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  1. TheBlueChanell

    Seasonic Prime - Gold/Platinum @ NewEgg

    Just a heads for anyone wondering now for almost a year when the rest of the Prime line-up would show up for sale. Looks like NewEgg is starting to get the rest of the line-up in stock. I've been waiting patiently and checking pretty often so this had to of popped in the last week or two...
  2. TheBlueChanell

    Talltale: Wolf Among Us vs. Game of Thrones

    I'm looking to pickup one of the tellgames on the sale tonight. I've played the walking dead but am looking for something different. Between GoT and The Wolf Among Us which would you guys recommend? Also, unless I'm an idiot, it's not very clear, is the Game of Thrones series completed or is...
  3. TheBlueChanell

    R9 390X Incoming?

  4. TheBlueChanell

    Looking for Suggestings (Two Choices)

    Hey guys I'm finally putting together a new build after keeping the parts in my main gaming system roughly the same for the past 2-3 years with the exception of side grades of mobo, storage and videocards. I'm looking for a new PSU and am not 100% on what wattage I want to shoot for. Any hoo...
  5. TheBlueChanell

    Lian Li V358: Refresh

    Disclaimer: I did a search for "v358" before posting so if this is a repost I apologize Lian Li is refreshing their v350 line with the V358. It looks pretty interesting and seems to me like one of the best entries in this series since the original couple. Definitely going to pick this one...
  6. TheBlueChanell

    New Build: 750D/M6E/4770K

    Hey all. I'm building a new rig finally, specs are below and I'll post a couple of teaser pics. (not really a build log thread). I'm still not 100% of which GPU blocks I'm gonna end up with so any input is appreciated. I also wanted to replace my Supreme HF with a Kyros HF but I didn't feel like...
  7. TheBlueChanell

    Razer Rep / SteamOS / Synapse for Linux

    I think we have a Razer rep on the forums, if so, with the release of Steam for Linux and the impending release fo SteamOS are there any plans to bring synapse over to Linux? I've been using razercfg but it would be great to have a full blown version. Any non-razer [H]'er are welcome to...
  8. TheBlueChanell

    Maximus VI Formula: Rog Armor

    Anyone with this board, can you confirm if you can easily remove the ROG armor? Thanks
  9. TheBlueChanell

    Splinter Cell: Blacklist

    Anyone pick this up today? I did a search but didn't see any "official" or active threads. I've been looking forward to to it but I'm interested in the quality of the PC port and the shape of the game at launch. Anyone have any impressions?
  10. TheBlueChanell

    US - Athlon II 750K

    Has anyone been able to track these CPU's down in the US? I've seen many people posting about and purchasing them abroad but I can't seem to find them here. It's an interesting chip and I'd like to put one through it's paces. Anyone know where I can source one? Thanks
  11. TheBlueChanell

    Corsair PSU Replacement Stickers

    I'm looking to replace the sticker on my PSU with something that matches my current builds theme. I've seen a couple of builds here with replacement logo's of varying degree's of quality but there are a few that look great. I could probably rig up something up but I'm wondering those of you...
  12. TheBlueChanell

    Houston Area IT Consulting Co.

    Any of you guys in TX know of any reliable/good IT shops located in the Houston Area? We have a client with a couple remote offices out there and we are looking for another consulting company to act as a liaison in case of an emergency or if we need something done that calls for hands on work...
  13. TheBlueChanell

    New ZFS NAS Build, would like some input.

    Hey guys I'm gonna be building a NAS and I'd like some input. Originally I was going to use Linux/ext4 but I am thinking I would like to get my ZFS feet wet. I also looked into QNAP and Synology and decided I would rather build my own solution. I've got no experience with ZFS but have plenty of...
  14. TheBlueChanell

    Condemned on Steam

    Condemned: Criminal Origins is now on Steam. Excellent game and the right time of year to play it! If some of you missed i'd recommend checking it out, it's developed by Monolith and was released shortly after the original FEAR.
  15. TheBlueChanell

    [H]ot - Arc Midi $70 - New Egg

    Damn good deal on a case that regularly retails from $100-$120.
  16. TheBlueChanell

    Amazon $9 - Batman Arkham Action Pack Steam Copy (AA+AC)

    Sorry if this is a repost, did a search first but only came up with some outdated threads. Damn good deal for two hellagood games.
  17. TheBlueChanell

    [NewEgg] - 8GB DDR3 SAMSUNG MV-3V4G3D

    Received this code via email so your mileage my vary. Brings them to $40 shipped. I ordered a pair, should go nicely with the 5800K I just setup tonight. EMCJNJJ22
  18. TheBlueChanell

    MSI Enters Memory Market

    Found a bunch of MSI "z77 Optimized" kits on the 'Egg. Interesting, wonder who's making the IC's. Edit: Looks like rebadged Avexir.
  19. TheBlueChanell

    Alan Wakes American Nightmare on PC (Steam / GoG) Looks like we're getting it sooner than I expected. Hopefully they are also hard at work on AW2.
  20. TheBlueChanell

    Suggestions: ITX with ATX PSU, H60, GTX680

    I'm looking for an ITX case that will allow me to house a Full ATX PSU, H60, 680 and 1 SSD with little to no modding. Does such a case exist? I am thinking about an SG05 but I may need to change my GPU choice as It's to my understanding a 680 and H60 wont fit nicely.
  21. TheBlueChanell

