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    New Build // Hybrid Computer

    ) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc 1/3 home theatre, 1/3 general computer, 1/3 gaming (Total War, Dragon Age, next iteration of Battlefield series, etc.) 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $1,100, yes 3) Where do you live? CT...
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    Fasa closes its doors

    Ok, so as many alreayd know Fasa closed its doors today; MS pushed them into an utenable position of making a Vista only game too early in Vista life. News link on the front page of [H] Anyhows, I dont care about Shadowrun., what Im wondering is, does this release the Mechwarrior franchise...
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    Ooohh - slamming deal on a Logitech G7 Laser Mouse!

    Out of left field, but Ritz Camera ONLINE has a slamming deal on a Logitech G7 cordless Laser mouse. They ahve an aggressive up front price along with a limited rebate (only a handful of companies are elgiible for the rebate). $30 AR plus $7 S&H. $37 for this mouse is as low as it goes imo...
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    New Fangled 1600 Mhz DDR3 from OCZ make DDR3 worthwhile?

    So I am planning my next system upgrade and I was wondering if this new fancy OCZ 1600 MHz ddr3 finally made DDR3 perforomance worthwhile. I read reviews on DDR3 both here and on Anandtech but those were using FAR slower modules than the newly announced one. Id love a [H] review of...
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    PotBS signs deal with SOE

    So its official, FLying Labs has signed on with SOE to be the publisher and billing/customer support/host for Pirates of the Burning Sea. Thougths and opinions? Its a shame imo, I was really hoping for this game to be good. I think most likely what happened is the devs ran out of money...
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    Age of Conan Beta is accepting applications

    Head over to the AoC site if you'd like a shot at being in the AoC beta. I am so hoping this game works out, I quit WoW permamenlty and Ive been hoping for an MMO ever since.
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    Sins of a Solar Empire Thread

    Ok so I decided to bite the bullet and pre-order Sins of a Solar Empire so I could join the Preorder Beta (no NDA hehe :) they have going on. I loved Homeworld and have been waiting for something similar for a long time. All in all I was surprised how well the engine is working, I didnt get...
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    I mean the electrical kind not epeen in game kind. I really feel the power draws are getting ridiculous on video cards. Every other subsystem is going down in power but we are forced ot conside rupgrading PSUs to ever higher wattage with a constantly shifting selection of power connectors...