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    MSI GTX260 Four Versions?

    On the official page it shows versions 1 through 3. Newegg even shows a V4. 1 has lower clocks and is the 192 core version. But what about 2-4? It just looks like there are different fans/bundles maybe? Are there any significant hardware differences?
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    Computer thinks I double click when I dont

    This only happens once in a while and not on every click. Im using an Intellipoint Optical. I tried reinstalling the software, and tried with an old Intellimouse Optical I had lying around (which I stopped using for a reason I cant remember - hopefully not the same thing haha). Also tried...
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    Simple WMV Editor?

    Just to cut into clips - nothing fancy. Windows Movie maker wants me to change the res and other crap which I dont wanna do.
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    Sound randomly drops/recovers volume

    So sometimes the volume will get really quiet for like 5-10 seconds then recover to where it was before. This will happen during games and movies which makes me think its hardware related. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers but it didnt help. This just started this past week. Any...
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    IP35-E doesnt load Vista with 4x2GB

    It boots up but I get to a screen saying something about Vista being corrupted and it wants me to insert the disc and repair the installation and everything. 2x2, 2x1, 4x1 are all good though. Each of those setups was with one brand of memory. If I tried to mix the to get 6GB it wouldnt even...
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    Router periodically drops connection

    Every few minutes I will lose connection and my downloads will stop. Im using Cox cable with a Linksys WRT54GRv1 (yeah its old).
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    Corsair 450VX PSU $40AR + SH @ ZZF

    Stolen from SD. Rebate expires 8/10.
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    Age of Conan Trial Passes

    Theyre out now for people who bought the Collectors Edition. Anyone over the game and have a key to spare? :D
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    Cox + BiTorrent = Kills Firefox/IE

    Recently got Cox, and at first it was fine. But now when I start a torrent (uTorrent), browsing just dies. Obviously it should slow a LITTLE but sites just timeout completely in either browser. If I start a torrent and THEN try to open Firefox 3, itll take a couple minutes for the window to even...
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    E8300 in the wild yet?

    Anyone seen any? or another paper launch like the E8200?
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    Vista 64 Sees Nonexistent Floppy Drive

    I didnt get this issue in 32bit. Its not killing me but kinda annoying.
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    Vista 64 and Symantec Endpoint Protection

    For some reason I dont get the option to "scan for viruses" when I right click on objects in 64 but I do in Vista 32. Anyone know whats up?
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    Xeon Equivalents to Slower E8x00s

    So we know that the E3110 is the counterpart to the E8400 but what about the E8200 and coming E8300? I looked on Intel's Processor Finder page but the only 2.66GHz 45nm Xeon was the E5430 which had a 12MB cache whereas the E8200 only has 6MB. The page doesnt even list the E8300 yet though...
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    Retail E8200 OC Results?

    No love for the cheapest E8xxx? How close to the magic 4GHz can it get? With 8x multiplier you would need a 500MHz FSB and Im wondering if people are seeing that anywhere.
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    Shuttle KPC

    $199 Linux system, theres also a $99 barebones version which should be more interesting. Should be available at the end of Q1. Article with specs Other colors If the barebone system comes with a 5.25 bay and a PCI-e expansion slot it could be a pretty sexy HTPC. I always liked the XPC design...
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    Cheapest "Good" 500ish W PSU?

    Antec Basiq? CoolerMaster eXtreme? Frys has the latter for $10AR so Im thinking about it. Any others I should be looking at? EDIT: Oh oops sry this was supposed to go in the PSU forum... but that Fry's deal for the 500W is real at least.
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    Brands with Best/Worst RMA Service

    I was wondering what brands you all have found to be especially good/bad. Some examples I consider good are Western Digital and Seagate for hard drives. Quick online process, no hassle with re-troubleshooting, and acceptable turn around time. What are your experiences with mobo manufacturers...
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    Best Defragmentation Program for Vista?

    Title says it all. Ive come across Diskeeper, PerfectDisk, Auslogics Disk Defrag, and something called Contig. Any pro suggestions?
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    Recommendations for new air cooling

    Getting rid of a Zalman CNPS9500. Any suggestions? Leaning towards a Tuniq Tower.
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    Overclocking Damaging Network Card?

    Lately when browsing pages I'll sometimes get an error like "page not found" or whatever but once I reload it it shows up fine. Or other times Itll load part of the site but say "the specific document could not be found on the server" or something and of course if i reload the page its fine...
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    8800GTS Distorted Video Playback

    Trying a PNY (maybe that explains it all) 8800GTS instead of a 7950GT. Video playback (specifically XVID) is now screwed up in the upper right corner of videos, as if its not refreshing fast enough or something. Theres a diagonal border where beyond it its showing like part of a frame from a...
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    P5N-E SLI OCing

    On my P5B I could get 380 FSB with my E6400. I was hoping I could get higher with this board. I left the NB Core Voltage to Auto, should I Be changing that? If so, to what? I also found that the FSB-RAM Clock mode seems to mess with things. Unlinked 1100/800 wont boot but Linked 1100/688 will...
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    Importance of Memtest results?

