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    Help with fiber setup

    This is the really the first time I have connected anything with fiber that is not the exact same and I am trying to make sure this will work without problems. I am trying to connect my Dad's shed to the house network and they are about 160 ft away. The area has a lot of lighting so I want to...
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    OI and Napp-it Problems

    I have had a AIO ESXi system running for about a year now, I haven't had much problems with it but I have found a problem that I think has been happening for a while and I still have not been able to fix. My current system is running ESXi 5.5 Free running OI_151A8 in a VM with a M1015...
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    Backup ZFS Snapshots with Crashplan

    I know this is crazy but I would like to be able to backup my VM share on my file server running OI+Nappit to the cloud using Crashplan. I know I can't just try and backup the shared folder without shutting down the VM's for that long. So I was thinking I could just setup a auto snap shot job...
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    USB or Firewire Drives with ZFS Server

    I have a few USB/Firewire external hard drives laying around that are older and are IDE. I would like to use these drives in my storage server so they are not just laying around. But i do not have any IDE ports on my server. I do have USB ports that I could pass through or I could get a Firewire...
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    Nested ZFS Datasets

    I am running OpenIndiana 151a5 + Napp-it, running on a ESXi 5.1 server as a virtualized SAN/NAS sharing files over SMB. I want to have a Dataset for all my Media (tank/Media) and then have nested Datasets under that like (tank/Media/Photos, tank/Media/Movies, tank/Media/Music) I would like...