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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7870 GHz Edition Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    I could use a second 7870 :)
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    big money no whammies.....Stop
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    Gigabyte Holiday [H] Give-Away!!!

    Does the tin man have a sheet metal cock?
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    How did MaximumPC get two power supplies to work?

    This is what u need to run 2 psu
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    Beware of the HD5770 haterz

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    AMD ATI Radeon HD 5770 and HD 5750 Review @ [H]

    Great review as always. Think the 5770 should have been a tad bit quicker for the price (between the 4870 and 4890) Definitely more power efficient tho....
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    i won guys
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    "DET DRAM" on Asus Maximus Formula SE

    I had the same problem with my pos commando. will not run past 400mhz no matter what settings. I've tried a few different sticks of ram and still havent got it past 400mhz. ocz corsair g-skill Mind you this only effects my overclock but it still sucks. I hope you get it working. Best...
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    Dump my E8400/Tpower I45 setup for an Athlon II X2 550BE/790GX board?

    Kinda hard to make a conclusion on one persons overclock. He must have got a golden chip idk but im guessing 4.1Ghz+(4 cores) is unlikely on most chips. and back to the op. keep what you got and be happy.
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    8800GT gettin to hot, Help!

    I wouldn't worry about 90c load temps. mine rocks out at about 105-110c (yes it's clean) all the time and can stay there for hours and not have one problem.
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    No reason to cry over spilled liquid coolant?

    edited by moderator The op said he was a noob to wc. Shit does happen and you learn from your mistakes. negative input is not going to help him.
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    Killzone2 PSN id thread -_-

    I know but i was hoping for a game mode like "oldschool" or something like that. lets hope they make a map pack with all the old multiplayer maps :)
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    Killzone2 PSN id thread -_-

    PSNid = SickFX got mic Played it a little last night.......not to happy. nothing like killzone. it's like a cross breed between tf2 and cod4-5. ranks to unlock guns.classes. turrets<-----wtf. what happened to picking guns off the ground and camping the enemy bass?
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    F.E.A.R. 2: Any Steamers playing it yet?

    Personaly i think gameplay is average at best. Multiplayer is ok but u cant run close to people if not u get stuck on them......drives me nuts Doesnt bring anything new on multiplayer really same old game types. (still fun tho) the melee suck this time around. Best kits : heavy armor...
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    9800gtx+ Triple SLI vs GTX 295?

    Links? (no fud please)
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    In light of the L4d 50% steam weekend sale...let's all converge (new players that is)

    February 11, 2009 — The recently announced Left 4 Dead Downloadable Content (L4D DLC) will be delivered to Xbox 360 and PC gamers free of charge. Due for release this spring, the DLC for 2008's best-selling new game property on the PC and Xbox 360, is dubbed the L4D Survival Pack and...
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    In light of the L4d 50% steam weekend sale...let's all converge (new players that is)

    steam id = sirk1000 but l4d is kinda boring now. Same 2 maps everytime. Once the new game type comes out it should be good.
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    Best LGA775 Air Cooler that uses stock mounting?

    The thermaltake v1 uses push pin. But i've had one and didn't really think it cooled that well.
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    FEAR 2 Benchmarks??

    What res you running?
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    9500GT Do It?

    Well if you look at my rig i'm running a cheapo 350w power supply. The real question is what amperage are the 12v rails
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    9500GT Do It?

    First off can we get system specs and res of your monitor? That 9500 is junk when it comes to gaming. if i was you on a tight budget i would get this
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    XFX 4870X2

    you guys have to remember that these are canadian ass $1can = $0.81us
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    XFX 4870X2

    seen these cards yesterday.
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    Is this OCZ RAM a good upgrade from this G.SKILL RAM?

    well i have had good luck with both OCZ and G-skills ram If you find yourself ram limited i would say go for the upgrade if not wouldn't worry about it.
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    Ultra Aluminus: My thoughts (and yours too!)

    Stop wasting money and buy a Silverstone or Lianli case Trust me you will be happy
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    Good single slot card?

    if your looking for 4850 performance why don't you just buy one? single slot 4850 might not be the cheapest but it's the first single slot one i found.
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    X58 - anyone got 9800 GTX SLI working?

    well i did some googling and it looks like it works but i donno whats wrong with ur set up Might be hit or miss
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    Dead Space Is Incredible!

    Wow really? Not what i.m talking about. Controls suck but that can change. What can't be changed is the input lag (maybe it can ima read that thread that was linked). The mouse feel is also very shitty imo (sensitivity wont change the overall feel). Donno maybe it's just me
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    Dead Space Is Incredible!

    i got this game.....not free......didn't download it..... but i hate the controls there just horrible. Game looks great tho. Personally i would not buy this game.
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    Tri-SLi Possible with Accelero X8800s?

    Take the last card out and move it up see if it fits.
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    Video card sizes. When will they shrink?

    Buy something like this if size is a problem. 4850 Looks smaller then the reference cards. Also i don't think cards will get much bigger then what atx is. Maybe someday they will be e-atx size who knows.
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    p4 3.06 524 chip oc's...

    Looking like: V-core 1.25 - 1.4 Min/Max operating temperature (°C) 5 - 67.7 Thermal Design Power (W) 84 not alot of info on this processor but im guessing 1.4 is safe. Keep it cool and use more v-core.
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    Wow evga did a good job on this one. looks wise anyways. Am i alone to say current x58 from evga are ugly as hell and cheap looking?
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    Whats Better...?

    Did you know this forum has a search feature? Both cards are neck and neck really. Just check out some reviews. See what games play better on what card. Also post system specs and res
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    [H] gpu testing methods.

    Why don't we make [H] play everygame in the world. Play threw every games single player and show what maps have slow downs. This doesn't make any sence right? So why use a crappy cpu that can bottleneck the gpu not showing it's full ability? Thanks [H]ard the the great reviews keep it up
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    Post Your Workstation 2009!

    Think we should change the thread name to Gaming stations. Currently looking for a Nice desk.
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    Downgrading From 4870X2 to...

    I think a hd4850 would play well with all those games but crysis...... I just got a monitor with a res of 1920x1200 and i was really surprised that my sig rig plays all the games i play really well TF2,L4d,Bf2142,(all maxed) Even fallout 3 plays really well with all high settings. Talking...
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    Motherboard upgrade without Windows re-install?

    one vista install for me = m2a-vm (am2) with a fx-62 to M3a-h/hdmi with a 9600 back to my Commando rockin a p4 Just uninstall all old drivers and you will be fine (im not using raid)
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    qx6700 what multiplier

    Unlocked multiplyers are nice because your not limited to just fsb overclocking. sometimes cpus have fsb walls. Like my p4 wont go any higher then 320 fsb even @ 1.75v-core