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    Separate OS install for gaming only?

    I'm not sure what the general conscientious is nowadays with the arrival of windows 7, however with windows 2k and XP I would always keep a separate OS instal strictly for gaming and another one for work purposes(internet, office, vmware, acronis, visio, acrobat etc...). How is it nowadays? is...
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    LG S-IPS 26" & 30" Monitors

    here we go, at last a new lag free 26" model, basicaly the NEC2690 without the special electronics.
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    Enermax Galaxy DXX Rail DIstribution???

    Enermax has advertised this PSU as being able to power DUAL R600's, the point is it will handle DUAL PCI-E 2.0 videocards (meaning 300W each). Looking at the rail distribuition the motherboard gets 12V1 and the 8-pin PCI-E cable gets 12V2, PCI-E slot's provide 75W each. Lets do the math...
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    G80 wacky FEAR Extraction Point Performance

    Have no idea what the issue is, running FEAR v1.08 is absolutly fine 1920x1200 4AA/16AF TSSAA. The performance test results from the extraction point fear are much much lower than the original FEAR even though its the same benchmark? the game also feels sluggish, ive turned off AA all together.
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    EVGA 680i high CPU core temperature solution found.

    I was overclocking my E6600 however temperatures were completly out, even checked with Intels TAT and they were more less identical to speed fan. Turns out that the CPU core voltage is AUTOMATICALY increase as the FSB is increased. At 3.0GHz I was hitting 65C under orthos load with a storm...
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    EVGA 680i completly wacky core temp.

    e6600@ 3.0GHz default voltage with swiftech storm idles at 46C and hits 66C in 5 seconds when starting orthos prime and ends up around 70C. Storm is installed correctly and is making proper contact, AS5 used as TIM. To put this into perspective my AMD X2 2.6GHz AM2 idled at 30C with a maximum...
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    G80 a bit*h to watercool.

    Iam looking at the pics of the review at and the G80 cooling is a single piece cooler. Iam basically gona need heatsinks for the output chip and the VRM area plus a new mounting kit for my MCW60 block. I guesiing we will be seeing G80 watercooling kits.
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    Moving from 38mm to 25mm deep fans for RAD?

    Currently using the Thermochill PA120.3 with panaflo H1-BX's, the issue is that my aquaero cant handle more than 10W on each channel so I ended up using the mcubed fan amp. The setup works however the control range and RPM is completly wacky. I want all three fans on the same channel plus...
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    Foxconn motherboard quality

    Iam correct that Intel has thier motherboards manufactured by foxconn? The 680i SLI boards to be released by EVGA are made by foxconn, would the quality be on par with ASUS for example? EVGA will be hard launching on the 8th and I dont want to sit around for 2 months waiting for ASUS, the...
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    G80 SLI for DX9 games not needed?

    Iam having a hard time deciding whether to go SLI with DX9 games, I will be playing the latest titles at 1920x1200 16AF 4AA SSTA High-Quality. Iam thinking SLI wont bring viable performance benefits until DX10 titles such as CRYSIS appear (in March/April), bearing that in mind Nvidia will be...
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    SED moves along, comes closer. F*ck me the 1ms response time and 55,000:1 contrast ratio, plus full 1080p HD. Iam sorry but this early on no other display technology will touch this kind of spec, also expect the contrast ratio to hit 100,000:1 in production models.
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    PCP&C unleashes Turbo-Cool 1KW-SR

    here we go.
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    New 1KW PCP&C Turbo-cool for G80's on the way.

    Just got some news back from PCP&C regarding the G80 power requirements, Iam not giving out specifics however it was agreed the 1KW QUAD does not have enough amperage on the 12V3 rail to run SLI'ed G80's. The new 1KW model will have a single 12V rail with 72A, it will appear in 4 weeks, just...
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    Aquaero V4 LCD to OLED Display conversion

    I want to replace the LCD in my aero with the OLED version however forums suggest that I will need new buttons, spacers and nuts as the display is thinner. What exactly do I need?
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    225W & 300W Graphics Spec not exactly good news, looks like the rumors of 300W graphics cards look more realistic now.
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    Enermax Galaxy or Turbo-cool 1KW WHICH ONE???

    cant make my mind up, I wish I'd purchased the 1KW instead of the 510 SLI back in september 2005. Currently selling the 510 on ebay. the 150-300W graphics cards that are comming have caused the sale and upgrade.
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    Nvidia 590 based Intel boards getting canceled! looks like the C19 chipset is whats holding the overclocking back, C55 boards comming later. The ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium is still comming though, Iam not sure whether to sit this out as G80's will probably appear before the C55 motherboards.
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    FEAR performance hit with Logitech Hardware

    Dont know if this has allready been mentioned but Ive been getting framerate issue in FEAR after upgrading to an AM2 based system, Ive narrowed down my problem to the G5\G7 logitech mice, when these are plugged in framerates are hit 40-80% in the performance test. Plugging in my MX510 solves...
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    Conroe and SLI, Official or Unofficial?

    Whats gona happen with this, will nvidia have an Intel version of the Nforce 5xx or will Intel have SLI certification. Put it this way theres no way Iam going Conroe without SLI.
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    Worth going to AM2.

    Currently have the A8N32-SLI, with the AM2 release very near will it be worth upgrading to AM2 so that I can get maximum resale value on my current mobo, X2 4400 and 3500LL.
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    G5 losses left click when moving mouse.

