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    Need help with a $600 build for a friend.

    So I have been asked by a friend to help her build the best possible computer for $600 that would allow her to do all her normal things like Facebook, watch movies, check emails and so forth. She also mentioned she wanted to play some games such as Diablo III, Skyrim and others that I may...
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    Changes Throughout The Laing DDC / Swiftech MCP Pumps (Informational)

    This is a video explaining the difference between the DDC1, DDC2, DDC3.1 DDC3.2, and MCP35X pump is. I hope to get my hands on a stock DDC2 pump along with a DDC3.25 pump so that every DDC pump is compared other than the DDC1VC which is the G5 model. If a DDC1VC comes along though I won't say...
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    DIY Swiftech MCP355 / Laing DDC3.2 Pump Repair Guide - Walkthrough

    As many have seen in my previous video comparing the modded MCP355 (DDC2) to the MCP35X these next 4 videos involve pumps, but in this case it is a full walk-through from start to finish on how to repair your own failed pump. I know this will be useful to many since so many DDC based pumps have...
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    Swiftech MCP35X vs MCP355 / Laing DDC2 (DIYINHK Modded) - Flow Rate Test

    First of all I want to say this is not a scientific test I just did it for fun since it is a very good visual test. Once I gather a few other configurations I will do an actual test with a spl meter, flow meter, and manometer. A stock Swiftech MCP35X with a revision 2 reservoir vs an early...
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    CSS Gun Game

    We finally got our Gun Game server up and running! All the maps and hopefully kinks have been worked out with the server too! Now its just a question of stress testing the server to see if it can handle what its suppose to! Anyone up to help test, fill and try it out with us? Our 100 Tic...
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    Looking for someone in the DFW TX area with PCI-E

    I don't know where else to put this and this is driving me nuts. I was playing FEAR2 when my computer locks up. Upon restart my screen looks corrupted with white lines and the computer doesn't load into windows. This was on a 8800GTX. I figured the video card killed over so I ordered a new GTX...
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    BFG ES-800 VS Corsair TX850 VS Corsair TX750

    I am having a really hard time deciding on a new power supply since my old OCZ gave out. Based on my needs and price I have narrowed it down to 3. BFG ES-800 = $109.99 after $30 rebate - lifetime warranty Corsair TX850 = $119.99 after $20 rebate - 5 year warranty (Click here for...
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    I need to upgrade my computer (HELP!)

    I haven't been doing too much gaming so I haven't kept up with computer parts much the past few years. Now that I have run into what looks to be a motherboard problem I am looking to just go ahead and upgrade the whole thing. Below is what I have now and I have no idea where to go from there...
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    Calling all 6800 owners. Please help! (Technical Question)

    NM I got all i needed.