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    Monoprice to sell re-branded FSM-270YG 2560x1440 IPS for $390

    Just talked to Monoprice customer service. The Monoprice IPS will be a re-branded FSM-270YG(they didn't say this, but the designs are identical) sold at $390 with a 1 year warranty and 60hz refresh rate(provided by the customer service). Proof...
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    AS5 vs MX-2 vs MX-3?

    I've finally exhausted all of my thermal paste and need to purchase a new tube; its been 5 years since I last purchased any thermal paste and what I found is most people go for the new MX-2 and MX-3 paste by Arctic Cooling. The reviews I've read show a max of 1-2C difference between all of these...
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    $650 Light gaming build

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Family and Friend PC(Mainly web browsing and some gaming) 2) What's your budget? $650 with tax and shipping 3) Where do you live? Maryland 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? CPU, RAM, PSU, Video Card, Power Supply, DVD drive, Monitor 5) If...
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    Windows 7 Desktop artifacts/BSOD

    I've been running W7 build 7100 on my laptop for about as long as it has been available, yesterday I installed Windows 7 retail disc and everything seemed fine. I run the updater, it installed my Nvidia drivers, I could finally enable aero so I did and I immediately noticed little artifacts all...
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    Vista 64 RAGE, digital signature enforcement

    I'm sure many of you are aware of Microsoft shenanigans requiring digital signatures FOR ALL DRIVERS. Now the only way to get around this bull is to F8 on every boot and to select to start windows without enforcing it. I've tried every possible technique on the interwebs involving using the...
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    New gaming rig, $1400 budget

    Well I've been planning to build a new computer for a couple months now, but my old system is finally starting to crap out(I get BSOD, black screens, and get stuck in infinite loops with only light usage of this machine) Case:
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    Everyone who signed up for COD4 beta is in

    Well there ya go.
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    Problems connecting to internet

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    Problems connecting to internet

    I have comcast home networking, with a linksys all in one cable modem and router, my entire network is wired and all but one of my computers can connect to the internet. I have called comcast and they came to the conclusion I need to reinstall my ethernet card(I told them I had on-board ethernet...
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    Is my drive dieing?

    Installed yesterday and had 1 fitness notch missing, today it's like this.
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    delete this mods

    nvm delete this
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    Question Coolbits

    Coolbits is running my 6800GT's ram at 2ghz :eek: before when I had coolbits it was only listed as 1000mhz, what is going on? This is default speed to, no overclocking.
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    Does anyone have the old AMD program

    That allowed you to select your AMD processor type, input a multiplier and FSB and it gave you your rated speed?
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    I need a new hard drive

    Well I've been living with 80GB for the past 3 years and I can finally say I'm sick of having to delete everything when I want to download another large file. I have been looking at 500-750gb external and internal drives but I'm turned off with the fact that USB2.0 is much slower than ATA or...
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    Convert videos for Zune

    What is the best way to accomplish this? I NEED .avi(xvid and divx) support. I try using Encode360 but get this error.
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    $599 Laptop No MiR Vista Premium 1GB Ram TL-50 Geforce 6150
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    $600 Notebook Vista Premium, 1gb ram, dual core processor, the LCD and case look great in store(comparable to models twice it's price) and it's $600 WITH NO MAIL IN REBATE. Any reason I...
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    $250~ Video Card Recommendations?

    PCI-Express, no preference to Nvidia or ATI. I missed out on the 8800GTS deal for $219 :(
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    Forza 2 no longer 4x AA This page use to say First they dropped the number of tracks they promised, then they dropped on screen cars from 12 to 8, and now they dropped AA from 4x to 2x, and all the devs can do in response on the forums is say at...
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    I'm taking a C++ class next year(intro course) But in the demo I saw we are basically making apps that open and run in command prompt(well I guess not literally but I'm sure you know what I mean), I was wondering what programs with GUIs are made with(C++ still?) and how you apply the GUI to the...
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    Just purchased a Sony DSC-H5

