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    The Slim Machine: 4.5 Liter console-style custom build

    Looks an awful lot like this case: Logic Supply Compact Mini-ITX Case with Expansion | Logic Supply It's 4.2L. It might be easier to mod something like this instead of creating a case from scratch.
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    Node 202 Aluminum Wrap?

    I noticed the Node 202 is basically this steel frame wrapped in a plastic clamshell type wrap. I really hate the plastic look/feel but love the layout, lost cost and accessibility to purchase, and was wondering how difficult it would be to just make a new aluminum wrap for the stock steel frame...
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    Inverse: A Highly Versatile Steam-Box Design

    Am i the only one who's OCD is going crazy over those "random" holes on the front. The ones on the side aren't as bad, but i'd still prefer some sort of symmetrical order to the hole pattern.
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    500W Platinum FSP FlexATX PSU >1000w/Litre

    Great efficiency, same problem as all flex atx psu's. Loud 40mm fans.
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    Mini-ITX GTX 960 models released

    i really like many of the Galax models recently, but i can't find them for sale anywhere in America. They are not listed on Amazon or Newegg at all. Tried a google search and it also came up blank for stores in america.
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    Best thin fans?

    Some fans do a better job directing airflow centrally than others. You would need to create a tunnel on both ends to verify all the airflow from each fan hits the test item to account for that variance for this to work.
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    M600 Case - A Mini Steambox?

    and the system you tested it on, what TDP is the CPU? How many hard drives? How many fans? Any pumps or lighting powered off the PSU?
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    M600 Case - A Mini Steambox?

    i'll take my chances with the 240w brick.
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    M600 Case - A Mini Steambox?

    Did you try it, or are you just guessing? The 970 draws about 150w, the CPU i'll be using 35w, the board, m.2 ssd, and fans won't use more than 20 watts. So i see around 200w total for max power draw. Why would a 240w brick not be enough exactly?
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    Sketch of a <8L mITX cube with ATX PSU support.

    So basically an SG05 with the PSU under the motherboard instead of over? You know you can fit a full size ATX PSU in an SG05 right?
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    A short, not depth wise hieght wise (able to fit a reg. dual slot GPU) mITX case?

    so you want something that is around 8.5 inches wide, 5.5 inches tall, and you don't care about depth, with an ODD? Have you met the SG05?
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    Best thin fans?

    1. You can't trust the specs from the manufacturers on fans. independent reviews show over and over they are almost always far from accurate. About the only safe stats are the listed RPM and physical size. 2. I wouldn't trust newegg or any other sites' user reviews. "Silent" is very...
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    Sub ITX Gaming Rig Idea.

    The HDPlex power board will work with a 19v input and will give you a 12v output for pci-e connectors, that would probably be best. It's 123x44mm. Some of the Pico PSU's are wide input's that...
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    A ~6L brickless LAN/Gaming/LRPC case concept.

    If you can hear the fan, at all, from inside a case during normal use, its loud. It should be indistinguishable from normal background noise in a quiet room. You should not be able to tell when it kicks in, or ramps up and down just by listening to it from 1 meter away. You should have to...
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    What are you looking for in a mITX case?

    If you have the space, i really like the Thermalright AXP-100 and the Scythe Big Shuriken. If you need something smaller than that, my favorite is the NH-L9i. It's about as small as your going to get and still be better than stock cooling. Silverstone has 2 new low profile coolers out, but i...
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    A ~6L brickless LAN/Gaming/LRPC case concept.

    I have seen people say a certain fan is "silent" to them, and then i hear it and it sounds like a jet engine. "Silent" is a very subjective term. If its louder than 20db, its loud IMO. Most review sites think 30db is "silent" because the lowest sound level in the room with the review sample...
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    A ~6L brickless LAN/Gaming/LRPC case concept.

    honestly, id rather it be 1 liter larger and have a 120mm fan on the PSU instead of an 80mm fan. I'm sure loud/small fans don't bother everyone, but they bother me.
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    What are you looking for in a mITX case?

    The i7 4765t is on the list of benchmarks. It's right below the orange bar for the i5 4570s on the top benchmark. Battlefield 4 Comparisons: i5 4960k (88w) at top with average 108fps i7 4765t (35w) has average 103fps but if you look at the minimum FPS, the i7 4765t has top spot at 50fps. A...
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    What are you looking for in a mITX case?
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    What are you looking for in a mITX case?

    The only problem I've seen with the 35w chips is their availability. They are sometimes hard to find a place to buy them, and sometimes are marked up considerably because of this. But otherwise, clock for clock, they are very competitive with the full power chips like rawrr said. I think...
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    M600 Case - A Mini Steambox?

