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    Industrial PC

    For work I am tasked with buying a rackmount "Industrial PC" for a project I am working on. We usually use Kontron, however they do not have an offering that will suit my needs. Does anybody have any experience they can share about the many industrial PC builders out there? I am going to be...
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    Warm - Plantronics Wireless Office Headset Rebate

    Here can be found a mail in rebate for 25USD when you buy select wireless headsets. There is also an upgrade option to get a 50USD rebate.
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    Burning Hot, perhaps? ASUS V9999 Ultra

    I think this is probably a typo: Here it is ASUS V9999 Ultra/2DT 139.00 USD Final Edit: Thanks SJetski71
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    Power Factor Correction Capacitors

    So, I happened across 6 7200V 200Kvac PFC capacitors. Any ideas on what to do with them? The panel on the side states they contain discharge resistors How well would these hold/discharge a DC voltage? Would these be good for capacitive balasting?