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    best way of backing up iphone media to local PC

    I'm tired of manually copying files off my iphone via windows explorer. Is there a way to basically sync photos and videos that are currently on your iphone to a specified PC directory? I'd imagine it would be able to analyze the photos that are in both locations and only copy over the new photos.
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    do any third party smart watches support apple pay

    my work phone is a iphone 5. Want to take advantage of apple pay for the Discover Card promotion. As you all know, apple pay is only supported with iphone 6 or iphone 5+smart watch. Can I buy a third party smart watch and use apple pay? thanks
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    best bang for buck android under 200

    thanks for the suggestions, im liking the zenfone2 in that im getting a brand new phone instead of one that could potentially have had years of use already worn into the phone. Also my wife prefers a bigger screen.
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    best bang for buck android under 200

    hello just want to know what models should I consider as a replacement phone for my wife's broken Nexus 4. We are okay with refurbished phones but we would like a straight-talk with ATT compatible phone
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    nexus 4 screen cracked not responding...

    wife's phone fell, screen cracked. The phone still works as far as powers on and phone calls and messages still get to it. But the screen is not responding at all to touch. Also the display looks perfectly fine outside of the crack... no discoloration or anything. So wife ordered a new...
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    installing office on a windows 2008 server

    this is a general server we use for various stuff... scheduled .net scripts, sql server database, IIS intranet webservices. Would it be bad practice to install office on this server just as a way to conveniently open up word docs on it? Thanks
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    how does a Xoom mx604 stack up?

    A week or so ago I jumped on a used Xoom mz604 for about $45 on arrow direct. I got the tablet the other day and everything tested out well with no defects on the screen. I bought this on whim since it looked like a great price with what other Xooms are going for. I'm happy with this purchase...
  8. E, free texting from your browser?

    are you sure you have to verify with your real number? I use pinger textfree and never had to give my real # to verify.
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    cheap wireless controllers

    looking for some wireless controllers to play emulator games (SNES,MAME,SEGA,etc) on my main tv. Since this is going to be for very casual and occasional use and I looking to get 3-4 of them, I dont want to spend anywhere near the price wireless xbox controllers go for. Looking on aliexpress...
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    after a <$100 cpu/mobo deal

    I bought a 8GB HyperX 1866MHz stick and a PC case on a whim for less than $10 after rebate (if tigerdirect doesnt screw me over) now Im on the lookout for an equally awesome deal on a cpu and mobo to go with it as we close in on Black Friday. I already have the other essential parts besides...
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    replacing a dying Radeon HD 4850... equivalent performance?

    thanks guys, i like the idea of getting something used but i also came across this just now: PNY GeForce GTX 650 VCGGTX6501XPB at tiger direct for $50 AR (including 10 off 50 promo i have on my account)...
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    replacing a dying Radeon HD 4850... equivalent performance?

    just trying to get this PC rolling again, not upgrade it. Is there anything out there in the sub $75 range that has equivalent or better performance? thanks
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    troubleshooting a computer that doesnt post

    finally got to this last weekend... replaced the psu... so far I had 2 crashes so looks like something else is causing this.
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    troubleshooting a computer that doesnt post

    this was my initial suspicion but would the computer still POST with a bad video card? My PSU was delivered so Ill check with that when I get home tonight.
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    troubleshooting a computer that doesnt post

    a change of gears, so im pricing out replacement parts and came across this barebones deal...
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    troubleshooting a computer that doesnt post

    ill check when i get home, definitely wasnt a top end one. But it worked fine for 5+ years until now. I'll order a new one and see if that works, if not I'll have a solid one to use in next build. thanks
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    Discover Card - 5% reward on online purchases - Oct to Dec.

    yes i know, i didnt go into details for the sake of simplicity and for the fact that I doubt Amazon is looking to shutdown accounts when they are killing the whole system on the 13th
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    troubleshooting a computer that doesnt post

    Foxconn A79A-S AM2+/AM2 AMD 790FX ATX AMD Motherboard AMD Phenom II X4 920 Quad-Core 2.8GHz Socket AM2+ 125W Processor CORSAIR XMS2 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2...
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    Discover Card - 5% reward on online purchases - Oct to Dec.

