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    Finally able to install 10.8 drivers using this order

    I haven't been able to install drivers since 10.4. Every time I tried I'd get some error. Most recently a BSOD with that damn "ATIKMPAG.SYS" BSOD. Anyway I decided to do some research and came across this post. Now...
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    Free shipping Cooler Master CM690 II Advanced Case

    Use promo code EMCYZNW22 First post here, I assume this promo code will work for everybody.
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    50C a little to high for idle temp on my 965?

    Is 50C high for idle on a non overclocked 965 125w CPU? I'm thinking it's my artic silver application.
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    Will the corsair 650hx work for 5870 in SLI?

    I did a little research but would like to know if anybody has tried the Corsair 650hx in SLI with two 5870s. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Any new CPUs from AMD soon?

    I did a little research but looking to see if AMD is going to be releasing a new cpu anytime soon. I think the 965 125w was just released. Any plans to release a faster cpu in the near future?
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    which one of you snagged that open box ASUS 5870 out from underneath me!!!

    On Newegg, damn it was close!!
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    Are these the new AM3 CPUs?

    I hadn't noticed these before and they're not on newegg. Also there's a new bios for "cpu id for NPRP" for the GA-MA790FXT-UD5P.
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    Question about a new partition and raid 0

    I'm currently running xp on a 80gig hd. I want to add my second 80 gig hd so I can have a raid 0 configuration. I know now that I have to reinstall windows. My question is, could I save my c: drive as a partition image then reinstall the os from the image after I configure the drives for raid 0...
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    Do I have to reinstall to do a raid 0? I think so.

    Going to set up a raid 0 and it's been such a long time since I've done one. Pretty sure i'll have to reinstall windows. Is that right?
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    Question about p4p800 dlx/memory

    I bought this mobo a week ago and thought the 3ghz P4 i bought was a dud because it would only o/c to 3150. I'm using pc2700 at the moment and have been running it at 400 dual channel with no problems. Anyway I set the memory back down to 320mhz and was able to o/c the cpu to 3.8ghz. My...