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    Read-only network share, yet users can create shortcuts of listed folders and files

    Greetings, I am having a problem with a network share on a new system we setup. Here is how the skeleton is structured for a single network drive users have access to: Z:\ Inside this folder, you have a folder for each international division of the whole company -- i.e. France Division...
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    Document/file workflow programs?

    We are trying to determine the best way to handle e-mail attachments and files on an internal network share. We will have say the CFO ask someone in Accounting to send a sensitive document to the manager of Sales. Normally, the best way would be to train users to just put a link in their e-mail...
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    Fortune 500 companies -- what password policies and requirements do they have?

    I am just curious: what password policies and complexity requirements do companies classified as being a Fortune 500 company have?
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    Looking for recommendations for WAN/packet/latency simulators

    Greetings, We're looking for either a software package or a piece of hardware that could help us simulate different conditions (and be able to see/feel what it is actually like if we were the user of such an environment) -- i.e. at a location a user may only be able to pull 200 KB/s with an...
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    Looking for good quality DSL modems

    Greetings, Will be moving to an apartment in the city, and unfortunately the apartment management doesn't allow any ISPs on their property, so I am limited to DSL over phone lines or whatever the apartment management exclusively has (is very poor downstream speeds in comparison to local ISPs...
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    Terminal server mass announcement program?

    Greetings, Wondering if anyone knows of a good program that could mass "Send message" to all logged in users on a list of terminal servers? Seeking possible alternatives to using the intercom paging system. Suggestions appreciated!
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    Steps-recording program (but in video format, not screenshots)

    Greetings, We're looking for something that could record steps we take to complete a task and would produce this in the form of a video. The purpose is to produce a series of training videos for the ERP system that the company is using, and will have audio narration alongside the video...
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    Very long DKIM record - did I do this right and is my zone file valid?

    Hello! I think I did this right, but I am not sure: $ttl 600 $ORIGIN com. company IN SOA ( 2012102201 7200 7200 1209600 600 ) IN NS IN NS IN MX 10 IN MX...
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    How do I allow e-mail to be relayed through this MTA?

    When I try to send an e-mail using authenticationless relay via telnet, I receive an error message "553 sorry, that domain isn't allowed to be relayed thru this MTA (#5.7.1) rcpt". How can I allow a specific domain to be whitelisted and allowed through the MTA...
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    Suggestions for external microphone hookup for Smart HDTV for Skype usage?

    Greetings, Planning on getting a TelyHD camera for a Smart TV, but have been wondering if it is possible to have an external microphone hookup somehow just in case. I haven't had any success with Google. Any suggestions or ideas? We have a $1000 budget per Skype conference setup. :(
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    Alternatives to Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500? -- need TWAIN driver or RDP tunneling

    Greetings, We use Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500's around the company. Only problem is that they do not have TWAIN drivers / cannot be redirected through RDP to a TS/RDS server and used in such a multi-user environment like that. I'm looking for product suggestions from people who have experience...
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    Looking for recommendations for Teradici-supporting PCoIP ZeroClients

    Greetings, We are looking for recommendations for Teradici-supporting PCoIP ZeroClients. We have some users that use up to 6 monitors (though I am sure most/all PCoIP ZeroClients would support that and be cakewalk over it), needs to have USB, and Audio out + Mic ports. Just wanting some input...
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    How does a winkydink Teradici offer high res, full FPS, 3D rendering on ESXi 5 VDIs?

    How does a wimpy-looking Teradici card offer high resolution, full FPS 3D graphics (1:38) for ESXi 5.0/5.1 VDI environments? We're shooting for an AutoCAD/SolidWorks/YouTube 1080p capable environment. I can't see how...
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    Rackspace Windows servers -- unable to turn off one-click folder navigation

    All the servers we create with Rackspace have one-click folder navigation turned on (hover mouse over file, file automatically selects, click once and it opens it). I have checked Tools --> Folder Options --> made sure "Double-click to open an item (single-click to select)" is bubbled, but it...
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    Recommendations for remote controllable PDU with POTS & RJ45

    Greetings, We're looking for recommendation of remote controllable PDUs that support a phone line connection for POTS (in case the core router is down and we need to remotely power cycle connected equipment) and RJ45 for control from the network (if the core router doesn't happen to be down)...
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    SmartTV for Skype (possibly with TelyHD)?

    Greetings, I am looking for a TV that can run Skype, either has a built-in webcam or can use a TelyHD, and supports wifi for network connectivity. We're wanting to build a portable Skype conferencing unit that can be checked out for use by company personnel.
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    Wireless/bluetooth webcam?

    Greetings, We are looking for a wireless/bluetooth webcam to put in an office for Skype conferencing use. Suggestions? I can't find anything on Amazon that isn't a security camera (that also does 640x480 -- too low of a resolution for conferencing). Preferred is 1080p, but minimum must be 720p.
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    UHS-I SDXC cards in RAID0 on USB3 system?

    Greetings, I am wondering if anyone out there has done a RAID0 setup using UHS-I SDXC cards on a USB3 system? It is possible. :D This Lexar Professional 600x 64GB SDXC UHS-I card can do a minimum sustained read/write of 90MB/s and costs $120. You can find a 128GB that can do 90MB/s+ minimum...
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    WSUS: Is there a way to mass install updates + reboot?

    Greetings, We have WSUS running on a 2003 server. Is there a way to have all servers initiate installation of downloaded updates, followed by a reboot, without having to manually RDP into 100+ servers (dozens of which are located around the world) to install updates? Thanks!
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    Windows 7 Embedded - How to setup inactivity automatic logoff ???