    AX 1250 - $217.99 | 15% Instant | $20 MIR

    Pretty damn good deal, if only I had some extra $$.
  22. TheBlueChanell

    GTX680 - Single Card Surround

    Sorry if this is a repost, but there's too many rumour threads to sift through. I had a feeling this would happen. If Nvidia manages to produce a card that's significantly faster then the 7970 and bumps it out...
  23. TheBlueChanell

    Your CPU and GPU Progression

    I was kinda bored so I figured I'd start one of these. Here it goes, may have missed a few but this has been my progressions for my primary rigs: CPU: Tbird 750mhz - Venice 3200+ - X2 3800+ - Opty 165 - Pentium D930 - Opty 1212 - e4400 - e8400 - q9450 - Ph2 940 - Ph2 965 - x2 550 - x6 1090t...
  24. TheBlueChanell

    AW2310 Size vs. U2311h

    I'm looking to pick-up an 120hz monitor to replace my middle monitor in my eyefinity setup. Either the AW2310 or the XL2420T. I was wondering if anyone owns both the u2311/AW2310 and could give any input on the size. If I place the 2310 in the middle, are the bezels gonna line up okay or is...
  25. TheBlueChanell

    Brink - $5 + Free Weekend

    Anyone interested in playing? The game was pretty piss poor at launch but I've read they've done some good patching but unfortunately UT3-Syndrome turned it into a ghost town and it was too late. The game was solid but needed a cohesive team atmosphere, should get some games going!
  26. TheBlueChanell


    I didn't really want to start a new thread but I also didn't want to bump the "Rage Sucks" thread. I just wanted a place to give my two cents and maybe start up some conversation. I was incredibly stoked for this game but I didn't buy on release day, based on a rule of thumb I follow. I...
  27. TheBlueChanell

    New Max Payne 3 Info @ RPS

  28. TheBlueChanell

    Hot - Sapphire 6970 2gb $300 AMIR

    Pretty good deal. I was looking at other 6950 2gb for a buddy and ended up coming accross this. I did a quick search but sorry if this is a repost.
  29. TheBlueChanell

    Max Payne 3 Trailer

    First Max Payne 3 Trailer via Kotaku Just hearing those strings brings back great memories. This could be good even though Remedy is not working on it.
  30. TheBlueChanell

    Brink: Steam Sale?

    Anyone pick this up in the Steam sale? I was stoked for this launch but was turned off by launch issues. I nabbed it and played about two hours today and it's not that bad. It has a pretty strange learning curve but I like the idea that everything is based around team play. It is also running...
  31. TheBlueChanell

    Multi-Display, Displayport Weirdness

    I've been running 3x u2311's since December. Two of them are using DVI and one of them is connected via a display port cable and the mini-dp to DP adapter provided with my card. Just recently I've started having issues with the display port dropping connections when in game. I'll be playing a...
  32. TheBlueChanell

    Crosshair V @ NewEgg

    Available. $239. Sorry if this is a repost.
  33. TheBlueChanell

    Bulletstorm Price Drop.

    Bulletstorm is now $30 on Steam. I don't know how long it's been at this price but it had to of dropped recently cause I've been watching for it. Just thought I'd share the info, I'm definitely picking it up now. I enjoyed the demo but did not want to spend $60 for no multi...
  34. TheBlueChanell

    HOT - 64GB Crucial M4 $80 - No Rebate Apply HardOCP coupon code for $30 for a Grand Total of $80 Shipped. Didn't see this posted, hell of a deal.
  35. TheBlueChanell

    Nexuiz Anyone?

    I came across this digging up some Warsow stuff today. Seems like another arena shooter akin to Quake and Warsow but it's being rebuilt with CryEngine 3. Seems interesting. Will be available for xbl, psn and on steam. Anyone played the classic version?
  36. TheBlueChanell

    New Sports Game.

    Check it out.
  37. TheBlueChanell

    Caviar Black Raid 5.

    I've got two Caviar Black 640gb's now running in a software RAID on SB850. I'd like to convert this X6 system into a server and want to pick-up 4 more 640's for RAID5. Is this doable? I have read that the caviar blacks no longer support RAID in the firmware but haven't had any issues? Anyone...
  38. TheBlueChanell

    Crysis 2: MP Thoughts / Tweaks

    I realize there's two threads for this but everyone is just bitching about crytek, pc gaming, valve and the xbox. No one's really talking about playing the game. For those of us who actually played it for more than 5 minutes and are looking forward to it, what do you think? What needs to be...
  39. TheBlueChanell

    X-650w Low Load Squeal

    I think I may have made a thread on this a while back but my x-650 tends to squeal at low load. I sent a support email into Seasonic a while back and have not heard anything. When I boot up the PC and I'm in the pre-os environment the PSU squeals like hell. Sometimes it squeals all the way into...
  40. TheBlueChanell

    Took the Sandy Bridge Plunge

    Just ordered a new mobo/cpu to replace the cpu/mobo in the 24/7 box in my sig. This was supposed to stay static but the upgrade bug hit me pretty hard. :p i5 2500k ASUS P8P67M PRO I was kinda bummed that the K series cpu's need to have P67 to actually utilize the unlocked multi's. Luckily...