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    Warm? Amazon Desert to Sea Bundle

    This seems like a pretty good deal to me. Spec Ops: The Line (download) Bioshock 1 & 2 (game codes) for $19.99...
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    Can't Decide

    I'm looking to get and new phone and have narrowed it down between an Iphone or and HTC Fuze. I could really use some help as this will be my first smartphone. Here are the things I'm looking for good battery life (5+ hrs of talk time) Stable OS well designed HUD If you have used...
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    Thermaltake Lanbox question

    I am looking at this case for my next build. What I want to know is if I could fit a GTX 260 inside. I looked at some pictures but they weren't much help. Could someone please post a pic of the inside their lanbox?
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    I have a confession

    I haven't ran F@H in 2 weeks. The reason for this is because I sold my desktop and my laptop runs hot even with a cooler. I hope to come back to [H]orde someday soon. Tac
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    Dead CPU?

    I recently helped a friend build a new computer, It booted fine and everything was running properly, until today my friend thought the 4 pin connector was lose so he tried to push it in all the way the computer was on at the time don't ask me why he left it on. He told me that when he did that...
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    Left 4 Dead

    This game is only a couple months away and I still haven't decided which platform to buy it for. I know the PC version will most likely have a larger community but I've heard the 360 will have on/offline split screen support which seems cool. My PC is on the low end P4 @ 2.9GHz 1.5GB RAM...
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    Looking for a powerful card

    Ok my friend got a new computer not too long ago, but it only has intergrated graphics and a weak power supply. so he is looking for a card that can play crysis on high/medium at 1680 x 1050 which graphics card can do this and will a corsair 620 be strong enough? Here are the specs for...
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    Steam Install error

    I recently had a harddrive fail on me and steam was the only thing I did not have backed up. Now when I go to the steam website to reinstall it I get an error message telling me Invaild Drive E:\
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    Is my card running hot?

    I have an evga 7600gt no overclocking at idol the Nview display says it's running at 75C and under load it jumps to 83C. The core slowdown threshold is set to 115C and I haven't figured out how to lower it. Does this seem like a normal temp for this card?
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    Folding on a laptop

    I recently purchased a Sony Vaio FW 190EEH from the egg. I want fold on it but I'm concerned about heating issues. does anyone fold on a laptop here? Am I just not [H]ard enough?
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    dell power supply strong enough for 8800gt?

    My friend recently got this Dell and wants to know if the power supply will be able to handle an 8800GT. I looked at it and it says the it's 18A on the 12V 22A on the 5V 17A on the 3.3V So will this be enough to run an 8800GT?
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    Time to get a laptop

    I've been eyeing this laptop for the past couple days it dropped today over $100 so I'm wondering now if this is the time to buy, or should I hold out for a better deal? I would like to do some mild gaming how will this hold up to that?
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    HDTV Monitor

    I'm in the market for a LCD TV. I've narrowed it down to these 1. 2. I do plan on hooking my PC to whichever choose. I guess I'm just wondering if 1080P...
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    PSU for next build

    So I have a fairly dated system that I'm going to take out of my current case for my next build. I was wondering if I would be able to still use the PSU or if I should upgrade that as well. The one I'm using now is 430watts rated at 26amps on the 12V rail Will it be enough for this? Q6600...
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    Blizzard working on Next Gen MMO

    It seems that while Blizzard has a separate team for both Starcraft 2 and the next WoW expansion there is another only known as Team 3. My first thought was Diablo since they have already announced their 2 other major IPs. I know this would piss off alot of diablo fans and thats not...
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    Clock fell on my 360

    I'll paint you a picture. It's early in the afternoon and I'm jonesing to play some Halo 3. I turn on the system, sign my profile in and start matchmaking. I'm not in they game 30 seconds and my clock hanging on the wall (which I thought was secured) comes crashing right on top of my 360 causing...
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    So I was browsing over on gamespot and I noticed they are showing portal as being released today, see it here. Now I know it's only a 1 day but If steam releases it today I would be ecstatic, I"ve been waiting for to play the game for the better half of a year. edit: nvm I just checked steam...
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    Xbox live will not connect

    So I'm trying to setup a live account. I went and tested the connection and it fails at the xbox live step. the IP, DNS, MTU and ICMP are all confirmed. I have tried recycling the power on my router I went to xbox support and tried the manual setup neither fixed it. anyone have this problem...
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    xbox 360 20GB or Elite?

    My plan is to pickup a 360 this weekend problem is I haven't decided on which one to get. I'm not loaded or anything but I could afford the Elite if i'm going to need the extra 100GB. So I'm asking all you 360 owners. 1. which 360 do you own? 2. how many GB do you have left on your HD...
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    Budget HTPC

    I am wanting to turn my desktop into a HTPC only thing I'm missing is a tv. here is what I was looking at PC Specs: P4-2.9Ghz 1.5 DDR ram 7600gt 200GB HDD 160GB HDD DVD-Rom I'm going to hook my wii and 360 to it as well. One of my main concerns is making sure the wii is...
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    Did my onboard sound chip just die?

    I was moving my tower yesterday and when I got it all connected I noticed my sound wasn't on. I checked volume controls on various programs to see if something might have gotten muted all was fine so I checked chords tested the receiver hooked the speakers to another computer it was all working...
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    Diablo 2 Eats my CPU

    I been playing this game since it was released. back then I was young and had a crappy prebuilt P3 500 Mhz 64Mb RAM E-Machines now that I'm older I pay attention to how much my memory and CPU are being used by the apps I run. Well recently I got back into playing D2 and I've noticed it takes...
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    Dropped Laptop

    my friend has a laptop that was dropped from about 3 feet a couple days ago and ever since has been giving the blue screen of death after 20 minutes. After the system is rebooted windows gives an error message saying the system has recovered from a critical error. he sent in and error report to...
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    Changing memory latency

    I think I might have fouled something up in my system. I added some more ram (had 1GB upgraded to 1.5GB) I noticed the new ram was at a faster speed so I went into bios and changed the settings to match the new ram. I did this before installing the new sticks and now my computer is hosed. I...
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    Looking for HDMI to VGA

    I'm not very good with HTPC stuff, but my friend recently bought a 32" LCD TV and wants to know where he can buy a HDMI to VGA cable. Does anyone here know where such a cable can be purchased?
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    Silent Hill

    After watching the movie I really want to play the games. Has anyone played them? which was the best in the series?
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    Gaming Chair

    When some think of gaming chairs bean bags and floor rockers come to mind. I decided my old 1970ish lime green rocker wasn't a good gaming chair. The arms are loose the back is full of gashes and rips and it is very uncomfortable for gaming for long periods of time. Aside from bean bags and...
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    Digital Camera

    I am looking into purchasing a digital camera, but i was not sure which model to get. these are 2 I am looking at right now. If anyone could give me some insight...
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    Anyone use a trackball for gaming?

    I have a being using trackballs somewhere around 5 years. It was not until recently that I got into PC gaming, but not once did I think about switching to a normal mouse. So I was wondering is there anyone else here that is set in their ways using trackballs?