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    PayPal Hates on Hate and Haters that get Paid for Hate and Hating

    "Alt-left" doesn't exist. Just an extension of the same morally bankrupt "both-sides-ism." False equivalence between a few antifa who go too far and a whole cottage industry of neo-Confederate/neo-Nazi thugs who've been peddling their ideology for hundreds of years is willful blindness at...
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    FaceApp Forced to Pull “Racist” Filters That Allow “Digital Blackface”

    On what planet did they think this was a good idea? It was going to court controversy, no matter how stupid the resulting arguments might be.
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    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Is Now Available on Steam

    I have no idea what this game is about, but I need something new and this seems to be winning accolades. Purchased. (Of course, it may end up on the pile of "Steam games I bought and haven't played," but 'tis the hazard of Steam...)
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    Google Employee behind Anti-Diversity Memo Is “Exploring All Possible Legal Remedies”

    And this is why when I hear the argument that the lack of women in [insert field] is just a result of benign choices, especially if the argument fails to question what might influence those choices, I call bullshit. Why would anyone want to enter a culture where their gender made them suspect...
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    There Are Nearly 200 ISPs Imposing Data Limits in the US

    Break the monopolies. Local loop unbundling and/or public fiber leased to whoever wants to create an ISP are the only ways out of this mess short of nationalizing the existing infrastructure.
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    The Web Is Getting Choked by Ads

    The advertisers poisoned the well a long time ago. We will never trust them again, between ads that wait to pounce on you until you're halfway down the page to popunders/tabjacking, sudden audio/video, malware, tracking... Their greed may break the internet because users are turning into Roman...
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega GPU Specs and Pricing Revealed

    How this shakes out highly depends on third parties, especially with that high TDP/power draw. If Asus, Gigabyte, etc. can slap a better cooler on that lets air Vega run like stock liquid Vega at a reasonable price, this could get interesting. I'm not sure how feasible that is (though my...
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    YouTube Red and Google Play Music May Be Merging

    I mean, that's what it effectively is right now. Just don't change my "early bird special" ($7.99/mo) and we're golden.
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    Say Goodbye to These Windows 10 Features in the Fall Creators Update

    Remove Paint? What? Unless there's some other lightweight quick image editor/resizer they're replacing it with, that makes no sense.
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    Intel’s 12-Core i9 CPU May Clock Well below AMD’s Threadripper

    You know you're making competitors sweat when they go out of their way to attack you. The worst fate is to be ignored--because it means your competition literally doesn't care what you do because you matter so little to them. Supposedly, Intel's whole CPU business plan assumed "AMD will always...
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    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Behind the Scenes

    Retreading A New Hope for Episode VII was okay--it showed "We know how to make a Star Wars movie; we're not going to turn this into <insert other franchise>." If they retread Empire though... Even if it's a legitimately good movie they're going to light all the goodwill they have on fire...
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    StarCraft: Remastered Will Be Released on August 14

    Development interviews said they literally playtested the remaster with pros from South Korea. Not only did everything have to pass the "looks test" ("Can I tell by glancing that's a Battlecruiser/Carrier/Hydralisk/etc?") but also the "feel test." Which meant leaving in things like odd pathing...
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    Verizon Customers Booted off Unlimited Plans for Using Too Much Data

    If they don't want people using their unmetered (which is IMO a better word than unlimited--they don't bill you by the megabyte but they can and will slow you down) connections in third-party areas, stop selling them out in the sticks. Of course, that would undercut the notion that Big Red "has...
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    Study: Solar Panels Create More Toxic Waste Than Nuclear Power Plants

    Another dirty secret is: That's not the real reason nuclear fuel reprocessing was banned. The initial ban was due to proliferation concerns and the policy remains to this day on that basis. While it's true that environmental groups oppose nuclear power, they weren't the ones who came up with...
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    Study: Solar Panels Create More Toxic Waste Than Nuclear Power Plants

    Slate isn't much better, but the broader point stands. This "story" is garbage and pure FUD. You'd never see an ISP shilling piece hit the front page about how Net Neutrality is "unfair" and "harms poor people" (sadly actual arguments they've used). So why this blatant propaganda from a...
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    StarCraft: Remastered Will Be Released on August 14

    The best part is that it can seamlessly play with/against people who are running the original game. Despite all the additions to the remaster, they can still talk to each other so it won't fragment the playerbase. Supposedly most custom maps will also work.
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    PCI-E/NVME SSD As Storage Drive

    Just tried a large file off my RAID array. "100%" of one core is about 6.25% (16-thread, 8-core Ryzen). It hit about 6% while loading, so it seems it's CPU-bound, unless it's IOPS bound. Further testing required. EDIT: 750MB file. 39s load time RAID. 38s load time SSD. Seems it is...
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    PCI-E/NVME SSD As Storage Drive

    I have some moderate-sized CAD files (150-500MB). They're annoyingly slow on my RAID6 array (13x 4TB) when it comes to opening and saving them (the I/O grinds the entire CAD program to a halt until it finishes). My motherboard supports M.2 PCI-E 4x, so a drive like this would work. That it's...
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    Netflix Is Now Bigger Than Cable TV

    This is me! I have a cable box, still shrink-wrapped in the closet, because it's cheaper to have that plus internet than just internet... Fuck Comcast!
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    Netflix Is Now Bigger Than Cable TV

    Will the incumbents adapt? Doubtful. They'll hit us with data caps which of course exempt their content but not Netflix (or other streaming competition), whine about "fairness" and insist Netflix somehow helps pirates. Then, they'll use their bought-and-paid-for lawmakers and lobbyists to...
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    Most of Mass Effect: Andromeda Was Developed in Just 18 Months

