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    Atrix pricing released by AT&T.... Someone's trying to make $$$

    The full press release (Engadget cut part of it) implies that you need to shell out for tethering even if you use Firefox on the multimedia dock. It's completely ludicrous, and took the Atrix 4G from being at the top of my list to somewhere in the middle.
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    ps3 wireless

    In theory, wireless access points should be able to handle up to 255 devices, so the number of laptops hanging on there shouldn't be a problem. This sounds like some sort of DHCP lease problem, judging from the fact that a reset on the router fixes it. Is it possible to run an ethernet cable to...
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    Any chance that the PS3 will have 1680 x 1050 support?

    Sure. Keeps aspect ratio, doesn't introduce artifacts. You must be one of those guys that hits the stretch setting on his TV for 4:3 material.
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    Any chance that the PS3 will have 1680 x 1050 support?

    I don't know, nor do I care. People are "satisfied" with any number of horrific image quality settings on their TV, too. That does not change that what they're viewing is full of artifacts or has horrific colors. But thanks for at least admitting you were wrong about all upscaling being equal...
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    Any chance that the PS3 will have 1680 x 1050 support?

    Just look at any review of a cheap upscaling DVD player to something like an Oppo. This isn't rocket science.
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    Any chance that the PS3 will have 1680 x 1050 support?

    You seem to be completely unaware that a cheap scaler will cause a loss of image quality. There are indeed cheap and easy methods to get to 1080p - but the output doesn't look all that good.
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    Any chance that the PS3 will have 1680 x 1050 support?

    Your $600 1080p TV has a really trashy scaler in it. Try again.
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    How do i move games to the hdd on 360?

    Notably, you still need the disc in the drive to play the game, even installed to the hard drive.
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    Any chance that the PS3 will have 1680 x 1050 support?

    The scaler in the 360 is a separate chip, not in the GPU. Sony was already having cost issues with its console when it was released... adding another chip could have been a serious financial issue. Microsoft made a serious mistake by not including 7.1 sound in the 360... Sony's grand hardware...
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    Any chance that the PS3 will have 1680 x 1050 support?

    Bad news: it doesn't have a hardware scaler. Your games will output at 720p/1080i if the developer didn't add 1080p support to the game (either natively or through software scaling). Scaling _down_ is pretty easy in software. It's adding new pixels (scaling up) that's tricky. That said...
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    PS3 headset

    Any BT headset should work. That said, the Sony one is pretty excellent, and has some PS3 specific features.
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    Wii - Splitting the audio and video

    It sounds like your problem is more like "the audio or video wires don't go far enough apart". The easiest way to fix that is to go to and buy the appropriate number of female-to-female RCA connectors and male-to-male RCA cables to extend out to where you need to go (or...
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    PS3 Slim w/ Card Reader Add On?

    I've heard that USB memory card readers will work, but I've never tried it.
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    Enhanced God of War Blu-ray announced

    I bought it. Never played GoW before. Aside from some dumb puzzle segments, it's pretty damn good.
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    What would you want in PSP2?

    The OP pretty much nails it, with a few exceptions. The hard drive isn't going to happen - too error prone, too expensive over the long term, and it eats battery too fast. I'd expect a 16gb or 32gb internal flash drive with a memstick slot. The same basically applies to an optical drive - it...
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    Did anyone get the God of War Collection today?

    I picked this up yesterday, and I gotta say, it's a lot of fun. Never played the GoW games before, so I was approaching it more or less ignorant. Some annoying bits to it, but that's true of every game in this genre.
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    Military Madness on PS3

    Isn't it on the 360, too?
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    3D PS3 gaming coming via firmware update

    That's not really true. What you're describing is a specific feature that you need to turn on (called AMP, motion enhancement, or whatever by the manufacturer). It's generally called the soap opera effect, and it's best used for sporting events and such. If you leave the feature off, it will...
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    360 HDDVD: i'm retarded...

    Yeah, it's a little annoying that it's not right next to the first option. My wife and I use the HD-DVD drive to watch DVDs mostly - don't have to swap games out of the main drive, which makes it a bit more convenient than using the PS3 or the main drive.
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    My letter to the AG's office over the recient microsoft bans

    In an interesting coincidence, I might have seen a little bit or two of business law in my MBA classes. So, no, not impressed. It wouldn't even matter if it was - such a device is protected by the DMCA AFAIK. But, then again, the DMCA doesn't force Microsoft to allow such interoperability...
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    Project Natal Launch Date & Pricing Rumor...

