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    Question about buying a Nexus 6

    Are the 64gb versions of Nexus 6 on Google store and Motorola website identical?I am interested in the white version which is only available at Motorola . I came across this article which states that if you are on verizon your only go is Google store version.
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    Google glass costs 80$ !!!

    Google offered a one day sale on April 15, 2014 allowing the general public to purchase the Glass for a whopping $1500.Upon teardown it apparently costs 80$ to produce.I feel sorry for the folk who jumped at this price.
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    Google glass for 1500$ ...Anyone in?

    I was all pumped up and ready for this until I saw the price.I can swing 1500$ but I honestly cant justify spending such money to just be a beta tester.
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    Windows 8 or windows 7 on the second pc

    AS the tittel states, I am building a gaming PC within the next week and had ordered a windows 7 for it after all the complaints.My other PC has windows & I have no issues with it. The new one would be a gaming PC with some occasional Itunes and photoshop usage. I was wondering If i should give...
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    New build for 2560x1600 gaming

    I have started collecting parts for a haswell build .I need some help regarding picking some of the components. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc 90% gaming,5% web browsing,occasional photoshop 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping...
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    2560x1600 gaming,Is GTX 780 SLI worth it.

    I presently have a 480 sli feeding my 30 inch dell 3011.I am looking to upgrade to haswell all together and have a GTX 780 on order. Would adding another GTX 780 to build a SLI be worth the extra $$. I just want to know if i would see an appreciable difference in the SLI setup.
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    Confused about upgrade

    I have been out of the loop for quite some time now with all that's happening in the cpu business.Have been listening about SB,IB and now Haswell but never bothered to read much about them as my I7 920 was serving my purpose fine.. My Main gaming PC is a I7 920 overclocked to 3.5 ghz ,with 480...
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    Which phone to buy on verizon

    I have an unlimited data plan on verizon and want to keep it that way. My old phone droid x is dying and i plan to buy a decent phone .I liked the droid X as it was built like a tank and had a replaceable battery[never replaced on though]. I am not a heavy app user.The most common apps i use...
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    Most frustrating thing in a Single player game

    For me its the Boss fights.....:mad: I have always felt that... the last boss fight becomes so frustratingly difficult that i end up trying it for hours at a time and give up.. Finally manage it after a couple of days..... its satisfying once I complete the game but it just robs the enthusiasm...
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    steam on ssd = slowwww,constant crashing,no problems on HDD

    Recently steam has been giving me a lot of problems,i contacted steam support with not much success.Then BF3 came along and i never had to break sweat on steam anymore for a while.I grabbed COD MW2 today and tried to work with steam and had problems.It basically freezes [sometimes even while...
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    Battlelog and its real purpose.. Just a thought

    After months of bitching about battlelog everyone seems to have settled down now.It seems to have some obvious advantages over a traditional ingame browser. I was wondering if people still have issues/complaints about battlelog . I keep wondering the real purpose for EA behind making...
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    Connecting the creative titanium HD sound card to a headphone amp.

    As the title says....I have a creative titanium HD sound card and plan to get a schiit asgard to see if they help my senn 598's[impulse buy ??]. I was wondering what would be the best way to connect them both. The way i see it is i can run either a headphone out to a RCA in or a RCA out to RCA...
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    Fiio E9 vs Little dot MKIII

    Hello all, After a so so experience with my sen 280 pros, i am about to order beyer DT 880's. But before that, I want to spend some time and $$ on a decent headphone amp. My present rig has a creative titanium HD soundcard. I dont want to spend too much on something I wont use for most of the...
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    Crucial M4 ATA 100??

    I just added two 128 Gb M4 SSD in Raid 0 setup and connected them to my SATA 3 ports on the asus P6X58 D premium Mobo.I have the drives setup in AHCI mode in the Bios[ Not Raid as I have a OCZ 60 gb SSD as my OS drive and a WD 750 Gb platter connected to the SATA 2 ports].I transferred my steam...
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    Mac mini question

    I am looking for a small factor computer to connect to my hdtv.It's sole purpose would be to view streaming videos on the web on my HDTV. Browsing web while resting on my bed would be a rare and npossile secondary purpose.I would like to know if the mac mini would suffice this purpose.Any...
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    SLI query

    I have a EVGA GTX 480 vanilla. Can i add a Superclocked version to it and run them both in SLI?
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    Upgrading advice

    AS the title states I am considering an upgrade. My present rig specs: Intel I7 920 stock[dunno how to overclock nor felt the need to overclock yet] asus P6X58D premium Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600 3x2GB Evga GTX 480 corsair 850 watts PSU Dell 3011 Monitor. The monitor has been the last...