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    Your favourite current gaming mouse?

    Just picked up a Roccat Kone XTD as well to replace an MX518. So far so good, I loved the MX518 ergonomics and this is somewhat similar.
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    Moving Shared folders w/ Permissions

    Hopefully this is the right place to ask. I am trying to copy a shared folder from an old file server to a new one. It has a lot of different NTFS permissions set within it to limit access to users on the network. Both machines are Server 2008 Std. I have tried robocopy and richcopy and both...
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    Anyone do any Fax over IP?

    Fonality does have their own service but it's pretty expensive. We were hoping to just have a server register with the PBXtra but they won't add the server MAC address for us, oh well. Good stuff, thanks guys.
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    Anyone do any Fax over IP?

    What kind of software/hardware do you use? For compliance issues at work everyone needs to be able to send and receive faxes via email. It's only about 30-40 users and not a whole lot of volume so were trying to be cheap. We use PBXtra from Fonality as our VoIP service and currently have 4...
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    Why doesn't Nokia - Windows Phone uses retina display?

    Yeah thats what I figured, hopefully sooner than later.
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    Why doesn't Nokia - Windows Phone uses retina display?

    Went from IPhone 4 to the 900. No complaints so far other than the marketplace sucks, not just the lack of "official" apps but the fact that they approve so much crap. Filled with Chinese and OMGSexyBoobsHotSexFacts apps. There are 3rd party marketplace browsers that are much better and do...
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    Lumia 900 - Q&A :)

    Want. Know how much it will be without contract?
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    Spotify Invites

    I'd appreciate one as well, thanks in advance!
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    Google + invite button is up

    I'd appreciate one. Thanks in advance. ratfester (at)
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    Kids Sing Portal "Still Alive"

    There are certainly much worse games kids can play than Portal. I bet 90% of the boys there play Battlefield or CoD type games all the time in front of their parents. Just because they are singing the word "dead" doesn't really make that song inappropriate. Just my $.02.
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    headphone setting vista/win7

    Hmm, thats exactly what I've been doing but no go. Even as the default device all sound still goes to the speakers. But the "Test" audio does play in the headset. Oh well I'm sure they'll work it out like you said.
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    Windows 7, what works and what doesn't

    lol. Dude, if I turn UAC off, no gadgets. Cant even run the program or add gadgets manually. Turn UAC on and everything works. Multiple people have had the same experience. It's a beta, leave us ingorant users testing things alone.
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    headphone setting vista/win7

    Well if you're using Win7 I think its broken because I cant get audio from my usb headset unless the software specifically has an option to select the output device. In Vista it would automatically direct all sound to it and mute the speakers when I plugged it in. I'm using the same board but...
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    Windows 7, what works and what doesn't

    Sidebar/Gadgets will work again if you enable any level of User Account Control and reboot.
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    Windows 7, what works and what doesn't

    You can get some UltraMon functionality by running UltraMonDesktop.exe and UltraMonTaskbar.exe straight from the program directory. Multiple wallpapers and a taskbar at least...
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    Windows 7 start menu

    Anyone able to organize their start menu? It only lets me add folders named "New Folder" and I cant drag/drop anything to them or rename them. I've tried via explorer and directly from start menu. I'm trying to pretend I have a classic menu...
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    8800GTS dead, what next?

    My eVga 8800GTS 640MB is giving up and apparently I didn't register it, dumb I know. I still applied for an RMA so we'll see what they say, but if they won't replace it what would be a similiar card performance wise. I mainly play TF2 and L4D and the 8800 ran those fine at 1920x1200. For...
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    so now that i've decided i want a plasma...

    I'd definitely go with a 50". The 42's look much smaller once you get it home. We went with a Pioneer 50" (720p) and it's beautiful.
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    Call of Juarez DX10 Benchmark out!

    Min-8.1 Max-28.5 Avg-16 1920x1200 MSAA 2X Low Shadows Looked pretty good though.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    eh, just seems to be more detail in some others' pics but yeah its not too bad I guess. It's a Canon SD300 4MP.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    I know I should move the right speaker from behind the monitor but to be honest I can't hear a difference from when it was next to the Viewsonic 19". The 2407 is a day old so I had to share... These pics compared to most of yours make me realize I need a new camera.
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    Dell 2407 $609 HOT!!

    Damn, and of course the 20% off email coupon expired yesterday.
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    P5B-E wont restart correctly

    Mine is doing the same thing. Have to shutdown then manually turn back on. Weird. E6600@1.35v 7*430 BIOS 1002
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    Which D9 2gb kit? Help me decide please...

    I received the Firestix from newegg on Friday and they are D9's. Havent had a chance to test them yet though.
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    P5B-E 0807 Beta BIOS?

    Not sure what it changed, but have been running it with no problems.
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    Asus P5B-E wont post! Please Help Me!

    I know mine won't boot with a USB hub attached, but it does show a signal. Try a different stick of RAM if you have it, I think 2.1v is as high as the board will go and thats what your RAM needs, so not sure if you have to manually set that or if it will auto-detect it. Someone else with more...
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    10 AMEX Reward Card for FREE

    Worked second time for me using all lowercase, even though it shows uppercase, might be the problem.
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    AMD Tech Tour Bundles

    Just got back from Irvine, they said if you didn't pre-order than there is nothing they can do for you.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    That's the O'Sullivan Diplomat "L-Shaped" Workcenter. Staples SKU 430270. Nice and roomy desk.
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    Viewsonic 912B non-reflective?

    Yes, California, and I got it from Dell.
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    Viewsonic 912B non-reflective?

    Mine was made Dec 2004 and its got the anti-glare screen. So I assume any made in Dec or after will have the new screen. The revision # on the box is 211. I was looking forward to the reflective screen as it really brought out the color but now I'm glad I didnt get it. Colors look great and...
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    vp912b performance questions

    No, it was a PS790, short depth CRT. I always ran it at 1152x864 because that was the highest res that would still run at 100hz refresh rate. Gotta say the more I use it the more I like it though.
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    vp912b performance questions

    1. No, not on mine anyway. 2. Took a bit of playing with but looks great. May have to set up a different profile for the game vs. desktop/web stuff. 3. So far I'm very happy, build quality is excellent. Came w/ 2 stuck pixels, one rubbed out easily and the other is in the bottom corner...
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    Vp912b question

    Just got mine yesterday, if you hit the "2" button it goes black for a few seconds then its comes back on and says DVI on the screen, looks like that toggles VGA/DVI.
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    Viewsonic VP912B

    Awww, nevermind, shipped something about the environmental fee for CA.
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    Viewsonic VP912B

    Ordered Saturday and shipped on Sunday, so much for the 3+ Week wait.
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    Dellf Game! Win Laptops Plasma TV's etc. (consolation prizes too!)

    You have WON a Dell 17" LCD TV from Dell! Sweet! Thanks OP for the heads up.
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    Sony SDM-HS94p and Viewsonic VP912b

    I'm trying to decide between these 2 as well. It looks like the Viewsonic will be MIA for a while, so good question.
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    Where the HECK is the VP912b??

    Good question, I've noticed the same thing. The ETA's keep getting pushed back.