    He's talking about the current camera.
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    My letter to the AG's office over the recient microsoft bans

    My favorite part of that letter was the "unjust enrichment" bit. Yes, I'm sure the AG totally believes you're not a lawyer, and would probably thank you for providing their entertainment for the day. I'd love to see them go and sue you for violating the TOS, personally. I'm guessing you...
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    Project Natal Launch Date & Pricing Rumor...

    There's on-camera processing, but, obviously, a fair amount of work will need to be done by the 360 as well.
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    Project Natal Launch Date & Pricing Rumor...

    Natal has a separate IR camera. In theory, it should work quite nicely in low-light conditions. (I am vaguely recalling this was even tested by some bloggers, but perhaps I am misrecalling.) As others have said, selling this thing cheap in order to sell more games would make a certain amount...
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    Fable 2 Character building Qs

    Yeah, that was my quibble about the game, too - if you amp up your magic, you start looking like a freak. Hopefully Fable 3 will correct this problem.
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    Nvidia Tegra not for next DS, for next Wii

    Arguably, Microsoft proved that software emulation was actually the way to go - they had compatibility issues, sure, but they also were able to make the old games higher-resolution at zero per-unit cost. But, of course, not everyone has Microsoft's in-house development capabilities.
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    Dragon Age PS3?

    On the 360 version, at least, there's a downloadable content option on the title screen. Just hit that.
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    Who's picking up dragon age today?

    So far, so good. No frame rate problems that I've seen.
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    Who's picking up dragon age today?

    Yeah, I thought that was a pain, too... the concept of cross-platform DLC is cool, but I'm not sure the execution was great.
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    Nvidia Tegra not for next DS, for next Wii

    Wow, misleading thread titles FTL. It needs to be "nVidia Tegra not for next DS, but for next Wii?" That said, given Nintendo's current strategy, they may as well just toss in a scaler chip, up the clocks and RAM, and do Gamecube v3.
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    Who's picking up dragon age today?

    It took me like four hours into the game to realize I was probably still playing the "background intro" parts. That's pretty impressive!
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    Who's picking up dragon age today?

    360 Collector's Edition. I could have bought the PC version, but I'm going to wind up getting ME2 for the 360, and I wanted the extra costume. YOU WIN, EA! But, I also like gaming in front of the TV, which is not really an option with my current PC setup. From what I'm hearing, the PS3 version...
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    Just some PS3-specific bugfixes. Don't expect too much.
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    Blue Ray Coming to 360 after all.

    Assuming you have an HDTV that can accept and properly display such input, of course. Which not everyone does. That's why the 360, despite not being THE BEST HD-DVD player, was still a fairly acceptable one for most users. If Microsoft releases their next generation console as download-only...
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    Anybody getting Tekken 6 next week ?

    Eventually... I'm a big Tekken fan (I have 1-5+tag, plus 5 on the PS3), but Borderlands, Dragon Age Origins, and Mass Effect 2 are higher on the list.
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    PS2 Component games

    I think you mean "progressive scan" enabled. Component will always give you far better color.
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    PS3 component to BNC?

    The "VGA cable" takes one of two forms: 1. An actual VGA cable that uses sync-on-green (aka, your monitor may or may not be able to use it). This should be rather cheap. 2. A component to VGA transcoder. This is rather expensive.
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    final fantasy tactics on psn

    If you want to play FFT on your PSP, buy the PSP port. Much better localization.
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    Microsoft:"Xbox "720" not needed or wanted right now"

    I'm really torn on this. I think that this generation of consoles has proven that there's serious demand for more integrated features on the consoles themselves. Given that, I could certainly see having a lot more RAM, which would certainly be a next-gen feature, be very beneficial to that. On...
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    Final Fantasy 3/6 and some comparisons to today's games

    FF6 had a LOT going on. That's part of why I loved it so much. Lots of little subplots (Gao and his father, Locke and Celes, Locke and his old girlfriend, Terra and Leo, Shadow/Relm/Strago, etc.) and lots of little secrets (chainsaw, Phoenix materia. etc.). The plot line that just never stopped...