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    Amazon Announces Plan to Fight Counterfeits

    Actually a good listen. btw. the 'tempered glass' item they refer to was phone screens. HUGE counterfeiter market with those... but what the link fails to address is the other half... fake reviews left on competitors items to drive down their spot and sales.. it is a MUCH larger issue and easier...
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    Amazon Announces Plan to Fight Counterfeits

    Except there are more then 30 countries pouring the fakes into the supply stream. I spend horrendous amounts of time investigating this issue, and informing purchasers of the facts, getting Vendors shut-down. The single LARGEST issue is that Amazon has started farming out logistics and Vendor...
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    Amazon Abandons Plans to Build a Headquarters in New York

    No..... They use transferred established & experienced staff to fill most of the mangement positions, and hire for new staff @ the locations suffering the losses.
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    Amazon Abandons Plans to Build a Headquarters in New York

    Amazon didn't just demand freakish tax breaks, they wanted long standing immunity to potential formation of Unions or organized action, preferential prioritization for air/ground transport routes, and significant discounts on use of water, sewage, and power. All so they could offer entry level...
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    Family of Teenager Killed in 116-MPH Tesla Crash Sues Company

    Next.. we sue Proctor and Gamble for making Tide Pods look so delicious! Society has managed to all but eliminate Darwinism.. and now the fucktards are free to roam the lands uninhibited.. breeding without restraint
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    Toyota Unveils Guardian System That Can Make Decisions on the Fly to Avoid Accidents

    Can it keep me from pulling into Taco Bell and blowing $30 on food I don't need and shouldn't be eating?
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    The State of VR in 2018

    Can't wait for the buzz words to finally die off and we can get back to what's important: better frame rates at lower cost in regular gaming.....
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    Creative Launches Super X-Fi Amp

    Not even a little. On-board sound has the ability to do 7.1, and all the other codec and specs... but when compared to an actual dedicated sound card the differences are night and day :(.. the problem is most people don't actually DO that comparison, and so they settle for what they are TOLD is...
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    Creative Launches Super X-Fi Amp

    I like to wear headphones in public places, and that's about it. I'm not a kid, don't live in my parents basement, and feel no particular need to be 'quiet' in my own home. I find headphones to be restrictive and almost claustrophobic @ times. I WEAR a set because I can't seem to find a decent...
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    No Man Sky Goes Underwater with Abyss Update

    wait.... "No Mans Sky".... set in the Ocean.... what am I missing? Is it just me or does this strike anyone else as a tad awkward ? :facepalm:
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    Creative Launches Super X-Fi Amp

    I am one of the few who couldn't care less about headphone audio.. I have a decent speaker system and playback 7.2 audio on it from my PC. Problem is my Xi-Fi Platinum Pro finally shit the bed last year.... and low & behold Creative refuses to support 7.1 audio . LOTS of overpriced crap in their...
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    Panasonic’s "Wear Space" Helps People Concentrate in Open-Plan Offices

    LOL!! Exactly! They are nothing more then Horseblinders, and they've been around for almost 300 years LOL!!
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    Drone Shot Simulates Airplane Collision

    These kinds of 'tests' are minimizing what actually happens. You're not seeing what the wind force is going to do to the edges of that wing when it catches them, the shearing force tearing it open. All you see is a sterile impact.
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    WinAmp is Coming Back From the Dead in 2019

    Never stopped using it... been registered since it first started.. love the program. Been using it since MODs, VOCs, S3Ms, & Midi files evolved and WAVs joined the pile. Adlib, Roland, and then Sound Blaster changed everything... Turtle Beach had some nice gear, but compatibility was a serious issue
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    Amazon Workers Lose Monthly Bonuses, Stock Awards as Minimum Wage Increases

    Amazon VCP is based on productivity of the plant or building as a whole, with Oct/Nov/Dec giving double VCP. Also, this is in combination WITH mandatory overtime, which makes the whole season a veritable 'make my holiday' windfall for most workers, regardless of their tenure (provided they were...
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    Capcom Finalizes Deal to Turn "Mega Man" into Live-Action Film

    ... co-staring Nick Cage! ... wait... wut? :facepalm: :banghead:
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    Amazon Employees Allegedly Leaking Data, Deleting Product Reviews for Bribes

    Can't argue with the fact that Wallies is where the dregs of humanity hang out @ 3am trying to steal from under the noses of associates who just don't give a crap. It's like Red-Neck Disney Land... I was a support manager for many years. Caught a couple eating a package of raw pork sausage...
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    Amazon Employees Allegedly Leaking Data, Deleting Product Reviews for Bribes

    If you ever wanted another reason to hate Amazon (and who doesn't?)... rumor is it they plan to give employees small raises (hourly associates only, probably a dollar an hour bump), but take away their facility profit sharing. Essentially they will be losing money over the course of the year, as...
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    Amazon Employees Allegedly Leaking Data, Deleting Product Reviews for Bribes