    Updated to the new v1.1 firmware and I started noticing that guns would not fire repeatedly in COD & Doom3 when moving the mouse pointer in FPS fashion. Even on the windows desktop holding the left mouse button and then moving the mouse basicaly cancels the click, the right button is fine...
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    NEC 26" S-IPS display comming S-IPS 1920x1200 800:1 contrast ratio 6ms g2g, 12ms btw response time hope they add DVM to this, this display will compete with 24" LCD's from Dell, Samsung and Acer.
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    well well well 23" AS-IPS LCD's start to appear.

    1st 23" AS-IPS appears.
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    HP LP2465 24" LCD

    24" P-MVA AUO panel (Used in VX 20" series viewsonic panels, ). 1920x1200 500 mcd brightness 1000:1 Contrast ratio minimum 6 ms (typical gray to gray), 13 ms (rise and fall) Refresh response time any ideas on the MVA panels, so far I havent heard any input lag issues on MVA panels. Also...
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    Philips 230WP7NS AS-IPS?

    Just reading through the specification and Iam convinced its using the new 23" AS-IPS panel since the spec closely matches the NEC 20WMGX2, the only thing that bothers me is the DVM mode on the NEC which achieves 1600:1 contrast ratio from the normal 800:1(which the philips doesnt have). The...
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    LG Philips AS-IPS 23"+ panels when?

    When are these appearing, it makes sense as the same thing happened with the original widescreen S-IPS panels 1st 20" models then the 23" models(SONY, PHILIPS, APPLE etc...).
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    Who manufacturs 7900GTX's reference cards.

    As I understand we have all these companies selling 7900GTX's or any other card for that matter, for example EVGA, XFX, BFG etc... so do all these companies actually produce the cards themselves or does an OEM handle it? Assuming they use identical components i.e. GPU's, Memory, connectors...
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    Dangerden Maze 4 LP SLI with Xfi PCI card, mounting issues?

    After mounting the GPU blocks Iam unable to fit my Xfi card due to interference with the mounting H/W, Ive drilled out the plexi and cut the screw threads and it seems fit allthough I may of damage one of the GPU cores. I regreting WC'ing my video cards if this is the case, how the hell Iam I...
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    FEAR Bench's please 1600x1200 7900GTX/SLI

    v1.02, 84.20 nvidia drivers, 2.4GHz X2 All options maximum, SS off, 0XAA, 2XAA, 4XAA, single/multi GPU modes.
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    Fear 7900GTX SLI performance TASS/GC

    Just installed my 7900GTX's and playing about with some of the AA settings, currently at 1600x1200 with 4X AA enabled in FEAR. The issue being that there is no performance decrease when enabling transparent Super sampling & gamma correct AA, I get exactly the same FPS using the FEAR performance...
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    Push or pull air over hard drives

    Here's my setup, the system is in progress since moving from my atc-4000 so no WC until I get more supplies( MCT-5, sealant etc...). Iam using a lian-li hd cage with 4 drives, its been modified to accomodate a 38mm deep fan however I usually use an extra 120mm to blow over the video card...
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    7900GTX VS QUAD SLI dilema, G80 etc...

    My original plan was to get SLI 7900GTX’s however my 7800GTX 512 has already been sold and I will be left without any decent video card until the 23rd of March when nvidia launches the new QUAD SLI. Now is there any point to go QUAD SLI assuming G80 hits sometime in June/July, I want maximum...
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    7800GTX's 512 dissapear from UK retailers.

    They have been pulled from the websites today, there is nothing left of these. 7900GTX here I come.
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    TJ07 and thermochill triple rads, will it fit?

    I maybe upgrading to the new TJ07 however my current ATC-4000 chassis has the thermochill PA120.3 mounted outside on the rear, will it be possible to mount this rad under the TJ07. The HD mounts will go obviously and I will probably lose one of the 38mm deep fans on the rad so that it fits...
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    Anyone use dedicated XP partition for Gaming.

    Ive allways done this and will continue to do so, opinions? Seems I avoid alot of the software/performance issues when installed other applications.
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    Swiftech MCW30 SLI + PCI card compatability?

    Any idea whether this would work, A8N32 mobo in SLI and a PCI Card in the 2nd slot.
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    Very poor FEAR performance under XP x64.

    No matter what settings Ive tried the FPS counters are in the 20-40 fps range even with minimum settings enabled for both the PC performance and Graphics perfromance. All sounds and any other extras turned off still give an average aound 35 fps. Tried it under 32-bit XP and scores are in the...
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    G5 Mouse settings OD/Setpoint?

    Which is the beter mode to use for gaming, doesnt the mouse acceleration affect the behaviour in games.
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    64-bit Monitor Drivers?

    Iam confused since XP x64 requires FULL 64-bit drivers for every piece of hardware, where are the 64-bit drivers for monitors. I'll be using a DELL P1130 however there isnt even 64-bit mentioned on DELL's site for any of thier monitors.
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    User Accounts ICON in controlpanal gives Access is denied error.

    What the hell is going on here, 2 different windows partitions giving the same error message when attempting to open the user accounts icon in the controlpanel. Note that the options in the user accounts are all functional and accessable, I just need to click yes when it asks Do you want to...