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    Which Launcher

    Can anyone tell me what Launcher or Theme this would be?
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    Disappointing Oculus Experience

    So I just tried for the first time the Oculus at the local Best Buy, and I was very disappointed. I had tried the samsung VR set with a s6 phone and it was just fine nothing great, and I thought for sure the Oculus would be a much better experience, but thats not the case. I feel that visually...
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    Glossy IPS 144hz Monitors

    Are there any Glossy IPS 144hz monitors out there ? or any that could be converted to glossy by removing the AG filter?
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    Nikon D7000 DSLR Camera Bundle

    Up for auction my D7000 with alot of extras !!!
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    Upgrade and Purchase Suggestions

    I'm looking to buy my son a Mac for xmas. It can be a laptop or iMac destop. The thing is I dont want to purchase a new one, being that they are so expensive. Wanted to know what would be a good older model that could still run the Mac OS Yosemite‎. Or mayby an older model where I can...
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    14GB DDR 3 SO-DIMM Laptop Ram Memory Assorted Sodimm DDR3 have some ddr3 laptop memory untested, currently at $0.99
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    Wifi sharing

    Ok I need some help here. I have a laptop that some how can get a internet via wifi connection from the neighbor. He was here and put the password, so I dont know it and there is no way I get it. Believed me I've tried. So only this laptop has access to the internet, but I want to see if I...
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    connect usb 3.0 device to esata

    I have a 32gb USB 3 flash drive and an external USB 3 hard drive 1tb that I want to use with my laptop. The laptop doesn't have USB 3.0, but it does have a seats port. Is there any adapter I can use ?
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    helo setting up dd-wrt

    Hello, Just want to see if anyone could help me out on setting up my linksys wrt54g running dd-wrt. I have a laptop that connects to the internet from a hotspot. I want to feed my router off the computer via ethernet, then have the router transmitt wifi for my other devices. I know that...
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    Unlock Iphone 2g

    Whats the easiest way to unlock a 2g Iphone on firmware 3.1.3?
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    Best Performing card that runs the coolest?

    I'm looking for a good card that runs cooool. Was thinking about the 8800gs, 9600gso, or the 9600gt. According to this souce 8800gs draws 27Widle -59W @ load the 9600gso 49W @ full load, and the 9600gt 27w ildle - 60w @ full load...
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    Help Trying to Identify This Wireless Adapter

    I just bought this item, thinking it would boost my wireless card signal. It it didnt work. Could anyone tell me what I just bought? Here are some pictures.