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    New Vaio CES09 ?

    Sony had put a teaser/countdown site for a new Vaio notebook, supposed to be released at CES 2009. It seems they have taken away the teaser site, for an unknown reason. What could it be? Hopefully something better than a just netbook variant... The original Sony URL...
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    MCP655 mounted upside down

    Is it possible to use the pump so it is pumping downwards safely ? I've seen pictures where it have been mounted sideways, but never upside down. I would like to mount the pump under the Lian Li pc2100s second floor, next to the hdd cages, so it would pump downwards to the first floor where I...
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    Lian Li PC201 or V2100, big difference ?

    I'm about to buy a new case for my build and I want something bigger. I thought I would get a Lian Li PC-201B or Lian Li PC-V2100B Plus, are there any big differences ? I know they're almost the same, but I still can't decide. :p The need for a big case is because I'm planning to mount one...
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    High-End (FX-57 / X2 4800+) + overclocking

    I'm wondering if the FX-57 is already clocked almost to its max. I know that it will OC to about 3Ghz on air (how much would it possibly oc on good water ?). With subzero cooling you could get it past +3.6Ghz. Would it benefit to OC the FX-57 to like 3.3Ghz or something with watercooling, is it...