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    Coronavirus : Folding@home takes the challenge, needs your help.

    I’m all for this, but the only thing is that I never hear about any findings or cures or real advancements from folding. Please name a good real world or meaningful accomplishment from folding.
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    3.2TB SSD for $240

    Looks like they sold out
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    1080 TI or 5700 XT?

    It still scores way higher than a 1080ti on the frostbite engine.
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    1080 TI or 5700 XT?

    I’ve seen the 5700xt on some reviews match a 2080ti at 1080p on the frostbite engine
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    It's baaaaack... Logitech G502 $34.99 @ Amazon

    Amazon now has it at $47
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    3rd gen Ryzen discussion thread

    Looks like the 4 core 6700k is still faster in some games
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    nvidia specs question

    I’d say get a used 980ti for under $200 and call it a day
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    HP EX920 M.2 512GB PCIe 3.0 $89.99

    It has a lot of bad reviews on newegg
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    AMD Previews 7nm Ryzen CPUs at CES

    No clock speeds? I thought they were going to be at 5ghz?
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    Netflix Pulls the Plug on Marvel’s "Luke Cage"

    I hate Spartan Locke
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    FastSync can remove 1 frame of input lag in some games compared to V-Sync OFF

    Let me get this straight. FastSync gives you the fluidity of Vsync ON but with less input lag. But Vsync Off will always have less input lag than FastSync and also would be the most responsive.
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    FastSync can remove 1 frame of input lag in some games compared to V-Sync OFF

    Could someone please tell me in layman's terms what the best settings would be? I have a 144hz 1080p non GSync monitor and I mostly play battlefield 4 and battlefield 3. With a gtx 1060 i'm getting around 190-200fps. Should I use Fast Sync , if so at what settings?
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    Which Launcher

    is there any launcher that can do that?
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    Which Launcher

    no thats not the V20 its the G6
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    Which Launcher

    Can anyone tell me what Launcher or Theme this would be?
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    [HOT?] Spider-Man: Homecoming UHD -- $9.99

    So 35mm film is less than 4k?
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    It Takes Over 4,500 Hours of Gameplay, or $2,100, to Unlock All Content in Battlefront 2

    This is all a lie. I saw Stodeh on TwitchTV unlock everything in less than a week.
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    Dell UP3017Q - 4K 120HZ Oled 30"

    Vega you already have a PG27UQ 4K@144hz? I though it wasnt released yet
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    Do you prefer glossy monitors or monitors with AR film applied?

    Glossy. But nobody makes them. Only Apple
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    Analyst Predicts Weak Market for Samsung S8 Due to Attractive iPhone 8 Launch

    Isn't this year suppose to be iPhone 7s and iPhone 8 for 2018?
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    Dell UP3017Q - 4K 120HZ Oled 30"

    So OLED had no motion blur?
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    Pixel-Rich VR Display Eliminates Screen Door Effect

    The screen door effect totally kills the VR experience for me. Doesnt make you feel like you're in a virtual world, makes you feel like you looking at a tiny screen with a magnifying glass, washed out and pixelated.
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    1080p TN > 1440p IPS *PICS*

    What about the new XL2735 with DyAc new motion blur technology ?
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    Envelop VR Launching Windows Public Beta

    I tried the rift, I don't think the optics are good enough for reading text, or working on your OS
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    Another 980 ti or new cpu?

    What memory speed you running? I was running ddr3 1333mhz, and upgraded to 2400mhz and I got some boost on some games. Especially games with the frostbite engine.
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    Dell Releases World’s First 30-Inch 4K 120Hz 0.1ms OLED Monitor

    Vega probably already has 3 of them debezeled in surround mode
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    Disappointing Oculus Experience

    So I just tried for the first time the Oculus at the local Best Buy, and I was very disappointed. I had tried the samsung VR set with a s6 phone and it was just fine nothing great, and I thought for sure the Oculus would be a much better experience, but thats not the case. I feel that visually...
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    GTX1080 SLI on water runs 40c and 1911 boost clock - without afterburner

    Your cpu shows as a 6700k, but from the pictures it looks like you have an x99 motherboard
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    4K Xbox Scorpio Targeting 6TFLOPS, 1.5 Times Faster Than PS4K

    6tflops ? isnt that in 980ti range?
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    GeForce GTX 1080: Most Bizarre Secret Paper Launch Ever @ [H]

    So there is going to be no 1080 that costs $599 then?
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    Glossy IPS 144hz Monitors

    Is the S2716DG IPS?
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    Glossy IPS 144hz Monitors

    Are there any Glossy IPS 144hz monitors out there ? or any that could be converted to glossy by removing the AG filter?
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    650w PSU good enough for a 980 Ti?

    i have an evga 980ti SC + 3770k 4.5ghz running off a 600w psu
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    980 or 970

    I just got a 980 and it's great, but make sure you have a decent cpu. My i5 2500 is bottlenecking it
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    NVIDIA Launches The GTX 980 For Notebooks

    could these mobile chips be 14nm ?
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    A Virtual Tour Of The USS Enterprise-D

    Amazing !! Enterprise D is the best all time!
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    The Next iPhone Won't Be Using Traditional SIM Cards

    but i like to buy different phones all the time, and just swap the sim, its super easy. now i going to have to call the provider and they are probably going to charge an arm and a leg
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    390X coming soon few weeks

    What makes you think that you're going to be able to purchase Fury in July? They will probably also be in back order.
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    390X coming soon few weeks

    whats this ????