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    Olsson Ruby Nozzle

    Wow, this nozzle is really good. I don't work for them at all. It's a pain for me to keep switching nozzles when printing abrasive materials such as carbon fiber. With this nozzle, you just set it and you don't have to change it again. Carbon fiber filament wears on...
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    Prusa Multi Material Unit

    So I bought one of these during cyber Monday. I wanted to play with multi-color prints. Anyone have one of these?
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    Moai 200 SLA Printer

    Any thoughts about this printer? The resins are slowly becoming less and less smelly from what I've heard. With a printer that does a fairly large size, I'm definitely interested. It does 200x200x200. My Prusa Mk3...
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    Additional cooling for Prusa MK2?

    I think my prints are curling from not enough cooling. Is there any adverse effects if I just put a box fan blowing on the print? Should I turn off the bed heating after a few layers? Large prints aren't successful with PLA unfortunately.
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    Recommend a CNC for creating picture frames

    Can someone recommend a CNC for creating picture frames? Thanks!
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    Samsung Q9F HDR Issues

    I'm running a Nvidia Shield on this TV but according to the manual, in order to set HDR, I have to use this function called HDMI UHD Color. The issue is that once I turn this on, the screen flickers and doesn't display anything on the TV. It comes up as no signal. If I leave the function off...
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    Build a home theater system or just buy a Bose Lifestyle 650?

    Ok, I just bought a house that I'm pretty much only keeping the 4 walls. I'm looking for a home theater setup. I went looking for speakers that I could keep in the walls and the price was rather higher than the Lifestyle setup. There's a few pros and con's I see: Custom System Pro: Flush...
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    Learning Solidworks?

    Apologize ahead of time if this is in the wrong forum. I'm trying to see what the best way to learn Solidworks. I prefer online classes but classroom could be nice as well but I don't have a lot of time to do something like that. Can anyone suggest a good place to do this? Looking to...
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    Corsair AX1200i / DDR3 16gb RAM / XSPC Intel Waterblock

    Used Corsair AX1200i. Barely used because the wife preferred laptop. Corsair AX1200i ATX PSU - No Reserve DDR3 GSkill Ram 16GB G.SKILL 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 1866 PC3-14900 Desktop Memory Kit (F3-14900CL9D-8GBXL) XSPC Intel Waterblock XSPC Raystorm Intel waterblock
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    Several items for sale. Pump, Res, Radiators and 2x Sapphire 290x

    I've listed several items tonight. Here's a listing for one of the items: Swiftech MCP655 - Liquid cooling system pump #MCP655 with Bitspower pump top. Check for the rest of the items under my name. I also have heat under Thanks!
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    ASUS ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080 OC Edition IN HAND -- FREE Shipping One day auction. Deadbeat bidders never intended to pay. Need to fund my new setup. Motherboard blew up.
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    Migration to new X99, old RAID 5 still good?

    I'm thinking of migrating to the X99 platform. My motherboard has some issues now. It's currently hooked up as a RAID 5 on my Asus Rampage IV BE. Will it still work? Or do I have to just wait for the RMA to come back? I didn't want to upgrade now but this computer has been only built for 2...
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    6800k vs 6850k

    My computer keeps dropping the USB ports. Motherboard might be on it's way out. Asus Rampage IV BE. Looking to upgrade. I'm just wondering if it is worth it to go to a 6800k or a 6850k. Price is about 200 dollars more for the 6850k. The biggest difference is the PCI Lanes. How does more...
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    GTX 1080 STRIX SLI worth it for non-4k?

    I'm playing on a Acer x34 Predator monitor and it's maxed out at 1440p res and 100hz. Is it worth it to get another gtx 1080? I only play Overwatch, Witcher 3 and Tomb Raider. I can't get 100fps with tomb raider with widescreen 1440p and I doubt even if I added another card, I don't think...
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    Algae? Advice?

    I built this rig about a year or so ago and I've drained it about every year. I replaced both RX480's due to them leaking. I flush the new radiators with distilled always. Looks like something ended up growing. Maybe not enough PT-nuke since I have a fairly significant size loop. See sig...
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    AIO Geforce GTX 1080 Hybrid Release date?

    I'm curious when this is due to be released. From the reviews that I've been reading, this card runs rather hot and unless it's water cooled or with an AIO hybrid, the card would throttle. Thanks!
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    Rigid tubing

    Is this tubing reliable? I've been using the regular tubing for a long time and I'm curious if rigid tubing is easier to work with now.
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    Nvidia Shield Console

    I'm thinking of picking this thing up. Problem is that it doesn't output optical (Toslink). It has a USB that can be hooked up to DAC's. Nvidia hasn't provided a list of what DAC's are compatible. I bought a Peachtree Audio X1 Asynchronous 24/192 USB to SPDIF Converter on Amazon to see if it...
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    SSD cache on QNAP-451

    Has anyone tried this? Any noticeable difference adding this? I'm running 3x 3TB WD Red's in RAID 5. Will this assist with access speed? I may have a 80GB intel ssd that I'm not using.
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    Using own router with Verizon Fios

    Hey guys. I've been unsucessful in doing this so I'll try to explain. I have a seperate N router that I want to use as my router. It's currently set up as while the Verizon router is on . Anything hardwired to 2.1, none of the port forwarding works. Is there...
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    Black screen hang before booting into Win10

    I never had this issue before but after the upgrade, the boot up hangs just before the login screen. It's a black screen and I have to wait like 20 or 30 seconds before the login screen comes up. Has anyone seen this behavior before? Thanks.
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    2nd pump?