    The 'deleting' negative reviews is a bit off.... not EXACTLY what happens. Its more 'round-about' See, every Vendor has an account, those accounts get what is essentially merits and demerits based on positive and negative feedback. Many Asian Markets and Suppliers (China, Thailand, Hong Kong...
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    Many Rural Americans Lack Access to High Speed Internet in Their Area

    TCI ... in Cali.. for the LONGEST time, actually was calling 28k dial-up 'broadband'.. obviously this was back in the 90s, but they charged a horrendous fee for 120 DSL ... was insane
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    Pluto Should Be Reclassified as a Planet, Experts Say

    What if it self-identifies as a star? Do we have the right to impinge on the exploration of its newly embraced identity? I heard it also wants to be called 'chaz'
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    Pluto Should Be Reclassified as a Planet, Experts Say

    Re-classifying Pluto was like putting the color peach and making all the Presidents smile on the various US bills.... somebody wanted to be 'involved' in the process and make changes just so they can say they accomplished something... despite it being utterly unnecessary. I've always been in...
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    VR Shipments Decreased 33% Due to a Lack of Bundling and Discounts in 2018

    Shipments will continue to 'decline' as people once again grow tired of all the continued hype with little to no improvement on the tech, availability of media, usage that isn't 'situational nitch' and the dangled carrot of breakthroughs in the near future. VR is like 3D tvs.. if you have the...
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    Battlefield V on PC to Include Profanity Filter

    I hate sand... it gets into everything... in every orifice, in every crack... *fidget*
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    Battlefield V on PC to Include Profanity Filter

    "Oh Darn! He blew my gosh darn leg off!!" *confetti spews from the stump*
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    Court Rules on Merits of IP Address Identification in Open WiFi Case

    I am absolutely certain whoever attempted to sue was not actually the copyright owner, but yet another troll acting on a loosely worded agreement to share a portion of any awarded monies WITH actual copyright owner. This shit has been going on for over 10 years, and it is USUALLY a group who has...
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    Palmer Luckey Reviewed the Magic Leap Hardware and Called It a Tragic Heap

    Assuming tech writ-offs are part of Corp budgets these days... lets em take a significant loss on their taxes based on 'projected earnings' of that investment...
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    Cryptocurrency Teaches Novices Hard Life Lessons About Investing

    Prices don't need to be adjusted, just hammer the people who run buildings full of these rigs 24/7 with increases in fees, penalties and taxes.....
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    Cryptocurrency Teaches Novices Hard Life Lessons About Investing

    Greed, which travels hand-in-hand with the panic of 'missing out' on an opportunity... the mentality of something for nothing is it's own reward. News releases repeatedly revealed how currency backers were taking the cash and running... I feel no sympathy for any of them....
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    ASUS NVIDIA RTX GPU Series Introduction

    I'm done upgrading.. if they cant make improvements in performance and ability without slapping multiple cards together and taking up 2,3, or 4 slots.. they won't get my money... I honestly would have expected some kind of backlash from the community with how Cards stayed fat and bulky... yet...
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    Intel Rumored to Launch 9th-Generation Processors on October 1st

    Seen several 'press releases' about Intel and what MIGHT be coming 'soonish'..... Sorry, sounds more like hype released by their Damage Control squad after so much shit press involving their products... I'll believe it when It actually happens.
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    “Amazon Should Replace Local Libraries to Save Taxpayers Money”

    Census and assessment processes continue to 'fudge' the definition of what constitutes broadband... there was some scandal a while back about how ISPs and Providers were referring to anything over 14k dial-up as 'broadband'
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    “Amazon Should Replace Local Libraries to Save Taxpayers Money”

    Um... no.. they don't. Cards are free, and they have no restrictions on access of materials... what are you talking about? I take a trip to my Library a couple times a month because there is ALWAYS something I want to check out, be it books or movies... And businesses will traditionally agree...
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    New Thermalright Silver Arrow TR4

    Christ that thing is a beast...
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    Spectrum Cable Allegedly Intentionally Throttled Online Games to Extort Payments

    I dumped Spectrum/TWC because of this.. went with AT&T 1k fiber.. when I had Spectrum they would throttle me on Netflix, my online games, or just general browsing.. Sitting there watching a movie in HD and suddenly it cuts to pixelated SD and stays there. You call and complain and they state...
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    “Super Dangerous”: Police Chief Warns about “In My Feelings” Internet Challenge

    I want to see people trying to do this on the freeway... problem should take care of itself in a couple days....
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    Alita: Battle Angel Official Trailer

    FAIRLY certain poster is being sarcastic/facetious, largely due to the rabid knee-jerk reactionism passing for social (bowel) movement these days.
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    Alita: Battle Angel Official Trailer

    I'm the 1st person to stand up and call out the endless parade of schlock coming out of Hollywood... with literally everything being a celebration of style without substance.... ... that being said, this actually doesn't look like it sucks. I don't need explanations for every little detail for...
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    “Amazon Should Replace Local Libraries to Save Taxpayers Money”

    Failed argument for outright claim of opinion as fact, without supporting evidence or causality. Stopped reading almost immediately. Making a broad absolute without a basis of support isn't just boring, its lazy.