    Good idea? Bad? I looked at the Canon IS S3, but to be honest the Sony's superior low light pictures and 3 inch LCD won me over, but the Canon's daytime images look slightly nicer to me side to side with the Sony. I just wanted a nice 12x Zoom digital cam :cool:. It also has IS like the Canon's...
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    How can I set my resolution higher than 1024x768? I'm running Knoppix off of a flash drive, I want to set my resolution to 1600x1200@75hz. Also would it be worth the trouble to get a different distro on this flash drive? Doesn't knoppix run a virtual hard drive or something that is erased...
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    Which LCD? $250

    I think I am finally give in and giving up ye olde king of picture quality, the good old CRT. I currently have a 19" Samsung 997DF with a .20mm dot pitch, I love this thing to death but recently it has been giving me some red convergence issues in the top left, I also feel LCD has come down in...
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    Rainbow Six:Vegas, someone school me on the experience system

    So what is the deal? I just started playing online, I've noticed in Team Sharpshooter when I FINISH a match it says I've gained something like 300exp. I've been in at least 6 games, I was only able to finish 2, left early out of one, and I was KICKED RIGHT BEFORE THE END of the other 3, do I...
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    Keeping Wii Light Lit?

    I tried the trick, but it only stayed lit until I popped a game in, is anyone else able to keep it on?
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    Halo 3 Documentary On Live

    Title says it all, yes it is new. Low res on teamxbox
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    Component Switch

    I have no more component inputs available :( (1 HDMI, but it has hand shake issues...still waiting on a firmware update) I'm concerned that any generic component switch is going to introduce noise to the signal like my old pelican composite switch did, does anyone have any recommendations? I'm...
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    Is the Wii hard to play sitting down?

    Well, if I get it, it will be in my room....I have about 5 ft between my bed and TV, which normally is fine....but I have a 51inch projection TV and viewing angles make it impossible to play standing up :(
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    Digital Trends: Optical HD Battle May Be Over: HD DVD Wins Hopefully we can handle this one :) the Xbox 360 vs PS3 thread hasn't been locked yet ;) Interesting, and take it for what you will, Sony needs a miracle.
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    TV-B-GONE, Ninja Remote, and TVgo

    Well first to clue everyone in TV-B-GONE-A remote that is pretty small, it has one button you hold while it cycles through 200 power off TV codes, basically giving you the capability to turn on or off any TV you please. $18~ Link Ninja Remote-Similar, but you have to hold the mute...
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    PS3 vs Xbox 360, multiplatform comparison on Gamespot You can come to your own conclusions, but most of the games lean(slightly) in favor of Xbox360, PS3 is a year behind and these are multiplatform games.
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    When is the next possible Wii snag?

    Well I finally have the money, I should have hit walmart today but I forgot :mad:. I called around, everyone who sold them on Sunday said they arrived that day and they weren't holding them, Sams Club told me they have a truck every day at 12pm, CircuitCity told me they were getting them on a...
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    Thinking of Sirius S-50

    Well, I want to get someone Sirius for Christmas, and I really don't want to skimp on the quality of the unit....and I want it easy to install cleanly, I figured S-50 is the nicest one they have(well the Stiletto is toooooo rich for my blood) It's going into a 2001 Accord if that makes any...
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    COD3 Xbox 360 vs PS3 vs Wii

    Well, I personally only saw PS3 being brighter, which in the 360 version I know it has brightness settings....other than that it looked the same to me, you judge for yourself.
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    How hard is it to find a Wii

    Well I'm really up in arms for what to ask for, for Christmas. I can either A. Ask for cash, and buy a laptop(Birthday is right before Christmas, combined money from my family should be enough) Or B. Get a Wii, Zelda, and maybe a Zune But If it is that hard to find I don't want to...
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    Well, upon discovery my high school encourages you to bring a laptop to study hall if you like(and they have wireless internet) I want to buy a laptop now, to uh you know "do work," I'm definitely thinking less then a $1000. I stopped following PC components performance awhile ago(coming up...
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    $100> AGP card

    Well our dell died.....I really was not in the mood to go fix it, I had warned my family not to buy a dell and it would come back to bite them in the. It has a nvidia PNY ti4600 128mb AGP card, the fan on the card had died over a year ago killing any gaming done on it(morrowind, CS1.6 and some...