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    Wii U First Impressions

    There's several Wii U threads right now but we really need just one to discuss first impressions of the console itself and the games. If any mods could please pull some of those posts from the other one or two threads that have information related to this topic that would be a great help. Don't...
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    Radeon HD 7990 And GeForce GTX 690: Bring Out The Big Guns,3329.html Pretty interesting that RadeonPro eliminates micro-stuttering in AMD cards. I've used RadeonPro before I got my Nvidia 670's and I always thought it was a great piece of free software, this just confirms how talented...
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    Best 30" Monitor Consensus

    So I'm looking to finally upgrade from my workhorse Dell 2405 24" monitor and I'm thinking about going with a 30" because I really want to keep the 16:10 ratio instead of the the newer 27" 16:9 monitors. As the title states, what is the general consensus now on the best 30" monitor on the...
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    Neo Geo X Gold

    Neo Geo X Gold gets worldwide December release date, $200 price tag.
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    GT 430 vs GTS 450

    I've recently been playing through Batman Arkham Asylum again with my GTX 670 handling the PhysX processing on the high setting and it was doing really well until the second Scarecrow encounter when my framerates plummeted to below 20fps and even as low as 8-10fps at the very end before the...
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    Darwin Machine

    I don't know if this has been posted before but nothing turned up in a search for Darwin in this forum. For those of you looking for something different. They're pricey though, not really my style but I'm sure someone will buy them for their unique style...
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    Test Drive: Ferrari Legends

    This one is sort of flying right under the radar. Wasn't aware of racing fans knew this one was coming soon. I've never been much on Test Drive games since some of their originals on the PC WAY WAY back in the day, but this looks like to be much like the NFS series now and only using the Test...