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    Corsair Performance Series™ Pro 256GB SSD Review @ [H]

    Great INFO TYVM I will try that software ThrottleStop.
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    Corsair Performance Series™ Pro 256GB SSD Review @ [H]

    Also what would be cool for testing SSDs is testing it in single mode and in Raid 0 if you can get two that is. I know a lot has to do with controllers too. I think it would be nice to see how some preform in a raid 0. Maybe a chart on best to worst single drive and raid 0 drives.
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    Corsair Performance Series™ Pro 256GB SSD Review @ [H]

    When you do your test do you turn anything off? Example 1. Drive indexing DISABLED 2. Prefetch disabled 3. Super fetch disabled 4.Defrag disabled When I was testing SSD a while ago making sure these were not running helped a lot on some SSDs and some I could not tell a difference. It's just a...
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    Corsair Announces World’s Most Advanced PC Power Supply

    good to know thanks for the info at least I learned something new today tyvm.
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    Corsair Announces World’s Most Advanced PC Power Supply

    I thought 80+ gold cert was the best and they are saying it's just 80 plus Platinum which I thought was one grade below gold standard or am I wrong?
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    Thermalright Silver Arrow Extreme CPU Cooler

    One thing I thought was cool is that you have the option to add a third fan to this CPU cooler. Don't know how much it would help though but pretty neat design to allow you to do that.
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    ASUS Shatters Performance Barriers

    7GHz!!! now that's sweet
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    Intel Announces The Solid-State Drive 910 Series

    I thought they were using SLC not MLC. Maybe I am thinking of the new 720 coming out. yeah that's what it was I was thinking about.
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    How Netflix Recommendations Work

    what is more sad to me is Netflix still offers more then any other service for streaming out right now and I am really getting sick of my Netflix account. Hardly ever anything I want to watch on it plus nothing really new on it either.
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    Google Announces Expansion At Oklahoma Data Center

    I applied there and got to the third round to get the job but they wanted to pay $13 an hour to run cable and change HDD, fix servers among other stuff. Plus it is temp jobs. I did not see any permanent job openings. and it's in the middle of no where Oklahoma with no help to move there. I...
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    Rovio Acquires Futuremark Game Studio

    so what gaming benchmarks do people use now a days?
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    First PC Screenshots From Max Payne 3

    Give Max Payne his suit back and his hair GD IT!
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    A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors

    I liked the smiley face at the end that was awesome
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    Judge Allows Twitter Lawsuit Go Move Forward all I have to say
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    AT&T to Launch Samsung Galaxy Note LTE on Feb.19th

    I miss my JNCO's I had one with a squirrl that was ran over by a car on one leg. Made everyone laugh for some reason.
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    Tired of Siri already? Evi is Waiting in the Wings.

    I asked Evi "where are the hot girls at?" She thought I said this "Where are the hookers asses" ummmmm close enough I guess lol
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    Google Guesses Your Age And Sex

    screw you I am not 35-44 years old make me sound like and old man
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    Strongest Solar Storm Since 2005 Hitting Earth

    I have some sun block SPF 2000!!
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    Max Payne 3 Design and Technology Video

    only problem I have is they shaved his head put a thick beard on him and took away his dress clothes. That was a big part of his image. they should have left his image alone IMO. Other then that the game looks sweet.
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    Dish Network "Hopper" Records Six Shows At Once

    I wonder if it is 6 shows in low rez or 6 shows in HD it can record
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    Google, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook Consider 'Nuclear' Blackout

    sadly I would be one to nerd rage with them;)
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    Google, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook Consider 'Nuclear' Blackout

    All MMOs need to get with them on this too. image if World of Warcraft went down millions will nerd rage!!
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    MSI Launches The Big Bang-XPower II

    anyone know if all the new boards are on 64 bit can they take more than 2 TB as the boot drive.
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    How Will CES Cope Without Porn Stars?

    this makes me sad...that is all
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    FedEx Response to Monitor Throwing Video

    Holy crap this tops the monitor being thrown! how the hell did he get it on the highway?
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    I like that their products never fail me while I am raiding!
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    The Best Cases of 2011

    +1 agree
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    Star Wars Motorcycle Leathers

    I kind of like the black suite it looks pimp to me.
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    The Future of TV Begins Now on Xbox 360

    Dude I am in the same boat been trying to get my wife to ditch cable but we always go back to it so she can DVR shows instead of looking them up online and watching them...oh well one day.
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    Android Phones Log Everything You Do

    this is going to be sad to admit but I can build networks fix or build servers and PCs and high end graphic PCs but as far as phones go I don't mess with them. I just call and text that's it. Just got my first smart phone this year...I am so far behind on phones. I have a Samsung Galaxy sII...
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    I would love this card but I know my brother needs it more then I do. I would give it to him as a Christmas present.
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    MSI's All-new X79 Series Mainboards Deliver Superior Stability

    I just wish they would work on their driver updates and bios update software. It's only worked once for me.
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    Most Americans Giving Black Friday The Cold Shoulder

    Cyber Monday > Black Friday anyone remember that :-)
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    Adobe Cutting 750 Jobs, Trims 4Q Outlook and Kills Mobile Flash

    to bad their software is good but IMO it is way over priced.
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    AOL Still Has 3.5M Dialup Subscribers

    it's hard to get high speed internet out in country areas. Some places still don't have it in the city area. For instance I live in Oklahoma City but I can't get Verizon or AT&T high speed internet b/c they don't have it ran on my side of the road. I live in a kind of new place only 8 years...
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    World’s Largest Full HD Glasses-Free 3D Display

    and when there is hot girls in mini shirts on that 3D TV you want to sit in front and down low. ;)
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    World’s Largest Full HD Glasses-Free 3D Display

    this may be a problem too what you see on one side you don't see on another side depending where you are sitting. So you might have to watch a movie twice to see it all if you can't see what other people see sitting on one side or another. Could be a good thing or bad thing.
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    World’s Largest Full HD Glasses-Free 3D Display

    screw that I want my 8K UHDTV
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    Netflix Takes Up 32.7% of Internet Bandwidth

    just wait the new Star Wars MMO will help slow the internet down too.
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    MC Hammer Launching A Search Engine

    sounds like someone suckered him out of some money