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    Does Haswell heat your case?

    It's obvious Haswell and Devil's Canyon cpus run hot, but do they actually output more overall heat than ivy bridge and sandy bridge? Or do they simply run hot due to their die shrink, thus heat dispensation is more difficult?
  2. J

    MSI Mobo died 2 months out of warranty :( Anything I can do?

    My MSI motherboard simply stopped working and it's exactly 2 months out of the warranty so I can't RMA. Does MSI ever honor products that die so close to within the warranty? I used their support ticket system and got rejected. This is the first motherboard I've owned that ever died on me...
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    Ripping my hairs out :( Computer put to sleep, won't turn on!

    put my new 1155 system to sleep and it won't turn on. Keyboard and mouse have power but it doesn't even post. I've read that it may have something to do with the motherboard power states. It IS overclocked, but I left almost all of the power saving features off which boggles me so even if I...
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    Building a system on a temporary desk

    Is there anything special needed to be done? I was going to put the motherboard on the anti-static bag, but does the bottom of the motherboard get very hot? Never tried this before. Anything I should be careful of?
  5. J

    Does it matter which pcie slot the video card goes into?

    I have an old 939 asus a8n-sli. Does it matter if i put the video card in the second slot instead of the first?
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    Bought a laptop from best buy. No cds included??

    How am I supposed to reinstall Windows...without Windows?
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    Ipod Color: rattle inside! songs disappear and reappear?

    So my ipod has been giving me problems lately. It gave me a sad face one day and I slammed it on my table out of frustration...and it turned on! So for every frequent sad face, I give it a good whack and it comes back to life. Now, the songs sometimes disappear. I reset it along with a...
  8. J

    Wireless+Netflix possible?

    I have a wireless network set up and I also have netflix. I was wondering if it would be possible to buy a cheap wireless usb adapter to plug in instead of using a cat5 cable. Is this possible?
  9. J

    Looking for a charger for rechargeable nimh batteries

    I'm looking for a charger for less than 20 bucks to charge 2 to 4 aa batteries. Most of the "good ones" hang around the 50 dollar mark. Are there any others that can simply charge batteries at a low price without the bells and whistles?
  10. J

    Can't login to xbox live!

    bought a brand new elite and modern warfare 2. It says "the current profile is not allowed to play on xbox live." The xbox was brand new and I registered my account. Do I have to wait for a period of time before I can play?? Ah I just realized it says I'm signed into xbox live SILVER...
  11. J

    Is this what I buy to play xbox live for a year? xbox live 12 month gold card. Are there other variations on this? Can I buy a points card and buy 12 months of gaming for a lower price? what's the...
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    Looking for a 1080p monitor for $200

    I'm searching for probably a TN panel mostly for games and some movies. I only have about 200 bucks to spend. From what I've read the samsung syncmaster is a good buy. Are there any good display review websites now that anandtech's forums are down?
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    Looking for a 37-42inch 1080p tv. Where should I start looking?

    I'd like to find a 1080p for the living room around 37-42inches for around 700-1000 bucks. Where is there a good place to research recommendations and reviews?
  14. J

    Computer freezes loading Windows bars and in Windows XP

    My computer freezes during windows (within first 2 minutes of reboot or startup) and when I reboot, it often freezes when loading the windows bars. Then when it does load, the windows bars go by like 50 times before the login screen. I did a complete reinstall of windows and all programs...
  15. J

    Looking to revive my 939 setup. Can I power a 4870?

    The 4870's have been coming down to the 120 price mark which is quite nice. My computer is in my sig. I was wondering if my 430 psu would be enough to power the 4870. 1. The 4870 requires 2 6 pin power plugs. My psu has 1, but I think i remember being able to combine plugs to make a...
  16. J

    4th gen Ipod color SADFACE :(

    My ipod suddenly started freezing. Then a few days later it went to listen to music and there were 0 songs on I restarted it and now there's a sadface. Is there anything I can do? The hard drive doesn't make a sound when it's turned on and it holds a decent I'm assuming it's...
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    America's Army crashes just like UT3 used to??

    As soon as I reach the login screen, it crashes just like UT3 used to for me...until I updated drivers. So I updated video drivers and UT3 worked...but now AA3 doesn't :( windows xp 7800gt latest driver any help??
  18. J

    STALKER patch question

    I downloaded the 1.0005 patch thinking it was 1.0006 and I have spent a few hours in single player. I know the game is buggy, and I was wondering if my saved game files would be destroyed if I patch the game. Can anybody help?
  19. J

    Warm? Unreal Tournament III for PC $12.90

    http://www.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.com/Unreal-Tournament-III-for-PC-Front-Page_stcVVproductId21524447VVcatId444710VVviewprod.htm It was hot at $12 on steam. Now it's packaged for $12.90 at Go Gamer. Warm?
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    Unreal tournament broke!

    I'm not sure why, but ever since i uninstalled the unreal tournament 3 demo, unreal tournament 2004 is quirky. My mouse and keyboard only work on the menu screen. I can't click to skip the videos now, and i can't play the actual game! Also, the pictures during the loadings screens (during...
  21. J

    What are the best headphones that 45 bucks can get me?

    dont want to spend more than 50 if i can help it. what are the best in-ear headphones that are available?
  22. J

    Using Winamp over Itunes for the ipod

    I never really even gave winamp a chance. I've been using Itunes for a long time because I'm lazy and it hasn't failed yet. However, I'm starting to get bothered by the little "quircks" about itunes. It's slow, can't change the damn order of songs, etc. So my question is: Does Winamp (or...
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    My Ipod Headphones broke. Need new ones.

