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    Warm, Seagate Green 2tb $110 @ Microcenter

    Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB 5,900RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive ST2000DL003 for $110. $30 cheaper than the egg. Prices are slowly coming down.
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    5 HITACHI Deskstar 5K3000 2TB Drives

    Delete me. Time for sleep
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    P8P67 Pro and 9240-8i issues

    Hello, I tried to install my IBM m1050 sas card (LSI 9240-8i) and can not get it to start in any slots (tried all 3 PCIE slots). The board works fine in an older MSI based machine. Any ideas on this or am i looking at an compatibility issue? Updated bios and cleared cmos. Tried about...
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    HOTTT!! LG E2350V 23" LED LCD $149.99 no rebates BM only

    My son is going to love me. Stumbled upon this while doing some shopping at HHGREGG. Eyefinity here we come :D
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    x800xl crossfire?

    Hello! After doing some research I can't find a solid answer about putting 2 x800xl pci-e cards in a masterless crossfire setup. I'm getting a 7900gtx2 card for my main system and will have 2 of these cards left over for my sons computer. Can I run these without a mastercard on a xfire...
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    HOT! BenQ FP202W Black 20.1" 8ms Widescreen $339.99 + $40 rebate free shipping!

    Just found this LCD $339.99 with free shipping and a $40 rebate. $299.99 for a 20"? Sounds hot to me
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    MSI 6800nu pci-e, will it unlock?

    linky I'm thinking about grabbing a couple of these and was wondering if anyone had any experience unlocking pipes and shaders on this model. Most of what I found online was that the AGP version of these cards unlock but nothing on PCI-E. Thanks for your help! Ben