    I have been Googling and researching this for an hour. All the software out there (1) not free, though not a major issue, but (2) terms of agreements and licensing does not allow for installing to more than one machine. We will be having several deployments. Through my Googling and research, I...
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    RD Web Access installed --> "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

    We have an unused 2008 R2 Standard terminal server that is brand new and fully setup for use in the Live environment (all it needs are users). However, we may be using this server for "RD Web Access" so that we can use RemoteApps / the "Start the following program on connection" feature in mstsc...
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    Tracking/Monitoring/Logging software?

    Greetings, I am looking for a piece of software to install on my Company laptop that would log, track, record (screenshot every x seconds) everything I do so as to cover my end. ;\ Suggestions?
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    Windows XP & 7 -- automatic computer locking after idle time is hit

    Greetings, Is there a way to get Windows XP and Windows 7 machines to lock (WinKey+L) automatically after 20-30 seconds of idling? Screen saver only allows down to a minimum of 1 minute, and we need less. How about an automatic log off after 20-30 seconds -- is this possible? Thanks!
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    Automated printer queue synchronization across a cluster of servers

    Greetings, We have several identical servers with a business platform software installed and a Citrix setup. A load balancer sends users to the appropriate server based on resource availability and loads. The challenge we have is that right now we are managing printer queues on each server...
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    Alternatives to these wifi mapping and planning programs?

    Are there any freeware / possibly open source alternatives to programs like: * * * I have a Garmin Oregon 450t GPS and have it working as a virtual COM port using...
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    E-mail SPF records

    Greetings, I am trying to write up an SPF record and DKIM for the Company I work for. For my own website, using Google Applications, it was relatively easy ( setup). v=spf1 ~all I think for the domainkey (DKIM) Google gave me a copy and paste...
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    Cellular amplifier/booster device?

    Greetings, We live out in the rural area where we have virtually no cellular reception / 1 of 5 bars, and I am looking for recommendations to amplifiers/boosters for cellular signals within the $150-400 range. We are not super tech saavy.
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    Outlook 2007, IMAP - Delete crosses out e-mail message instead of delete

    Greetings, We setup an IMAP account for someone on their company-assigned laptop. When they delete something, it crosses out the entire row in their list of messages for that particular message ... instead of removing the message. How to fix? :(
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    HP/Dell Business computer that can take a PCI-E gaming card?

    Greetings, We are looking for a business-class workstation from HP/Dell that could handle a PCI-E gaming card. Main reason is because we want to utilize our four NVIDIA Galaxy MDT X4 1GB DDR2 cards. Problem? HP and Dell make degraded, stripped, and poor quality motherboards that feature...
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    Free & decent adhesive label printing software?

    Greetings, We bought a pack of 3M 1/2" x 1 3/4" permanent adhesive labels to use for asset tagging. Does anyone know of a good, free program that I could use to print to these labels from 1 to 2000 (because that is how many we bought)? Thanks!
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    How many users per terminal server?

    I am looking for suggestions or "how you measure" perspectives for a terminal server environment. Factors considered are the number of CPU cores, number of logical CPUs, and RAM. Assume all servers are 2008 R2 64-bit Enterprise. Also assume that you have 1000 users you need to put on terminal...
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    VMware Fusion on Mac OS X

    Greetings, (Apple/Mac newb here) One of our people is trying to run a vm from VMware Fusion that they have been using for quite some time without problems. However, lately they had to get their mainboard replaced in their laptop, and since then the vm hasn't been working. When we try to...
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    OK Microsoft SQL gurus, teach me something!

    I am trying to install WS_FTP Server using a remote Microsoft SQL database. We have a server at Rackspace setup to be a secure FTP server, and another server at Rackspace provisioned as a Microsoft SQL server running Windows 2008 R2 running the latest and the greatest. During installation of...
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    Physically gigantic monitors w/ low PPI?

    Greetings, We have a bunch of users who have been authorized by higher ups for a dual monitor. These users use "older" ThinClients (t5710 if I have to be specific). Presently, these users use 19" monitors at 1024x768 (native resolution of monitor is 1280x1024). It would be cheaper to buy...
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    2008 R2 server in datacenter has different timezones for the same logon

    Greetings, We have a 2008 R2 Citrix server that shows -6 GMT (correct) when we RDP into the server on the same administrator account. We have been having problems with the server rebooting at the wrong time. When the datacenter techs login into the same administrator account, for them it shows...
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    Can't install Cisco AnyConnect

    Windows XP with SP3, .NET 3.5 Framework SP1, latest Windows Updates. Event ID: 11722 I can't find any solutions. :( I have Googled.
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    Alternatives to Windows System Resource Manager?

    Greetings, I am looking for alternatives to Windows System Resource Manager, as we do not have Datacenter or Enterprise editions of 2003, or 2008/R2 terminal servers. Any suggestions? The main problem we have is when a user tanks the entire server with Excel in a workbook that would be more...
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    IIS How to set application as (VirtualDirectory thing)

    Greetings, We have Track-It! installed on a server that we named ABC-SUPPORT. We have an A record of that points to ABC-SUPPORT. When you navigate to, it automatically redirects you to -->...
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    RDP reverts to 8-bit color depth when using SPAN mode

    Greetings, Problem: when using /span parameter (command line) or span monitors:i:1 (.RDP file), color depth is reduced to 8-bit This is happening to only one particular station This station's ThinClient is a t5740e, other t5740e stations have no problem using spanned mode with multiple...
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    Looking for DisplayPort to VGA hardware-based converter

    Greetings, I am looking for a guaranteed solution that would take DisplayPort and properly convert it to VGA. Unlike HDMI, there aren't really any products out there that are devoted to DisplayPort-->VGA conversion. We have tried a Bytecc DisplayPort-->VGA adapter cable from NewEgg (highest...