    Windows Vista: The Game (Development started, restarted, drama, etc.) I enjoyed ME:A. But seeing this crap explains most of my gripes with it--one does not simply rush an AAA title in 18 months and expect pristine results.
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    WSJ Ends Google Users' Free Ride, Then Fades in Search Results

    Reminds me of the European publishers who got angry at Google. They lost views too. The capitalist cheerleader WSJ can't see the irony in its inability to adapt to a changing market.
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    High Performance to Noise Ratio in Noctua's Next Generation A-Series Fans

    Oh good. I was wondering if I could replace the fans I have in my tower--they're quiet motor-wise but I think the airflow is what I'm hearing now.
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    Motherboard Manufacturers Say Intel Core i9 Limited to 4.3GHz on LCS [RUMOR]

    And the mobo makers thought AMD rushing them on Ryzen was bad... Great to see the monopoly cracking. I don't care who wins as long as there's a legitimate fight for best value to the consumer, which we haven't had in the CPU arena since the 939 days.
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    RyZen Pstate Overclocking, method, calculation and Calculator

    Yes, on the Taichi offset voltage for the CPU only applies to P0. For what it's worth, I haven't had a single problem with the beta AGESA 1006 that wasn't self-inflicted. I undervolted P1 and P2 but because the offset only applies to P0 the CPU crashed when transitioning through those states.
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    AMD ThreadRipper Prices [Rumor]

    I just jumped off my 2600k for a Ryzen 1700. The 2600k lost its ability to hold its overclock (relatively mild 4.4GHz/1.34v/Hyper 212+) and based on responses I got here on this very forum, it's just due to component aging as it was "Sandy Stable" over at when I first applied it...
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    RyZen Pstate Overclocking, method, calculation and Calculator

    Yep, that's why I broke it. Since the offset only affects P0, when I undervolted P1 and P2 I caused the crash since those were already at the lowest the chip was designed to run at given those speeds.
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    RyZen Pstate Overclocking, method, calculation and Calculator

    I think the reason the P-state destabilized is because I messed with the voltages below P0. Unless the offset should also apply to all other P-states. If that's true, then something weird is happening. When I choose "Customize" on the board, where does it get the initial P-state values? The...
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    RyZen Pstate Overclocking, method, calculation and Calculator

    To directly answer your question, noko, yes, the Taichi appears to be different. If I set P0 and P1 to a VID out of range for the 1700 CPU it defaults to P2. Or P3. Or whatever is the "first" one with a valid VID (not exceeding 1.1875 that the 1700 non-X allows). I have not tested pushing it...
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    RyZen Pstate Overclocking, method, calculation and Calculator

    EDIT EDIT: You can't change the VID of P0 or else it gets stuck. Use Offset mode so it gets the extra volts it needs at P0. Don't drop the voltage for other P-states because you can end up hardlocking like I did due to not enough voltage (apparently the offset only applies to P0? I may be...
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    New AGESA Parameters May Allow for Higher Ryzen RAM Speeds

    I'll be interested to see if enabling 2T lets my RAM hit 3200 via XMP (currently I can't get higher than 2933 with extremely loose timings to boot as my board forces 1T).
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    AMD ThreadRipper HEDT CPU Officially Announced

    Intel: Gamers will have 4 physical cores. AND YOU WILL LIKE IT. AMD: Nah. 8. Wait, 16! Now that the monopoly's been broken (Intel's upcharge beyond 4 cores is something only a monopolist could pull off) game developers will have the freedom to develop for higher core counts that don't...
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    Don't Tell People to Turn off Windows Update, Just Don't

    I'm against updates that... 1. Restart my PC whenever the hell they feel like it, causing me to lose work (only being able to disable this "feature" by creating a dummy folder in the Scheduled Tasks store). 2. Power on my PC whenever the hell they feel like it, wasting electricity and possibly...
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    NASA Pays the Price of Being Subjected to a Massive, Expensive Rocket

    There's a reason the SLS got dubbed "Senate Launch System."
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    Backblaze: Hard Drive Stats for Q1 2017

    People are drawing conclusions from the data I don't like! The data can't be contorted to support MY conclusion! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!
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    How to Stabilize Your AMD Ryzen Memory and CPU Overclocking Attempts

    I got MEMORY_MANAGEMENT at stock speeds--even though it was working "okay" through 4 hours of memtest. RMA-ed the RAM, no more BSODs. That said, I can't get past 2933 because my motherboad (X370 Taichi) forces memory to run at 1T command rate whereas its built-in XMP (which was designed for...
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    Digital Sales Now Represent 74% of the US Game Market

    BUT PIRACY! What killed physical game sales was easy, legal digital (all hail Steam--then immediately flip off Valve's customer service).
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    RyZen Pstate Overclocking, method, calculation and Calculator

    I'm going to be doing more experimenting with my LLC level (4 when 5 is lowest) since I saw (in CPU-Z) my volts drop to 1.312 under P95 load when it's set to 1.33625 (I think) in BIOS. Once I figure that out, I'll take a stab at these. Thanks for the details!
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    RyZen Pstate Overclocking, method, calculation and Calculator

    I just attempted this on a Taichi, 2.00 BIOS. Only works part-way--if I have the first 3 enabled with custom settings as shown in the video above from noko it still stays stuck at my overclock speed. But, if I set my overclock speed on P0 and leave 2 more on Auto, it downclocks...while...