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    How to set up Eyefinity?

    Just installed Sapphire HD 5870 and 2 DVI connected 22" LCD monitors and another on the way for tomorrow. I do not see any Eyefinity Tabs or options in CCC which I just downloaded from ATI. Sapphire paper manual is useless and the Driver CD PDF manual doesn't even apply to the HD 5870 but...
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    Non-skid Rubber pads falling off M6807

    the two back left and right Non-skid Rubber pads fell off my M6807 :( I had this happen before to my previous Toshiba notebook. I used cement glue and had carefully cleaned both rubber pads and laptop with solvent but the fix was never permanent. Pads would eventually fall off again. What...
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    Emachines M6807 now with $200 MIR(s) @ CC

    Emachines M6807 now with $200 MIR(s) @ CC Well even though Circuit City has no competition from Best Buy on the Emachines M6807 (M6805 with Pioneer DVD-RW) it is now offering an extra CC $100 mir plus the original standard Emachines $100mir. Can someone please tell me if CC will let me...
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    WinXP 64Bit Trial Beta.....M6805/M6807???

    WinXP 64Bit Trial Beta.....M6805/M6807??? Who has downloaded it and installed it on the Emachines M6805/M6807? WinXP 64-bit 360 DAY TRIAL Can you make a dual boot? I don't want to lose my current WinXP Home setup. I am downloading right now and will only install it if the Broadcom...
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    Mouse Scroll Button M6807/M6805

    Anyone with an Emachines M6805/M6807 using a wheel mouse able to program the wheel mouse button to do any other than than autoscroll? I tried both Mouseware which works at first but when you reboot the scroll wheel button just goes back to the default auto scroll. I have to uninstall mouse...