    From what i've been reading, the ipod headphones are already overpriced and not great quality...but they've done the job for me. what other options are there? i'm looking for a new pair with a sleek look of the ipod's (not one of these huge Sennheiser headphones). looking to spend under 50...
  24. J

    Computer freezes. Insert boot disk?? restart-> no problem. ???

    Upon a normal restart, i noticed the computer completely froze (coudln't move mouse). So I had to manually restart. I noticed that the BIOS didn't recognize my ipod as a usb device. Moments later, it wanted me to "insert system disk and press enter." Pressing enter did nothing so i...
  25. J

    Getting a 360. Can I put my own hard drive in? Which games to buy?

    after doing lots and lots of reading, i'm going with the 360. the wii can't be found anywhere and only a few ps3 games interest me. so, can i put my own 250gb samsung in without voiding the warranty? how do they get installed? does it have to be in an external shell (then stuck inside??) in...
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    Looking for the best 1080p in the $700-1000 price range

    i know pc monitors have many ups and downs. 2007 has its banding issues and the 2405 has back light bleeding. do i have as much to worry about when buying a tv? i'd be playing console games and watching tv mostly, so input lag IS an issue. i've read reviews and the 32 inch sharp aquos seems...
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    xbox 360 vs wii. is the 360 reliable?

    apart from game titles, i'm a little stuck on which console to choose for features. the wii doesn't support 1080p, but i don't have a giant tv...the 360 allows for rechargable battery packs while the wii doesn't. with all things equal, i think i would pick the 360...but it's been having...
  28. J

    400mhz overclock not stable...opteron 170

    i had it overclocked to 2.75 for a few months (somehow it made it to 2.95 with clockgen...but wouldn't boot at that speed) and decided to replace the heatsink. (7700alcu to ninja) long story short, if i overclock everything becomes unstable. no errors in prime or anything, but i get random...
  29. J

    What's the difference between the Guitar hero 1 and 2 Guitars?

    Besides the color, is there any reason why i should go with a guitar hero package and get 2 on the forum (or visa versa)?
  30. J

    How to go about completing an RMA?

    ower supply and hard drive both need to go back. i sent my ram in using a "shipping" store (aka spend too much money to stick something in a box) because i wanted to get it out quickly. now, i've got some time. where do i get packaging materials and boxes for each? i can stick the power supply...
  31. J

    Buzzing coming from speakers??

    i just got done with an almost impossible installation of a 40mm fan on my northbridge heatsink. when i was done, i fired up the system. upon doing so, i once again noticed a buzzing sound coming from the rear right speaker of my logitech 5.1 setup. it's an inconsistent buzz, if that makes...
  32. J

    No sound from youtube and google video...

    what's going on with my computer??
  33. J

    WTB: Original Scythe Ninja WRENCH!

    i bought a ninja 1000 from a forum member and it did not include the stupid wrench for installation. getting the thing on was quite a task, but re-seating it is something i don't want to do again. does anybody have one they don't need? it could probably be mailed in an envelope to save money on...
  34. J

    How I plan to overclock my Opteron 170 for the first time:

    system in profile max fsb: -lower the cpu multi to 7 -lower ldt multi to 3 -lower memory speed from 400mhz ddr to 200 -increase fsb by 5 mhz increments -run orthos-test cpu (i like orthos better than prime 95 :) ) for 2 minutes every increment once i reach 230mhz or so -once unstable, back down...
  35. J

    Just bought Oblivion. Install mods right away?

    should i start playing through the game as sold, or should i install mods? fileplanet has lots and lots of mods, but should i bother with any?
  36. J

    Drivers. Any reason to update from 81.98?

    i've heard of the "bad menus." but are there any performance enhancements or improvements? everything is stable, so i'm a little reluctant to update to new drivers. anybody using 3rd party drivers with successful results?
  37. J

    Scythe Ninja 1000 INSTALLATION Please Help!!!!!!!!

    ok i ordered the ninja online and it came with : heatsink, sticky backplate, 2 screws, 939 bracket. i cleaned off everything. applied ceramique to the ninja with a paper bag. wiped off excess. put a small dot on cpu and put backplate on. now i'm just stuck. once the screws are in all...
  38. J

    how to overclock my opteron 170?

    well i finally have the cooler and time to spend figuring out overclocking. system: asus a8n-sli opteron 170 2x 1gb mushkin cheap stuff running at 2t i think...will have to finish testing this fresh rma ram. seasonic psu so are my pci and pcie slots locked? i can just go ahead and...
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    Looking for a gaming monitor in the 200-450 price range

    i want a monitor that can game close to as well as my 19 inch trinitron. i'd prefer good colors over response time, so i guess i can eliminate tn panels. from what i've read, the 2007 s ips panels are the best monitors in this price range. is this true? widescreen or not, i don't care. i just...
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    verizon fios. prices went down after i ordered

    i paid for the 40 bucks a month for the month to month plan. the full year plan:Up to 10 Mbps/2 Mbps Special Online Offer: A $124 value 1st 30 days FREE. Then just $29.99/mo. for months 2-7. Plus a $25 Target gift card. the month to month plan went up to 47 bucks...but could i bitch to...