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    John Daly's Golf on PS Move

    thats what she said. yep i had to.... carry on
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    Star Ocean: The Last Hope

    wow, i put like 145 hours and there were still two bosses after the last 2 dungeons that i couldn't beat. personally i fell in love with this game but it might be because i how much i like the style of games like this. Tales of Vesperia was huge hit to me as well. i just gave up. after...
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    which spiderman game is the most fun?

    another vote for web of shadows!
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    5750 and hdmi issue

    thank you i will give them a shot.
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    5750 and hdmi issue

    Computer crashes whenever HDMI is unplugged or input is changed on reciever. i noticed this when changing between inputs that my pc would be in mid reboot by the time i saw anything on my tv. when w7 got back to the desktop it had recovered from a crash and when i expand the message before...
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    ps3 or 360 again.

    if your friends all have ps3's get one. if your doing the math don't forget to add up the extras on both sides. ie: extra controllers and things like that.
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    Enhanced God of War Blu-ray announced

    so we cannot have bc because they want to resell all these games to us again. :( ps2 games just sitting on my shelf that my ps3 wont play but i no longer have a ps2. awesome games but the fact they removed software bc just to sell everything to us again leaves a bad taste.
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    Guitar Hero 5

    same here. i even went and made my band all random avatars. really cool stuff. sorry you guys dont like it. my biggest complaint is how hard the hard setting is...
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    Guitar Hero 5

    wow i got it and thought it was fun. did you guys even play the game?
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    Tales vs Lost Odyssey?

    tales without looking back!! awsome game. lost was good but its not near as good as tov.
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    Valkyria Chronicles.... Best game since FF7

    i like the battle system and strategy aspect but it feels empty other then that. i will sleep on it and play a little more. thanks for the input. btw i loved Star Ocean, Blue Dragon, and Tales of Vesperia. i like just wondering around if i want to.
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    Valkyria Chronicles.... Best game since FF7

    ok please tell me it isnt only instance after instance... i mean there is a chance to explore and find stuff and wonder around right? not just page after page of instance after instance? i really dont like how you cant do anything but play the movies or enter a fight sequence. i just got the...
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    Valkyria Chronicles.... Best game since FF7

    do you not run around and primarily use a gun?
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    Valkyria Chronicles.... Best game since FF7

    mgs4 is a no go for me personally just not interested. not really a big shooter fan more of a rpg and adventure type person.
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    Activision and Sony

    really guys i am an xbox fan and this has to be a joke. i got a ps3 and really i hope there are more games that i am excited about in the future. imagine your a cowboys fan so no other good teams could exist. yah that makes it so much more cool and stuff. after a while the cowboys would...
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    Valkyria Chronicles.... Best game since FF7

    this will be my second game for the ps3 after lpb and i hope you guys are right. i picked it up off of ebay for cheap :) and really looking forward to it.
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    PS3 from craigslist

    i just picked up a used one from ebay and everyone was perfect until 2 hours in the drive stopped reading... so i went to the store and just got a new one. now i have the joy of going through the process of getting my money back.
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    360s still failing.

    trust me for the people hat have had multiple units fail i would want ms to fry as well. its absurd but i always hold reservations for people that get paid for posts and people who just want their product to win. so they go around and say anything and make stuff bigger just because they are...
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    Fallout 3 noticebly inferior on PS3

    stereophile - i think its more about the money you can dev a game for the pc/360 and take alot less time then just port it over. ps3 sales are alot lower so its smarter to put your effort where the money is. thats just my take. i understand what you are saying (dont feel or care about...
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    GH:WT first impressions

    top notch my favorite so far. rb2 is nice but the flashing screen and stuff makes it hard for me to play. i cannot believe they didnt think of the star power bar before it made the guitar so much better.
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    360 Jasper chipsets spotted in the wild

    eurin - your link was posted before that Joystiq one was even written. how do we know that these changes are NOT the Jasper?
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    Tales of Vesperia

    i got sucked in for about 4 hours. it starts off slow while its showing you stuff and i got really nervous because of how long it took but then after you get out of the main city it gets really fun.
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    Tales of Vesperia

    dude im married with 3 kids and we love playing rpgs. my wife asks me to play them when we have the time..
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    HELP!!! Strange Xbox Live issue!

    when did this start happening? did you purchase a new xbox and transfer your data over? maybe just a new hd or transfer your profile from one mem card to another? the reason i ask is i sold my xbox and moved everything to a new xbox and had the same issue. i was lucky and a update was...
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    Anyone excited for Too Human

    i fell in love with it and see alot of potential so i preordered with a trade in. i was upset because i wanted the extra armor and stuff you get from preordering but the store said that was only for the first 150 people... i cant believe they had that many reordered. so i asked the dude and...
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    Is there any other software besides PowerDVD 7 that can play Blu-Ray/HD DVDs on a PC?

    i just tried arcsoft and i love it!!! it even adds itself into wmc! thanks guys i can now dump powerdvd.
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    Is this Blu-Ray/HD DVD drive by LG a good buy?

    i have this drive and i have no issues at all. i am not sure about the 2.1 thing because mine play through my 5.1 perfectly.
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    Amd Why?

    htpc - i just got one and went AMD - i use a mac for personal use. dont give a rip about the company i care about my pocket first. yes i knew about the issues and not up to par performace. but really price is more important then bragging rights. i got a quad core 2.4 to my door for 136...
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    New 780g board: GA-MA78GPM-DS2H

    mwave and zipzoomfly have the board in stock right now :)
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    New 780g board: GA-MA78GPM-DS2H

    yah but the 790gx boards are not out either.... i hate getting teased. i am looking to purchase about to pull the trigger - then they announce all this new hardware. what happens? i pull the brakes and start to google....
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    New 780g board: GA-MA78GPM-DS2H

    does anyone have any info on when this board will be available to purchase? i scoured google and found articles on the featues but (unless i missed it) nothing on a purchase date.
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    anyone else have a loud PS3?

    i have a 60gb that sounds like a air plane! my 360 is loud but its just the sound of the cd drive spinning, more of a low pitch windy sound.
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    Blu-ray discs, do we really need that much space?

    what i was saying is having the game come on chip or card like the turbografx did. i mean if they can put the same capacity on a card or chip, that would be so much better. i am gettng tired of all the different disks i guess. so much space just to store all the various different frisbees i...
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    Blu-ray discs, do we really need that much space?

    can i ask one thing about you guys and you love for disks. why dont you want a push for a move away from disks all together and on to flash drives. all this wonderful space you talk about on a spinning disk is just going to take longer and longer to read the media. imo screw disks lets...
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    gta on ps3 gimped? true or not?

    it just sucks that halo 3 got this res and now gta... i mean i wanted nexgen gaming for a reason... if they cant do the 1080p say so dont rip us off with marketing gimicks
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    gta on ps3 gimped? true or not? i ran across this and was wondering in anyone here has news on this. please dont start throwing tomatoes or anything i just want to know.
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    Xbox 360 HD DVD Player

    just use a standard one without a filter on it. i needed a longer one and i suffered no loss of quality using another cable.
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    PS3....kinda ....

    mine is loud as hell to but i have just lived with it.
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    you get that when you add the hd dvd drive to the 360. the lower half is the hd dvd (movie) drive and the other upper one is the game tray on the 360.