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    Burning Smell Studio 540+HD4670

    After doing some research I was told by multiple people with the same config that my studio 540 and stock PSU could handle a 4670 since I needed to upgrade to a dual dvi card. Its been about 3 months in and now there is a smell like something is burning coming from the PSU. Wonder if anyone has...
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    2709w, TB Santa Cruz, xbox360 setup question

    I just got the 2709w Panel and would like to output the sound to my computer speakers. Right now I have a cable going from the Audio out on the panel to the line in on my TB Santa Cruz card but sound is only coming through the left speaker. The speakers are just 2.1 Altec lansings. I have the...
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    400sc PSU Upgrade Questions

    Hello, I recently purchased a HD3850 with recommendations from members on this forum that it would suit my dual dvi agp needs. (Photoshop Mainly) I have a 400sc with the default PSU that came with it, I know that they recommend at least 450w PSU so do I need to upgrade the PSU? Dell is known for...
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    400SC Dual Dvi Card Question

    Right now I am running a 9800 Radeon pro and a single 2001FP LCD. I recently ordered a 2709w monitor to add some much needed desktop space. Which graphics card do you recommend for a 400sc Power Edge that could best utilize both of the monitors to their maximum potential and viewing quality. I...