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    CCFL/WLED/GB-R-LED eye comfort for you

    I'm using CCFL but it's got PWM and I think this is what's causing some eye fatigue for me.
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    WD Red drives?

    Aside from the added warranty, I doubt the RE4 drives will have more to offer.
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    Dell U2713 coming soon

    Engadget says it's AH-IPS:
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    It's common on a lot of IPS monitors, but with a bit of luck you won't get one that's too noticeable.
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    What's your pick for a hosting service?

    Pretty bad idea, try to stay away from anything promising "unlimited space/bandwidth/etc" as there's usually a clause saying they can kick you out whenever they feel you're using too many resources.
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    3820 for cheap

    It's a shame they do this in-store thing only.
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    RIM's Former CEO Had Radical Plan to Save Company

    BBs are free because they're cheaper to absorb, as opposed to an iphone which is ~3 times the price.
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    Max Payne 3 Video Shows Off Bullet Time

    If the herbs are good enough you can play the game without a PC :D
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    Windows OS

    Convert it to WMV or mp4 and it should work fine. Also, what's the deal with watching movies on your phone?
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    Upgrading my SSD. Opinions on SATA II or III

    The important question is: do you need the extra read speed offered by SATA3?
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    Zuckerberg Must Be Driving His Bankers Crazy

    Down has been up in the US for quite a while now.
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    Which CPU cooler?

    Both memory options have lifetime warranty, and the heatspreader on the mushkin isn't very tall. I guess it depends if you like the Mushkin enough to spend extra on it, because it's not really different aside from looks.
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    Max Payne 3 Video Shows Off Bullet Time

    So you don't use a key game feature because you think it's for consoles? T_T
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    Best videocard under 300$

    Another recommendation for a decent 448 TI with good cooling instead of a hot&loud 580.
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    anything like a gigabite I-ram these days?

    Of course RAM would still overtake any consumer-grade SSD thanks to low access time an higher bandwidth. TBH, with the cost of most SSDs now being close to 1$/GB and being powerful enough, I don't see the need for using RAM drives.
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    New gaming monitor - ISP for it?

    I have no ghosting issues on a Dell IPS (CCFL).
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    Max Payne 3 Video Shows Off Bullet Time

    The auto bullet time if awesome, because it can allow you to kill off 10 enemies, giving it a more epic feel imo.
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    2600K for $199.99 email...

    Awesome deal if you live close to one.
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    wireless mx cherry brown keyboard

    It's weird that there aren't many options for a good wireless mechanical, but I suppose most people want the least latency possible.
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    US Govt. Objects To Megaupload Hiring Top Law Firm

    Big media pulling strings to make even more money by removing any possible competition.
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    Looking for a $150 setup

    I'd recommend the hd558, even though they're slightly above budget.
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    which Z77 motherboard are you already planning to get and why?

    I'm looking at a GA-Z77-DS3H because it's cheap and it has everything I need.
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    GTX 480 1.5gb enough for 1600/1440p?

    It should be enough memory, but I still expect it to lag in big fights in SC2.
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    Intel Announces The Solid-State Drive 910 Series

    Indeed, make backups daily with an SSD.
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    FPS caps causing screen tearing?

    You should try the new Nvidia beta drivers with adaptive vsync support.
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    Battlefield 3 Update Includes Paid "Shortcuts"

    Nobody's making you pay for this stuff; Valve finances additional TF2 development by selling hats&co. and EA finances it by selling DLC and "shortcuts".
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    Biographer Says Bill Gates Was Smarter Than Steve Jobs

    Refusing medical treatment does make you pretty dumb :P.
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    3930K overclocking

    +1 for different burn-in tests.
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    Audigy 2 ZS or onboard device?

    Onboard sound is usually decent, but you should look into buying a Xonar dedicated sound card if you want better sound quality.
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    Heavily considering a 120hz display over 1440/1600

    I've never been really impressed with the 120hz monitors, especially because they're all TNs.
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    Lumia 900 Help Thread

    I believe there's an app to add shortcuts to your data connection toggle as well as wifi, so you can enable/disable them as needed to save on battery.
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    What is the OPTIMAL/IDEAL gaming setup? Multi-monitor? or 1 big one?

    1080p doesn't require a powerful card to run games on, but a bigger resolution will.
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    Wait or buy now?

    If you get a good deal on one, go for it, but I'd wait for one with custom cooling.
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    Ivy Bridge Release Date

    I'm just waiting for these to pop up so 2500K prices can drop :D.
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    Monitors make me sad... Gaming on 120hz or IPS panel?

    Went IPS and never looked back.
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    Dell Ultrasharpe 27" or 30"

    For 2+ feet, a 27" should be fine, though I don't really see the point of 30" eyefinity, it will increase the distance required IMO.
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    Foxconn Plans New Iowa Plant

    This derailed quickly from Foxconn :P.
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    Far Cry 3: First In-Game Multiplayer Footage

    Honestly, the video didn't look that special.
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    Icanhascheezburger Reality Show?

    "Hilarious memes". Oh dear.