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    Corsair TX850M PSU & Type 4 Cable Kit Luck Draw!

    Im having 4 kits of Corsair Dominator GTs, and im "moving" them in all my builds (X58, X79, Z97). Great look, fabulous overclockers.
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    Rampage IV and 750 will NOT work

    PCie Kingston HyperX Predator is working "bolt in" on X79 (and X58)
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    Maximus VI Gene - USB BIOS Flash, How long does it take

    buy another BIOS chip from ebay, seems the painless solution now, otherwise u can entry in some vicious circle
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    Which Power Supply Is Best.

    go for EVGA over Enermax
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    Wattage of 16 8GB DDR2 ram sticks

    no matter how accurate is, the order of measure cant be wrong, I didn't expect a hundred of Watts consume.
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    Wattage of 16 8GB DDR2 ram sticks

    I was shocked when I tried to find an answer or at least a clue for you using this: OuterVision Power Supply Calculator Unfortunately is not having the 8GB DDR2 option, but to try an extrapolation, for 16x2GB required 194W, for 16x4GB required 292W... so, I wont wonder for 450W for 16x8GB. Now...
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    PSU Reccomendation

    at 450 full load, u don't need more than 600-650 one. buying a bigger one will be ok for the future (who knows if someday you will not have a SLI idea). Go for Seasonic or Corsair RM/AX series
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    Will this PSU be sufficient for the build?

    try this to have a clue about each component (and entire system) wattage: OuterVision Power Supply Calculator
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    Asus Rampage IV Extreme X79 a few questions

    It will work, but you will loose the advantages of quad channel :)
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    Are ITX cases the future?

    I doubt too that ITX will be the way for enthusiasts. Im not saying there no exist capable ITX mobos, but most of the times enthusiast=watercooling, and try to watercool an ITX case, is just a ... little nightmare :))
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    Pascal Titan-X Thread

    This could be a bet :)
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    Help Me Watercool my TV?

    maybe a HDD cooler would help?
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    New Zen information, AM3+ info, APU presentation, and video card information

    anyway, seems some in consumer advantage... but this would be in a perfect world lol, in the real world, guess who is the winner? :)
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    New Zen information, AM3+ info, APU presentation, and video card information

    I hope AMD will succeed, this will make Intel prices go down :)
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    Project Open Core: Liquid P5, Hardline Tubing, Illuminated System Panel, VR Ready

    Didn't follow you since a while, but its look fantastic :)) very nice job!
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    ENERMAX Launches The ETS-T50 AXE With 7 Patented Technologies

    I wonder if is so efficient as good is looking :)
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    6950X reviews on Amazon laughable

    for me seems with the 3960/70X story (but at that times $ was...$ lol),
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    "Thread stuck in device driver" crashes. New videocard, reinstalled Windows, still happening.

    This is true, but GPU was the only common component in all setups. Try also replace SATA cables, reseat PSU connectors.
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    mixing ram CAS speeds

    try "worse' latency for both (in Bios), and after try to see whats happ when you decrease it
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    Did I make a good buy? EVGA Titan w Skynt bios

    I don't think you can get a better card (for ALL purposes gaming, rendering calculation) for this money, so enjoy it.
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    Leaked Patch Confirms AMD Zen Will Have 32 Cores Per Socket?

    the name is perfect (for reborn:))
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    well I tried to buy a new 1080

    Gigabyte start to sucks from some years, in products and especially RMA
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    Trying to find a good X79 Board

    Go for Sabertooth or Rampage, you will not be disappointed, also support the dirty cheap E5-2670
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    Man Blames Tesla Model X For Crashing Into Building

    just in case I reported this, we'll see
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    Man Blames Tesla Model X For Crashing Into Building

    me by sure not, I offended you somehow, how you dare?
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    Man Blames Tesla Model X For Crashing Into Building

    I personal know a situation, 30+ years ago, when the father of a friend died because his automatic Mercedes gear stuck and was no way to break. He finished in a lake, dying drawn. So, im not saying is impossible, but is just improbable with this days thenology, but who knows?
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    16c opteron vs dual 12c broadwell Xeon for Swiss army server?

    IF you want many cores (not clear why for a media server) go for a dual 1366 mobo (of course not SR-2, but maybe you find a great deal on this) with 2 Westemere s 6c12T as highly clocked as budget allow and youre done probably in 300-500$ range budget
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    Ghetto Water (very ghetto)

    more holes, more ghetto? :))
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    Gigabyte - crappy fan control = heat trapping

    And this is normal for a high end (or almost high end) card? Gigabyte become a joke, in their products and RMA
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    speculation zen processor

    Im curious too :)) experience saying AMD will not recover the gap, but who knows what pleasant surprise :)
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    X99 vs Z107 - 5 year advantage?

    Ill vote for X99 too. IMHO X99 is a high end platform, in time that Z170 a midend
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    Where to go from 3930K @ 4.5GHz?

    Do it (if is cheap) mainly for a reason, to preserve in time the value of your setup as much possible.
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    6x 1080 Founders cards listed as coming soon on Newegg

    So, finaly, how many owners here?
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    First full loop - Custom loop newbie

    nice :)
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    Cinebench 44 cores / 88 ht

    Three letters: W O W :)