don't like me, but I like you.

    You probably don't like me, but I like you.
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    New Monitor Suggestions 1440p 144hz

    I confirmed with BenQ support that the refurbs are shipping with V002 software which you can see in the model# -002. Also, there is a 40 off coupon floating around "2015gamer$40" Expires 07/31/15
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    The best 27" all purpose monitor, with a gaming focus, regarless of cost.

    BenQxl2730 is the choice I recently made after hours of reviews and research. It's due to be here soon.
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    [CES2015] ASUS MG279Q 2560 x 1440 Gamer 120Hz IPS 5ms GTG

    ones g-sync, ones free-sync ..
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    New Monitor Suggestions 1440p 144hz

    So i've narrowed it down to the Asus MG279Q and the BenQ XL2730Z. I plan on keeping my U2711 for photo editing and such so I'm not sure if I really even need my second monitor to be IPS plus the weird freesync range seems like a pretty big negative to me even if most places say it's not that...
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    New Monitor Suggestions 1440p 144hz

    the Acer XG270HU seems poorly made, doesn't have any height adjustment or even the ability to mount but i'll take another look into it. That orange/red bezel is awful as well...
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    New Monitor Suggestions 1440p 144hz

    I currently have a 290x and am looking for a new monitor to replace my Dell u2711. I have seen quite a few 1080p 27" screens but it doesn't make much sense to go down in resolution just to get a higher response rate. So with that said I'm looking at the BenQ XL2730Z. Price is a bit much for...
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    Seasonic Black Friday Lucky Draw

    in for the win
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    South Park : The Stick of Truth

    Anyone having problems learning skills from Eric? I'm learning the 2nd skill and it just won't work, Hold Left Mouse, Press A, then D to get the frequency.. and it just never happens right. I managed to get the first dragonbreath skill from him but the ranged attack skill isn't working...
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    Razer peripherals 50% off 1 Day only!

    shipping is awfully expensive. 14 dollars for an item that is maybe 2lb?
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    Intel Retail Edge Winter Deal

    My chip came in a few days ago, you should be getting shipping info soon, i'd suspect early next week if you ordered the 6th
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    Nvidia Holiday Bundle

    the code on mine was stapled to the invoice, I nearly threw it out.
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    Leather computer chairs

    If you're serious about your chair and you sit all day, Herman miller is the only way to go.
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    Intel Retail Edge Winter Deal

    Yes remember antivirus
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    Intel Retail Edge Winter Deal

    Mine shipped over the weekend via FedEx did not get a notice but found the tracking by going using my invoice #... Just in time for Christmas (using this to build a PC for a gift). *as I posted this I got an email
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    Canon Powershot A2500 $60

    ordered one, will be a nice little christmas gift for someone
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    Intel Retail Edge Winter Deal

    Anyone who abuses this system deserves to have their order denied, Not sure why this is a shock to anyone.
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    Intel Retail Edge Winter Deal

    confirmation or your product? proof? when did you order?
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    Intel Retail Edge Winter Deal

    AFAIK no one has actually gotten any shipping confirmations, just trolls.
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    Intel Retail Edge Winter Deal

    The other thread was closed due to the selling and begging, get that crap out of here.
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    Intel winter deal

    the deal will be going live shortly
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    Intel Retail Edge Winter Deal

    The Holiday Deal is on the Way! Better make sure your employment verification is up to date, because the Holiday Deal is coming. Stay tuned to learn what amazing products we’ll offer this year!
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Would love an invite
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    Wired Router

    Do they even exist anymore? realistically I just need something to handle DHCP, ideally just a single WAN and a single LAN to connect to my 8 port gigbit switch anyone point me in the right direction?
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    GTX 680's being clearanced at newegg, amazon, tigerdirect, etc. for $400/less

    First I live in a state that Amazon does not collect tax, 330 is what I paid for the card, Amazon gave me a promotional credit of 40 dollars (due to a shipping delay) + there is a 40 dollar MIR. No BS, but obviously the promotional credit shouldn't really be counted.
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    GTX 680's being clearanced at newegg, amazon, tigerdirect, etc. for $400/less

    I picked up a 680 off amazon for less than 300 bucks when it's all said and done..
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    Openbox Galaxy GeForce GTX 680 GC 2 GB @ Amazon Warehouse @ $334.38 + FS

    just ordered, said it was the last one. thanks.
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    PETA Now Against StarCraft II

    This is clearly a joke...
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    FTP question

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    Steve Ballmer’s 80” Windows 8 Whiteboard

    who the heck is don ballmer. do you mean Steve?
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    Pedestrian Airbag Technology

    awesome, so then you get blinded as a driver and hit even more people.
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    Chrome 17 Launches, Upcoming Updates Focus on Speed

    my chrome says version 18?
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    Is Old Republic the Most Expensive Video Game Ever?

    as non-mmo player, I can tell you it's an excellent game. My friends who all played WOW will agree for the most part, it's better.
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    Battlefield 3 $30 | Arkham City $25 via Origin Store

    just tried adding arkham city but it says no longer available =/ nevermind, works inside of origin.
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    Tribes Ascend Keys

    I just used T1FB8-F296A-3F954-29CA1-9F88B, Thanks
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    Welcome Uzor and Bravo))) to the General Gaming Moderating Team

    I wasn't even aware this was a forum! Welcome!
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    Intel Retail Edge [H]oliday Deal 2011