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    PS5/XBOX X vs 3080Ti/Big Navi

    Got the LG C9 and won’t look back. It is soooo nice especially compared to the circa 2009 Visio 550vx it replaced. 4K 60hz doesn’t get much use however as I much prefer 2560x1440 @120hz getting good use out of the g-sync although just to check it out I did run destiny 2 @4k 60hz HDR looked...
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    6Mhz Overclock Makes System Unresponsive

    Just consider the new RAM is adding a new variable to the equation that may add to the instability troubleshooting
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    GTX 770 weird issue

    If you aren’t running from the GPU output you aren’t using it while playing games. It seems you may have a dead card on your hands but you need to put the rest of your system up in your post. This could be as simple as you don’t have enough power for the card from the PSU.
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    Change Gpu

    Holy smokes I missed the single stick ram. It’s halfway to being a figit spinner like that. OP needs another stick of RAM. I had a A10-5750m that was hot garbage in single channel. Get that chip a sandwich. Or I honestly can say getting an new GPU would be a waste
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    Which video card would you purchase?

    Yeah woah I didn’t know the 1080ti was already washed up
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    Change Gpu

    Good improvement but not best. Maybe even comparable to a lower end card is what Razor is getting at I think. Depending on upgrade roadmap it can be better to avoid certain upgrade routes. For instance no one here would recommend a 2080ti because it would be incredibly underutilized. I do second...
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    Nvidia drivers

    It's all anecdotal and emotional to a degree. 3 out of 4 AMD gpus I've run have left me pissing away time waiting on drivers where as on just over a dozen NVIDIA cards I had no notable problems with drivers. That being said I blame my self for jumping on a vega 64 mid driver issues I didnt even...
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    Founder Edition vs the Rest...

    I'd say this an open and shut case. I second everyone else's posts throughout. Personally I cant speak for all cards but the strix 2080ti 11gb took a decent OC +220 core and +1140Mem in Afterburner. In general I've heard of less on FE cards but they start off higher anyway. I went strix for the...
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    Rare GeForce GTX 480 With 512 CUDA Cores Emerges 10 Years Later

    That's what I'm saying. I thought that the 480 was lauded for being a power hungry beast at 450W+(system) and my vega 64, 2080 ti are straight up there with it as top end(not sure vega counts as top end quite but it was close when it was released?) cards. Seems like we are pushing the power...
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    Strange black screen system lockup. PSU problems?

    Will do. Sadly the PSU wont be in until the end of the month and COVID problems might keep me from going over to install it anyway. Social distancing and all. Plus I am at risk in general because I am still having to report to work. I'll report back my results as soon as I have them
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    Motherboard for Ryzen 5 3400g? B450 or X370?

    This might not be a problem since the 3400g is the Zen+ architecture. But it is something to keep in mind. As far as boards go the b450 motherboards do have a lot of bugs worked out compared to the x370s.
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    Rare GeForce GTX 480 With 512 CUDA Cores Emerges 10 Years Later

    Cool... well I guess not. Neat piece of hardware and history. Can’t believe we are back up to 480 levels of wattage though
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    Sub $200 advice please.

    1070 is probably the best but yeah it’s getting to be an old card. I picked up a Vega 64 here for 200 That could be an alternative but it hasn’t been completely problem free with drivers and I’m still dealing with potential power problems
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    Looking for best small form factor graphics card

    Overclock it. I have a Zotac mini 1050 2gb I was getting like +150 core and like +450 on the Memory. And from what I have read I got a pretty bad overclocker. Even though you are limited for upgrades it might be worth it to wait for more variety or just pick up another PSU. A decent 500w bronze...
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    Strange black screen system lockup. PSU problems?

    I have a different PSU on order (Silverstone 850w Titanium) and I am going to check the wiring or have the wiring checked when I get the chance.
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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    Also a general PSA I'm moving my conversation to another thread as I did not intend to hijack this one to the extent that I did.
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    Strange black screen system lockup. PSU problems?

    I have a strange problem with a computer I built for my father in law. When he touches a few different things and static discharges on them (TV, PC, wall switch) the computer gets a black screen and locks up. Cant get display back until I hard reboot the system. Cant even force shut down with...
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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    It is true three conductor wire through the house(at least at the breaker box and behind every outlet and switch I've been in)
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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    Thanks for the ideas! I'm looking into the grounding and I've got a multimeter to check for continuity and resistance at least (this SHOULD give me a good idea of grounding. I was using Radeon Chill but it wasn't doing me any good as far as tearing was concerned (really bad tearing for some...
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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    After a lot of trial and error I reached some decent temps for the use of the card. Running Ark at 60fps mostly high medium settings at 1080p I'm getting mid 70C temps on the cpu and gpu with no throttling after 5+hrs. I did have to relocate the SSD away from the GPU to on top of the psu mount...
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    Best top down air coolers?

    I've got one on a 3600 and it does pretty well I think. At least for the price. I have it running in pull configuration with a noctua industrial 120 pwm and the shurikan fan as the case exhaust on the outside of the silverstone Rvz03 (the thin silverstone fans are both pushing onto the gigabyte...
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    Looking at a 5700XT or Nvidia equivalent: is now the time to buy?