    First Im using that Patriot DDR-667 that ppl have been talking about. With an E6300 at stock (and OCed) it could pass at least one pass on Memtest. I tried an E6400 the memory keeps failing even at stock. I have been running it at 2.1V. Is that too much? Have I damaged the RAM? Now even...
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    ASUS P5B and Norton Ghost 2003

    Anyone gotten Ghost to boot from an IDE optical drive with this mobo? What happens is it reads the disc and starts PCDOS and tries to load CDROM drivers but then says something like "no drives found" and just kicks me to an A:\ prompt. Ive tried: All the jumpers on the CDROM with a SATA...
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    X1900GT Causing Beeps

    Okay when Im using the card after about an hour my computer will start beeping. Its a single beep every couple of seconds. The first time I was running Orthos (testing an OC) in the background and watching some videos. The other time I left the machine on overnight looping Orthos and...
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    CPU/RAM OCing -> Video Card Heat?

    Im OCing a 6300 on a P5B. Im not OCing the video cards at all. Two cards: x1900GT and drivers installed and a crappy 6200LE with nothing installed. The cards however get quite hot compared to another system (with a 6800 Ultra and an OCed Opteron). I cant hold my fingers to it for more than like...
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    FSB Termination Voltage and OCing

    What the hell does it do? I read on some Anandtech thread that raising it helped someone with RAM errors. Should I leave it on "Auto"? If not whats a safe voltage? Thanks in advance.
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    PCI Express Frequency and OCing

    I know that default its 100 but Ive had it on "Auto" on my P5B. Ive read that that means the board will scale it up according to your FSB. Since Im OCing a E6300 the FSB can get a lot higher that stock. So should I be setting this manually to "100"? Similarly should I be setting the PCI bus to...
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    ClockGen for P5B Series?

    Is this not supported yet? Will it ever be supported? On their page it lists the Intel 955/975 chipsets but no 965 =( The P5B Vanilla apparently uses ICS9PLRS552 that doesnt show up as an option in ClockGen. I also found this thread with a beta ClockGen for the Deluxe but not...
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    ASUS P5B No Screen

    Tried with a C2D E6300. At first I thought the BIOS was old or something so I tried a Celeron D 326. Same blank screen. When I use an Intel D946GZ, both chips, the 6200LE, and Kingston RAM Im testing with all work and give me a screen. Is the ASUS board just bad? EDIT: Wow okay, I put...
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    No signal when loading OS

    On my 6800 Ultra when I boot up it shows the POST screen and the windows loading screen but when it SHOULD load the XP login screen it goes blank and my LCD says "no signal." Here are some things Ive tried/symptoms: 1. Different video card (also NVIDIA) and everything works. So the computer...
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    Burn in Using an HDTV as a Monitor

    Im curious about what kind of TVs can be damaged by use as a monitor. My understanding is that burn in happens to CRTs and not any of the new technologies in HDTVs (LCD, LCD projection, DLP, plasma). Are there other risks to using a TV (specifically an LCD projection HDTV) as a monitor? Im...
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    Opteron 148 now or Opteron 146 Later

    Im using a 3000+ Winchester right now at 265x9 on a ASUS A8V Deluxe. I heard about the Opteron craze a while back but couldnt find a 146. My question is should I just get a 148? Will that OC similarly? Or should I wait? There was also something about there not being any 146s in the future...
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    Mouse cursor freezes position but still works...?

    What happens like 1-2 times a day is that the cursor position will freeze up and stop moving. However, the mouse is still working because I can still do thing like right click and select stuff. Its just that I cant see what Im moused over when I click. Also although the position of the cursor...
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    6800GT Causes HD "Clicks" = Weak PSU?

    Okay just got a Chaintech 6800GT from eBay. When I play games, i hear "clicks" from my harddrive like the ones you hear when you just power up your machine. I thought it was my power supply so I unplugged everything and only have the HD, the video card, and floppy drive plugged in. Symptoms...
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    DVI vs Response Time

    I have a choice between 2 19" LCDs. One is 16ms with DVI the other is 8ms with DSub only. Ive been using a 17" with 16ms and DSub. Which would be better for gaming? I know response time is important and I can tell between a 25ms and 16ms response but will I really notice from 16 to 8? Am...
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    Windowblinds 5 and Firefox 1.0.7

    So I tried out Windowblinds 5 Beta for the cool transparency thing but it doesnt play nice with Firefox. I cant see the title bar or any of the part thats supposed to be transparent. It also goes all crazy and wont let me resize the window. Anyone seen this and know how to fix it? Its a shame...
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    ASUS Warranty Experiences Anyone?

    I know you have to register the item to get service but I was wondering if they require original invoices and whatnot. My main question is about cards you would get from unofficial sources, say eBay. I did a search but everyone seems to be paying attn to BFG EVGA and XFX. Thx in advance.
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    "Main BIOS checksum is bad"

    I get this message when I try to reflash the BIOS on my A8V Deluxe. Im guessing it happened when it crashed after messing with some OCing... How do I fix this? Dont tell me I have to send it back to ASUS... /shudder
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    Occasional failure to boot = bad drive?

    Sometimes my 120GB WD isnt recognized at the POST screen when I boot up. It'll just say "Detecting Primary Master..." and then eventually give up. It does detect my optical drive and other nonboot HD though. I have to either use the reset button or just cut/restore power and try again. This...