    I don't need more, and i like how this one has a slim form factor.
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    Layout idea for a truly ITX case

    Biggest reason i can think of: Dust. Especially if you have pets. Having the enclosure with the fans in it in a location with adequate cooling (off the carpet), and generally out of reach of pets makes maintenance and dust much less of a hassle. But i agree, if you don't have an optical...
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    Layout idea for a truly ITX case

    I'm always leery about putting components back to back like that. The backside of components get very hot as well (and typically have no heatsinks), and typically there is nothing behind them and they get adequate cooling, but not in scenario's like this. This vs the "normal" LRPC layout, you...
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    What are you looking for in a mITX case?

    Gaming primarily. The 120mm fans are to keep it quiet. I refuse to run fans over 1000rpm's, and so you need large fans in order to run them slowly and still have enough CFM to keep things cool. It also helps to use low power usage components, which is why i favor the 35w TDP intel chips...
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    What are you looking for in a mITX case?

    I want the Valve Prototype Steambox enclosure, without the circle of lights on the front. Hardware i use in my current systems: ITX motherboard with intel 35w TDP CPU, and 16GB of low profile ram 1x mid range graphics card under 10" long 1x m.2 SSD cooled with 120x25mm fans...
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    Silverstone FTZ01

    The product page for this case is now online: Finally a good looking case in this form factor, even if it is a little bloated in size.
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    The next NCASE project: a Steam Machine-style case (indeterminate)

    If they make a version without the windows, preferably FTZ02 or an ML version without the funky raven styling, honestly i'd just buy the Silverstone one. I can live with slightly less than premium styling, as long as its not hideous, and silverstone has a long history of making hideous cases...
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    Silverstone SX500-LG 500W Gold SFX-L

    PSU's are rates for different power outputs depending on the stock level of cooling they get. So if the stock cooling is improved with a larger/higher CFM fan, then its rated power would go up.
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    Is the form factor of slim slot-in drives standardised?

    So the dimensions and mounting is standardized, but the position and size/shape of the eject button on the front isn't.
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    Silverstone SX500-LG 500W Gold SFX-L

    80 plus platinum, fanless, 300w sfx psu please! i'll pay 200+ USD for that. i'm already paying $100 for the 250w DC/DC HD Plex board + $80 for a 240w passive AC/DC power adapter. So close to $200 already for only 240w for my current SFF build.
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    The next NCASE project: a Steam Machine-style case (indeterminate)

    So you run into the problem of where to put the PSU. If you put it in front of the motherboard, and make a cube around the psu/motherboard/gpu you end up with this void at the front of the case which will typically allow you to put in a graphics card up to around 10 inches. If you don't want...
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    Origin PC CEO: Steam Machines "Pretty Much Dead"

    It may be for some, it wasn't for me. The only thing i was ever looking forward to from valve was the release of the CAD drawings for the prototype enclosure.
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    Origin PC CEO: Steam Machines "Pretty Much Dead"

    For me, the reason has always been the same. That 7 liter enclosure. Having a box the size of a console with full speed computer hardware inside. I could care less about steam's controller. I can make it work with Windows and a cordless Xbox controller.
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    New mITX build

    i keep forgetting 20L enclosures are considered SFF by most...
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    Probably a really stupid idea for a 12L SLI mATX case.

    127mm x 310mm x 300mm = 11.8L Those are about the smallest dimensions i could see with this layout. Might need to expand some of those a bit for fitting. But yea, 12L should be Do-Able. That would give you enough space on both sides (or top/bottom for vertical) for 25mm thick fans...
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    New sub 10L itx case, SilverStone RVZ02!!!

    Honestly, looking at the back of those 2, it looks like they just took the shroud off the RVZ01 to drop the size down, the actual steel enclosure looks nearly identical on those 2, and the FTZ01 is just a face lifted RVZ01.
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    M600 Case - A Mini Steambox?

    awesome, thanks. I think I'm going to do the HDPlex DC board you went with as well. I found a 19v 240w passive ac/dc brick i really like that should work well with it: Even with a GTX970 i doubt my...
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    M600 Case - A Mini Steambox?

    Updated OP with your build log link. Question: What length riser do you need to flip the video card if you were to use a single straight extension cable? Is 250mm enough, or does that require a right angle riser at the end of it?
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    Interesting new type of low profile CPU cooler

    Prototype might be small, but its more of a proof of concept. I'm sure it could be scaled up for higher TDP requirements. Any step towards trying to make fans quieter is a good thing.
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    First time SFF builder - need advice

    The prodigy is a micro atx case that restricts you to a mini itx motherboard. In fact they have since released the exact same size case that lets you put a micro atx motherboard in it. Good luck getting it into carry on. 22" x 14" x 9" is what all the major carriers allow in america for...