    Ok based on this article: I read adding another pump dumps a bit of heat. Will this cause water to evaporate faster than usual? Or maybe I can rearrange my loop to be more effective. Currently this is...
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    Asus ZenWatch

    Have you guys seen this watch? It looks actually pretty nice. I prefer the functionality of a Galaxy Gear S but aesthetically, this looks better. It was supposed to be already released at Best Buy but I haven't seen any displays of it or...
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    Water evaporating?

    I've been running my setup for a while. I notice that I'm having to fill the water quite a bit more than I used to. Some people are telling me it's evaporation. There are no leaks. I'm having to fill the res about once every two weeks. The only thing I think it could be is that the cap...
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    Upgrading ram, should I do it?

    Ok, so I've been running 4 sticks of 1866 G.Skill ram (16gbs) for as long as I can remember. Since moving a 4930k setup and a tri-fire 290x, this has been left untouched. Will upgrading the ram to a faster ram show or have any noticeable difference? I've oc'ed my system to 4.5ghz and it...
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    How did this happen?

    Ok, the tube looks warped and flattened for some reason. It was fine before. The tubes coming from the video cards are somewhat distorted as well. Did the heat do this? Suggestions? Tubes did not kink in the beginning but over time, it appears it did...
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    How to undervolt Sapphire 290x Tri-x?

    How do I go about undervolting? Do I boot into windows to do it? Let me know.
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    HP ZR2740W or 144hz Asus monitor

    One of my really old monitors just went out and I was using my eyefinity setup for a long time for productivity. It's time to replace it. I recently upgraded to triple R9 290x's so it can drive a decent 4k display. I did pick up a 144hz Asus monitor yesterday however it seems to really...
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    3x VG248QE 144hz monitors on BF4?

    I'm curious. I haven't changed my panels in a long time and I'm thinking of buying these Asus panels. Out of curiousity, will this do 120hz in eyefinity with my triple R9 290x's in BF4? If it doesn't, that's fine. I was just curious if it did. I wanted to upgrade to these panels for...
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    DDR 1600 vs faster ram?

    I currently have 4 sticks of 4GB @ 1600. G.Skill ram that came out of my 1155 board that is now in my 2011 board. Do I need to get some faster ram to fully utilize my 2011 board? My rig is in my sig. Should I get some 2133 ram? Will I notice any speed increase?
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    BAMT does not work on Asus Ramage IV Black Edition

    I boot it up and all I get is a black screen with the mouse looking like an X. No desktop ever starts up. I want to try to get this running in windows however I've never been able to without have a ton of HW errors. This is even after doing all the setx commands. Any suggestions on how...
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    Best socket 2011 board for Tri-fire R9 290x

    My 1155 took a dump. Started just once with the Tri-fire setup and then it went dead. Now that I'm upgrading, I might as well refresh the setup. I'm looking at a 4930k with a Gigabyte X79 board UP4 board. Is this a...
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    xintensity settings and high stales

    I'm uncertain if it's related to the pool or rather just xintensity setting. I've been running with regular intensity at 20 and it does about 940kh/s and 890 on another card. Per suggestions for xintensity settings, I set it to 1100. It bumps everything up to 960 and 900 respectively but...
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    Random BSOD's with Crossfire R9 290x

    I'm getting random BSOD's. They're not during gaming but usually when doing productivity which is really stupid. I have two of the monitors hooked up with dvi and the other one with a dp to dvi active cable. Now the progression of what I've done: I ran SLI on my GTX 680's and I was...
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    Tri-Fire R9 290x, 1200W PSU sufficient?

    I have a Corsair 1200w psu, is it possible to run three R9's? I'm not doing 4 but if it's 300W per card, it's 900W right there already. I have no idea how much juice my overclocked 2700k is pulling. Should I get another psu to support this card?
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    2x GTX 680 4gb versions (one with waterblock, one without) NR

    Yeah, no reserve. Upgraded to Crossfire R9 290x's.
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    HW issues once intensity goes past 13, R9 290x

    I tried everything to get this to work properly. I previously had the card running in BAMT on a different rig and since then I moved the cards to my personal rig and watercooled and crossfired both of them. My personal rig runs windows and I figured the settings would be identical for the...
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    EZ Plug Molex on Asus Maximus P67

    Hey guys, just wondering if these do anything. I am running SLI and pushing the cards just a bit causes it to crash. Also do I plug in both of them or just one? There's one in the middle of the board and one at the top. Hope someone knows what these do. Manual doesn't tell me to...
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    Asus Maximus IV P67 Tri-fire?

    Ok, I'm thinking of doing something pretty crazy. I want to keep my current LGA1155. I want to tri-fire 3 watercooled R9 290x's. Manual says it will support tri-fire but I'm not sure if anyone has ever done it. Do I need to run 2 psu's to support the cards? Can this mobo even support...
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    BAMT stops mining after a few minutes v1.5

    I'm not sure what's causing it. It starts mining and then after several minutes, it registers zero: { "pools" : [ { "url" : "xxx", "user" : "xxx", "pass" : "xxx" }, { }, { }, { }...