    Honestly with drops just down into the 40s you might want to simply go through and adjust a few settings to see what you can live without if you are budget limited. That and overclocking might get you some distance but you seem to have some lower FPS than the above list of GPUs places you at. Do...
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    1070Ti black screen with fan full speed after entering Windows 10

    Had black screen restarts with my 2080ti recently after jumping into Ark for 10 minutes or less. The support bracket that mounts to my motherboard was keeping the card from full contact with the PCIE slot. This has not been a problem for the last couple days since I removed the bracket. Check...
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    Who's Happy So Far with Ryzen 3000 Series?

    Got my PC together just a couple weeks ago. A 3900x and a 2080ti in a X570 Taichi 32gb 3600mhz gskill trident z neo 2tb nvme, 1tb SATA ssd in a Lian li 011 dynamic XL. Upgraded from a 2500k clocked @4.6 with 16gb1866 Mushkin Redline, 7200RPM HDD. The improvements are pretty substantial and I...
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    So do you wait for 3060 / 3070, given they ~seem~ relatively close, or get a 2060 / 2070 Super today?

    Woah that’s awesome! I got a 2080ti Strix non-OC on sale for $1000 but that was before tax. I think you scored way better than I did
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    should I be happy with this ram oc or keep pushing either frequency or timings here? (3000mhz cl15 kit at 3600mhz cl16)

    That seems really good to me but I’m on a Ryzen platform with hynix DJR chips that I had to add voltage to just to reach the rated 3600mhz
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    PSA: Check Your Ram Settings Even If You Don't OC

    I had a similar experience with my X570 Taichi 3900x am the Gskill Tridents I have. The Ram was just off enough to crash every once in awhile and when I finally checked my CPU Fclk wouldn’t even couple to the Ram speed no boot. I juiced SOC and other VDDs up a bit to no avail and finally got...
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    RGB RAM Control Software - Problem - Solution - Problem

    I only have experience with Arocks Polychrome software which kinda sucks but I can select a color and from a 360 color wheel and then shove the selector over between white and black and saturated and unsaturated. For the Tridents specifically I had to pick a different color and drag it down to...
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    Ryzen 9 3900x the undervolting champ?

    I think I see what your getting at but with AMD doesn’t speed = more cores as far as their binning process goes? So if you want to get an AMD part for gaming and you end up getting the fastest you also have the most cores even if the cores aren’t for your particular uses?
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    Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX not working with X570 and Rysen 5

    I would also like to know if you have checked the motherboards QVL and the RAM’s QVL. Another resource that has been surprisingly valuable to me is the Newegg comments for conjecture on compatibility and it has helped me out twice. Obviously take it with a grain of salt but try looking there for...
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    ROG Hero IX with two NVMe's?

    I think you will be fine as long they are not all loaded at once. IIRC GPUs really aren’t capable of loading pci channels and although SSDs can you shouldn’t see it unless data is moving through them. I’m not entirely sure if basic program access counts but I don’t think so.
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    memory slots failing - Is the memory controller on the motherboard or in the CPU (Intel 3930K CPU, X79 chipset)

    So I have heard for years that memtest86 is gospel. What changed and is there a particular reason to use blend in prime rather than large fft? How long do you run until you consider it good?
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    Can you explain what's wrong with my PC?

    Ugh I should get and use a strap. As an electrical engineer and computer enthusiast/hobbiest for the past 10yrs I really shouldn’t be so lazy. And now that my computer is actually worth a damn even more so.
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    Noob here - how to tell if I did new thermal paste OK

    This ^ but it doesn’t seem like he took temps before repasting
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    top 3 (or more) 4gb gpu's you suggest (less than 100 dollars)

    RX570. More mature than the 480, better performance to cost than anything NVIDIA offers in this price bracket hands down and probably going to be more efficient than older cards. This should be your target if you are spending so low. If you could double you budget you have more options but you...
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    Noob here - how to tell if I did new thermal paste OK

    Hard to say for a lot of reasons the card isn’t some kinda power hungry monster like the GTX580 so temps shouldn’t be too bad. I’ve never heard of multiple monitors mattering over GPU performance unless you are running them all in some surround display setup. Also what is your ambient room temp...
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    So do you wait for 3060 / 3070, given they ~seem~ relatively close, or get a 2060 / 2070 Super today?

    Just out of curiosity how much did you pay for it? The damn thing is sooo expensive.
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    Ryzen 9 3900x the undervolting champ?

    Depends on your application. In numerous games SMT reduces performance
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    5700 xt vs. rtx 2070 super for a new build

    Its anecdotal in the end. But numbers suggest more people(including myself) have had major driver issues with AMD than with NVIDIA ( I have yet to have driver issues with 2x9600gts 2x9600gso 1x250gts 1xGTX770 1xGTX970m 3xGTX1050 1xGTX1070 and 1xRTX2080ti while I the first AMD card I bought an...
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    Ryzen 9 3900x the undervolting champ?

    Crazy how long this post has been running. A whole lot of life coaching was going on an enthusiast computer hardware site. Weird. Anyway thanks for the whole thread I actually really like the stock cooler for the looks and light effects (matched the rest of my build so I'm hanging onto it as...