    just use amazon payments to send a $1000 payment to your spouse or even yourself. Then send a payment the other way for $500. Easy $75
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    creating a virtual dlna server to partition my media

    all my shared media is on a Vista desktop pc. One of the devices I now stream from using a Vizio TV's built in DLNA streaming app. Problem is each time I try to use it it takes forever as it tries to scan through all my shared directories. I would like to create a separate "DLNA server...
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    windows tablet suggestions

    ok thanks ill check into E7240
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    windows tablet suggestions

    this will be a work purchase -must have a full windows install -must have a 4G antenna -very responsive touch screen is (will be using a windows program not completely designed to be a mobile touch app). -bigger the screen the better (would like atleast 10 inches)
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    bluray player with PC content streaming

    need a new dvd player and one of my biggest things im looking for is the ability to stream movies that are available on my PC's network share via built in wifi. Does anyone have any suggestions on a bluray player not much more than $100 that can do this? thanks
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    5 Reasons To Run Windows 8 Instead Of Linux

    I work alot with linux at work but when it comes to doing regular stuff at home I much prefer windows
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    Media Streaming Devices

    Im very intrigued by how a chromecast can cast anything playing in a chrome browser to your tv, making your phone,tablet,or laptop a remote. However the feature set is a bit thin compared to other devices. Do other devices offer a similar "cast" feature?
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    how to screen entry level developer applicants?

    thanks for the suggestions, did some interviews this morning and in between my questions and of other managers there, I think I was able to get a solid feel for each candidate's personality.
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    how to screen entry level developer applicants?

    any suggestions of a question to ask to detect if someone may actually be "too confident"? I feel this could be a sign of arrogance and brashness and that person may become difficult to manage later on
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    how to screen entry level developer applicants?

    so far we have about 10 interviews who did were not weeded out on the exam. We have 3 developer positions open but only one for my team. The other team thats hiring 2 positions will actually be in the same interviews.
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    how to screen entry level developer applicants?

    I am the OP lol what I meant by personable or social, is I dont mind if an employee is nice but boring, keeps to themselves, or doesnt have a big sense of humor. I definitely do NOT want someone who is a jerk.
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    Xbox One Reputation: No More Cheats or Jerks

    I actually like the premise and would welcome a system that would discourage trolls with minimum false negatives but I doubt this will be up to snuff
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    how to screen entry level developer applicants?

    lol I play FPS games, well atleast until marriage and a baby sucked up what little time I had after work. Also I really dont mind how if an employee isnt very personable or social.
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    how to screen entry level developer applicants?

    We will be conducting interviews soon for entry level developers. I am somewhat of the lead developer of area they will be working with so I was told to be apart of the interview process. I am not too concerned with their competency as they were already given a "weed out" exam and all are...
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    Google Announces Chromecast

    can you stream local PC content to your tv with this device?
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    will a linksys wrt54g be good enough here?

    i tested it yesterday, my iphone 4 showed 2 bars when at the furthest point inside the house from the router. My iphone also did a speedtest of 14Mbit down while PC did 24Mbit down wired into router. Since right now wireless will mostly be used for wife's laptop who just web browses this will...
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    will a linksys wrt54g be good enough here?

    no im not going to have wireless desktops, atleast not the ones that matter (my own). I was already considering those top Asus routers before I realized I had this wrt54 router collecting dust but the price is killing me... never spent even half that price on a router before. Is there a router...
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    will a linksys wrt54g be good enough here?

    I will be moving to a house that will be on charter 30Mbps with voip phone. House is 2 stories and over 2600 and pretty long because the 2nd floor only covers less than half of the 1st floor. Wireless devices wont be doing much heavy lifting, just browsing the web and such. So my question...
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    Youngest Billionaires of 2013

    meh why bother including inheritance kids... that doesnt really count
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    The 25 Best-Paying Companies For Software Engineers

    exactly people greatly overstate the whole cost of living.
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    How Doom 4 Got Off Track

    Doom 3 was cool for like the first 10 minutes then it got more and more boring fast... Go into dark room, kill monsters, atleast one monster pops out of nowhere at you. Go to next room. Rinse and repeat. id needs to expand their shop to develop games more quickly so the tech they are...
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    Sony Boss Explains Why No PS4 Shown

    Sony loves to overhype the capabilities of their consoles so ofcourse they are going to hold off showing the real deal as long as possible