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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Having uploading problems...I'll post more later.
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    CompUsa 3 DAY Red Tag Sale

    The closest Fry's to where I live is 200 miles :( .
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    Great prices on MP3 players - 2GB Ipod Nano rip-off for only ~$45

    Someone post pictures of the Glacier again...I ordered the 4 gig one...I would like to see more. Thanks.
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    Newegg AMD X2 3600+ Brisbane Free Ship $65

    Hows the overclocking?...could I get a 4600 out of this? I cool with a:
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    Great prices on MP3 players - 2GB Ipod Nano rip-off for only ~$45

    Bit on a 4 Gig Glacier...I'll post some pics/details when it comes. Everyone is pretty happy with theres it seems.
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    The "Lighting" Gallery...

    I'll play.
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    Upgrading from 1 gig to 2.

    Right now I am running a socket 939 FX-60 and 2 512mb sticks of budget Corsair pc3200. I want to upgrade to 2 gigs and got myself thinking; should I just add a 1 gig stick and add it to my current setup? Or should I get 2 dual channel 1 gig sticks. So here is what I'm comparing: 2...
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    Breakthrough In Batteries?

    Did they say anything about cost? Cause you know the day they release batteries that last 10 times as long is the same day that battery prices go up 10 fold.
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    7950 GX2 Overclocking problem.

    Anyone? Bump
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    7950 GX2 Overclocking problem.

    I enabled Coolbits in my NVIDIA Control Panel and used it to overclock my 7950 gx2. I read some reviews that did the same. I got it up to 1500 MHz on the ram and 605 MHz on the core. I recently ran Everest to see if it worked and here is my situation: It shows 2 "GeForce 7950 GX2" which...
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    2x 240CD wallets for $13

    Got me on...err two! :p
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    NFS carbon demo is out

    ] Delete the "DirectX" folder out of the directory that the game unpacks into. Worked for me at least.
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    7950GX2 SLI verification

    Does your Nvidia driven software say that you only have 512? Cause mine does. I just want to make sure I'm getting all I can :p
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    7950GX2 SLI verification

    I just bought a EVGA 7950GX2 and a Biostar Tforce4 SLI board and I loaded up and installed all the newest drivers and can enable SLI in the nvidia software except when I run DxDiag or look at the nvidia adapter information it only shows 512MB of video memory...Making me think that the card is...
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Perfectly put. And on top of that it is up to each person what they want to or do not want to do with there computer case/car/anything. If you have such a problem with it don't browse a forum where thats all your going to be seeing. Personally for me I modded for functionality and to make...
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    I can dim and turn off the lights via a front control panel. There is 2 12 inch cold cathodes and 3 6 inche ones. Its not as bright as it looks in the picture.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Posted a while back... New PS and an X-FI added. AMD 3700...Zalman cooled X850XT PE...Zalman cooled Abit AV8 1Gig DDR 400 2 Aerocool Turbine 1000s 2 160 Gig WD Caviars and a couple cold cathodes CUP O' NOODLES
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    The Lian Li Gallery

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    My first Dremel Cuts.

    Pretty good. Where did you get that black lining that you used to cover the edge you cut. I have a V-1000 and I've been wanting to put a cut just like that in it but I'm afraid that I'll short the wires on the bare metal.