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    Red Dead Redemption

    Forgive me if this has been posted about already, I did a quick search and didn't find a main thread for it. This game look amazing!!! Theres a huge video on IGN showing all of the cool shit you can do in the game. There was a scene where the player tossed a rope around a dudes neck and drug...
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    Do any adults play Gears of War anymore?

    It just seems like in every other game there will be people who will insult you or literally SCREAM like chimpanzees over voice chat while playing. Just a couple of minutes ago I was enduring an annoying 'clan' of 4 noisy brats. I couldn't understand what they were saying because they were...
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    My copy of GTA4 did not include a free month of xbox live service.

    I bought my copy from gamestop, are these bastards gutting the copies and taking the cards out, and then resealing them?
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    XBOX 360 - surge protector necessary?

    I have read rumors about how the power brick that comes with the 360 has a built in surge protector, I can't find any conclusive evidence that proves it though. Would there be any reason why it would be bad to plug the 360 into a surge protector?
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    Wireless 360 controller keeps defaulting to second player w/ wired controller in

    any way I can stop it from doing this when I have a wired controller plugged in? Its REALLY annoying.
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    Why does BIOSHOCK keep asking me to activate it with the serial key?

    Every time i try to play this game is makes me put in the activation code, and now it says I've activated it too many times. what the hell do I do now?
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    Looking for a game - I just cant remember

    It's an older game, its like myst and the opening area puts you in a small old mobile home in the middle of the night. The game is about grey aliens and thats all I remember. Any ideas?
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    I am liking Bioshock so far, to my surprise

    I got bioshock yesterday and have been playing it, I am pleased at how the game runs on high settings + medium textures, great atmosphere & music. the game is very well detailed, I had a bit of trouble with my activation which is my big gripe right now. It asked me to activate my code 2 days in...
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    Is Bioshock anything like Deus Ex?

    Looking to get into another thinking mans FPS and Im wondering how Bioshock compared. I couldnt get into the demo because it crashed my system but I heard it was a common problem thats been resolved in the full game.
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    Sam&max season 1 question

    Hi, I have the entire season of sam & max on my PC right now. I am just wondering if I order the box set which is free if you preordered the season, would I be able to resell it at a later date if I uninstall the games?
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    Sid Meiers pirates starting tips

    Just bought this game. Any tips on how I should start? I started playing at the easiest setting but it was too pathetically easy to continue, I was destroying ships that were 5x my size, so I started a new game on the 3rd difficulty level, I start the game following an invasion fleet, as the...
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    Post your best COD4 MP scores.

    Played a few good games today, just thought I'd post this one image, my score is absolutely insane, and no I did not cheat.
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    Episode 2 is a foos game

    Well I got my copy of the Orange Box that I ordered on BF for $24.99 and beat the game in one sitting, and I was not bored for a single second.I don't have much to say other than I firmly believe this is the best Half Life game that Valve has made. Sure, It was short but it was oh so sweet.
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    I need some quick tips & tweaks to improve performance in Crysis

    I'm playing on the system in my sig and the game is alot of fun but the performance kills it sometimes. The game runs pretty slow even with all settings on medium/low, I am wondering if there are any good tweaks I can use to help boost the performance?
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    Crysis $39.99 shipped at amazon Free super saver shipping FYI, they told me my shipping date would not be until dec 3rd.
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    Does anyone play quake wars anymore?

    I just got Quake Wars for $24.99 at frys black friday, just curious if this game has a lively community still like the original ET?
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    Hitman Trilogy

    Anyone else notice they released hitman in a trilogy box set? I spotted this trilogy set a couple of days ago and thought it was the same 'trilogy' set as the one on STEAM, which comes with codename47, silent assasin and blood money, but upon closer examination I noticed that instead of the...
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    Bioshock demo crash

    Bioshock crashes for me whenever I get to rapture, during the loading screen before your 'submarine' pulls up to the inside of the city it just crashes. I heard that alot of people were having this problem. Anyone have a fix?
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    POS Elitesystems

    I have an old elitesystems k8t890-A motherboard that died after about 2 months of use, that has been in my closet for the past year or so. now previously, I had this board exchanged twice, the first board was DOA, the second time, all seemed well for about 2 months until it suddenly died after...
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    nvidia drivers giving confusing clock speeds.

    I just updated my drivers from nvidias latest drivers for my specs (win xp, 7950gt), to z-tweaks latest set , now it says my core clock is reading a measly 700mhz! Compared to 1.4 ghz readings I was getting from my last drivers. I'm a little afraid to mess with the clock settings now, although...
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    Rainbow six vegas bug?

    Anyone have any clue as to why this occurs in r6 vegas? Please start threads in the correct subforum. - Slartibartfast
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    80c too hot for my card?

    Hi, just wondering if you guys think this is too hot, i have my card oc'd at 600mhz core, and it gets around 83c in atitool, think i should lower that clock?
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    Low 3dmark06 score with my new video card?

    I've just tested my new evga 7950gt 256mb card in 3dmark06 & I seem to only be getting 4921 points in 3dmark06... though it says on 3dmark06's page that systems with a similar configuration to mine are getting close to 7000+, are my numbers right for my system or is there something that is...
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    Went from a completely stable system to random BSOD's after switching to dual channel

    I had been running my computer with 2 512mb sticks of kingston pc3200 ddr ram in single channel mode for a few months and all was well, had never had one BSOD on this pc. I decided to see if I would gain a performance increase by switching a stick from the DIMM3 slot into the DIMM2 slot, now I...
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    How do these temps look?

    I thought I'd post this in here because I am considering overclocking my CPU, but before I do that I thought I'd get some feedback on how my temps look. Here's what my cooling setup looks like; Ive got one 80mm intake on the front of my case, intake on the side near where the CPU sits, one...
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    OOPS, wrong sub forum.

    ... delete please? :o
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    Coolbits keeps disabling itself.

    Does anyone know why this might happen? I use rivatuner, not sure if that has anything to do with it.
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    Is this power supply sufficiant & reliable to run my build?

    Rosewill RV480-2-FRB-S ATX 12V Ver.2.01 480W Power Supply 115/230 V UL, cUL, CB, TUV, CE - Retail It will be powering this rig; Abit kn8-sli, amd x2 3800+ evga 7950GT 256mb 1 gb pc3200 250gb hd 3 cooling fans
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    Wrong section

    OOPS wrong section sorry
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    6800gs GPU diode temperature wrong?

    My card is a PNY 6800gs factory overclocked edition. For some reason, my GPU temps shoot up past 110c no matter what game I play. I have tried mounting several fans in my PC, with one intake in the front bottom, one intake in the side, 2 exhaust in the back and turning my GPU fan on 100%. I...